Hey my sewing friends, it’s Suzanne again! I’m back to give you a peek between the pages of the workbook (sewing pattern instructions) we created for the first sewing pattern in Workroom Social’s new Drape collection.

I am so, so super proud of our workbook design. I know many of you sew the same way I do: in short but focused spurts, stealing a few minutes in an otherwise busy day to work through a project one leg (literally!) at a time.

Jennifer and I drew upon these real-life experiences as modern multi-tasking home sewers to develop the instructions for Drape 1001 in a true “workbook” format. Every page reflects our commitment to making great sewing more accessible for today’s home sewers, from the top-level checklists to the large, multi-step illustrations. Truly, we have spent more time than you can imagine considering where mistakes are often made,... [read more]