Hi all! Carrie here! Welcome to our Dartmouth Top sewalong! Still looking for fabric? Make sure to check out our kits; these are some super soft and special jerseys that we found on our most recent fabric sourcing trip!

Cashmerette Dartmouth Top

Today we’re going choose our size, grade between sizes if necessary, and get our pattern and fabric all ready to go, so we can start sewing our Dartmouth Tops next time!

The first decision to make when sewing a Dartmouth Top is which size to choose. Thanks to the three cup sizes it’s more likely that you’ll fit in a “straight” Cashmerette Pattern than many other companies, but of course we all vary and chances are you may not be perfectly in one size. The good news is that sewing gives you tons of flexibility, and it’s easy to grade between sizes.

How to choose your size

There are two measurement... [read more]