The sudden appearance of Me-Made-May posts in my blog feed surprised me today. Surely, it can’t already be May. I checked the calendar.

Phew. Thankfully it is only mid-April, but even that seems preposterous to us Pacific Northwest residents. Grays skies are NOT about to clear up…as the less popular verse of that “Bye Bye Birdie” song goes.

My sewing project short-list of jeans, trousers, a wool coat, and two wool crepe dresses just no longer felt right for April in my latitude. I’m taking control of this situation and bumping some projects up the queue. I am in desperate need of sunshine, Vitamin D, and a spring wardrobe refresh.

As luck would have it, two nights ago I was starting to organize my fabric stash, and these were my first four cataloged fabrics (using the Cora app). The colors of my spring wardrobe were set.

Interface of Cora App. Free trial,... [read more]