Gah!  This thing has killed my sewjo.  I decided to force myself back to it today after a totally sewing-wasted Saturday, and made a nice neat hem, and gathered the voluminous bodice onto a waist tape, all nice and straightforward.

I got the sleeves seamed up [the right way round!] with tidy French seams.  I placed gathering threads round tops and bottoms of the sleeves, and prepped the long cuffs, which, if you recall, I’d already made about 2″ wider as the original pattern piece didn’t go round my wrist.

Gather gather, pin pin, baste baste.  The cuff is VERY long, and there isn’t a placket opening into the sleeve itself, so it was all looking a bit problematic for easing round on the machine.  I thought I’d better slip it onto my arm just to be sure before trying.  Well, those Edwardian ladies must have had arms like sticks- the bloody... [read more]