One of the advantages of living near flea market is popping there every couple of days to see if there’s anything interesting.. I always try to control myself to buy only things I really need, mostly sewing supplies.. There I’ve found so many great and quality fabrics, and Burda magazines from past several decades.. I have a rule when it comes to prices.. I already have a good collection of vintage Burda issues passed on to me by my aunts.. I really don’t need more of them, except if the price is next to nothing..  For Burda magazines I would give up to 50 RSD per issue (less than 50 euro cents).. That was the case with this one I found all alone surrounded with books and records.. You wouldn’t expect much in an issue from July 1995.. I took a look at technical sketches of the patterns and loved at least 5 patterns only at a first glance.. Then... [read more]