Want to know a secret? I'm not wearing any knickers... no this isn't the start of something seedy and weird, just the sewing story of the tightest and sexiest dress I've ever owned - featuring zero VPL. Here's my first DP Studio make, the Le003 Knit Asymmetric Dress:

Giving serious goth girl stares in the DP Studio Le003
I came across DP Studio online a couple of months back and have noticed a growing buzz around the French pattern company on social media. I was amazed by the patterns, which shoot well beyond the realms of Vogue-designer in terms of 'fashion forward' and 'on trend'. I'd say some of the designs are even a bit too trendy, but it's so refreshing to see such edgy and current looks available in sewing pattern form! I took the plunge and ordered the Knit Asymmetric Dress, which was quite possibly the most expensive pattern (including... [read more]