Tuesday is fast becoming my favorite day of the week. Not only is is not-Monday, but it is draping day! The skills I am learning are basic but they open new creative doors every week.

Draping Week 2 – Yoke and Gathers

I am that student that always shows up early to class. But last week I was the only person for like 20 minutes. I work the closest to the school, so my commute is easy. During that time I finished up my back bodice sloper.

This is how we mark the points of the darts. The holes made by the push pin along the seam line, unfold and reveal the angle of the dart. I love this trick.

After I finished this, the next draping lesson was all about yokes and gathers. My instructor handed me a piece of ribbon and showed me some examples of yoke shapes, emphasizing that it had to connect to Center Front and the armhole. Beyond those two... [read more]