Blackwood Cardigan in Double Brushed Poly

This, my friends, is a pattern and fabric match made in heaven! I’ve been wearing it every evening since I made it (ok, and some days, and I even slept in it once or twice!) and it’s held up beautifully. No wrinkles, no bagging, and manages to be cosy but breathable. I’m in love!

The fabric is Double Brushed Poly, which was sent to me by LA Finch after I mentioned them in my post on the virtues of polyester. I said in that post that I hadn’t tried Double Brushed Poly yet, and was a little sceptical… well, I’m so happy to be proved wrong! From everything I’d seen online (mostly tight athleisure stuff), I was assuming it was like a cotton lyrca in weight and drape. Not at all! It’s much more like a rayon, which you know I love. It drapes beautifully, has 4-way stretch, excellent recovery, and is light-to-mid weight. Josie from LA... [read more]