WELCOME BACK!!! We are looking forward to you coming on live tonight (Sept. 7th @7pm Central) with your questions and chat about the current #sewtofitmarfysewalong as part of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge

---Becki and I will be answering your questions and discussing our upcoming plans for your continued involvement in the Marfy Challenge for Season 2. See you on the livestream!!

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Our Marfy Sewalong is underway. Let’s talk plans and answer your questions. #sewtofitMarfySewAlong2019 has begun. Becki and I are back and well rested from a great summer break.

#sewtofitmarfychallenge @sewmuchfabric @sewtofit and @bekichitwood on Instagram to enter the giveaway

Giveaway will be announced on the first week of October.
1- $50 gift certificate from @sewmuchfabric
2- Marfy... [read more]


The blog posting hasn’t really gone to plan in the last couple of months, and neither is it how I normally would work!  I’ve been spending a lot more time on the allotment, especially with the veggies (time consuming little buggers), and sewing for Daughter No2, who isn’t at home and therefore makes it tricky to get photos of finished garments.  Today though, I’ve got a couple of items I made for myself.  A while ago I said I had plans to make another LB Pullover and possibly a Uvita Top.  Well, those have been made, and worn, and I only now have some photos for you.


stripe uvita 1
Uvita Top by Itch to Stitch

I have to admit, that as far as 3/4 sleeve tees go, I find it hard to beat the Uvita.  I’ve also used the Lark Tee with the 3/4 sleeve option, but the Uvita is just so easy to wear.  The fabric was bought from a fellow sewist who was using  Instagram to destash.  I... [read more]

When I first finished this dress it was a rainy autumn day in May. I put it on and wasn’t immediately sold.

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Well...I don't hate it...but... #lonelyheartsgiselle

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I had found the final instructions for finishing off the ruffle and waist tie frustratingly lacking and so I wasn’t in the best mood. I told myself to wait a little bit for some sunshine and then try again because this fabric is a little bit special.

In 2013 Arthur Toye, an NZ fabric institution with stores all over the North Island (maybe the South too? I’m not sure) announced suddenly that they were closing down.



I was devastated. I’d been buying fabric at ATs for as long as I’d been sewing. They had an amazing selection of fabric at decent prices, all the... [read more]


In case you missed it, there is an Instagram photo challenge running at the moment, focusing on sustainability in sewing. I’m really terrible at those, but it did make me realise I haven’t posted any sustainability posts in quite a while.

So I decided to cover a topic that I get asked about all the time, both in the sewing community, amongst my friends and family, but also at work. You might remember I am a sustainability professional in my day job, so my role is to advise designers and product techs how to make a garment as sustainable as possible. Now I wanted to transfer this knowledge to the sewing life, so let’s find out what are the most sustainable fabrics you can choose in your sewing life as well. To manage your expectations, this is not about whether cotton is more sustainable than polyester or if you should go for organic vs recycled. I will be covering all... [read more]

Spoiler: These are one of the best things I've ever made!! Unfortunately you'll just have to take my word for that, as they've proved pretty impossible to photograph because they are so dark.  They are also number 6 in my Make Nine

These are the Bluprint Jeanius jeans, which is a class that shows you how to take a pattern from a pair of jeans that fit well, and then sew them up. 


I have made the Closet Case Ginger Jeans before, but they were a bit big at the bum, and I had bought this class ages ago when Bluprint was still Craftsy.  Not going to lie, I was pretty daunted by it, and that was after my real-life sewing pal Ruth had assured me that she'd had great success with it.

So I put it on my Make Nine to make myself do it, as I have four pieces of denim suitable for jeans.  Also, time was pressing, because my original jeans are showing signs of age,... [read more]

#Landscape, #Our Planet

Sometimes you try out new patterns and muslin things and get frustrated at the changes and the difficulties you're having.... so you pull out a TNT as a refresher!

This floral dress was a quick sew made from my favourite knit pattern, Kwik Sew 3559. I've made it many times -- six times as a top and three times now as a dress. It's a simple pattern with nice lines and fits me really well. The only catch is no pockets. Though I add pockets to everything, I didn't to this one, mostly because my recent sewing streak was a series of fails, so wanted to be sure this would fit right first!

I did get it to fit properly, using my usual adjustments (cutting a M at the shoulders and bust and adding to each side by the hip level to make it just a touch larger than the L size line).  I pulled this pretty poly knit out of my thrifted stash, and was planning on making a... [read more]

Hello CSC! There are some great creations this month. Be sure to check out the hashtag to see them all! Enjoy all this inspiration!

@the_catwood made an All Well Box top

@sarah121haras made a Bella Sunshine Hazel top

@kamikatdesigns made a Stitch Upon a Time Titania top

@plumkitchen made a modified Cashmerette Montrose top

@theappletonstitch_edit made a Sew Different Boxy  Raglan top

@joyfulemon made an Indie Sew Kila tank

@josiethames made a Cashmerette Rivermont top

@fabric_scraps made a Gynkgo shirt free from Mood Fabrics and paired it with another free pattern, Peppermint Magazine Wide Leg pants

@daisysewcrazy made a Seamwork Bo top

@jemsewcreative made a Sew and Tell Madcap jacket

@maggiewhosews made a Seamwork Quince robe and dyed it lavender

@raches made a Wiksten Haori

@jojosews79 made Seamwork Marett pants and paired them with... [read more]

Trigger Warning: chronic illness, loss of a child, loss of family members.

Grief touches us all, as it is part of the human condition. In this “Sewing Through Grief” series, we will be sharing stories from Sewcialists who have sewed through separation, death, illness, and recovery.

Please welcome guest author Francesca.

Francesca, seated, looks straight at the camera. She has fair skin, long brown hair, and glasses, and she wears a navy blouse.

My father died on Christmas Day 2017 after a long battle with cancer. He was 88; I’m currently 32. I always knew that he would miss monumental things in my adult life because of our vast age difference. I always prepared myself to lose him early, but you’re never really prepared to lose a parent. My father showed me how to move through the world with power and never-ending dignity. He taught me to communicate what I want, how to be brave, and to always use the talents you have been given to their full extent. He... [read more]

So, you might have noticed... I've been into shibori and indigo dye recently.

Here's another set of shirts I sewed up with the fabric I dyed!

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September is one of the months that I have a love/hate relationship.  As a kid, I was always excited to go back to school and see more of my friends; plus I really liked school.  Now it is September Sewing Month and yes I did, I purchased two new patterns as well as some fabric from EOS.

The hate relationship as it marks the end of summer which is one of my favorite seasons. And now deja vu all over again with hurricane season.  Last year we got hit by Florence doing a lot of damage along the NC Coastline and we are a little more inland so not much damage.  Now we have Dorian which has meandered all over the place.  Last night it was back to Cat 3 and was hitting SC this AM.  I think (for now) it is downgraded to Cat 2 and still hugging the coastlines for SC and NC.

With the knowledge we gained last year we are much more prepared in case Dorian decides to... [read more]

#Scenary, #Planet Earth

Hello all! It’s Sophy here. When we asked if you had experience of sewing away from home, it was so interesting to see the discussion unfold on Instagram with great tips and comments for all those planning or having already made a big move overseas. This is a topic close to my heart, since I took up sewing when I moved from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong six years ago, first hand-sewing a quilt and eventually moving on to garment sewing. It gave a sense of focus and grounding during those big life changes. Here, some of our readers share their own experiences of sewing while overseas:

Kat says:

Kat is smiling at the camera and wearing an embroidered mesh top.
Kat is smiling at the camera and wearing an embroidered mesh top.

I moved to New Zealand from the midwestern US in 2014, with two suitcases and absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I went from living in a town surrounded by corn fields to... [read more]

#Landscape, #Landscapes
Tim has become increasingly jealous of the linen wardrobe I've been cultivating of late...

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Friends! I'm back! Annnndddd with another top! LOL, It's good though because I'm definitely filling in my wardrobe holes :-D

A few weeks ago I had an urge to go dancing but I was going through my closet and wasn't finding anything that I was going to feel good in. So I went to both my pattern and fabric stashes and came up with something to whip up before it was time to head out.

This is McCall's 7955, View A in Size Medium.

I got the fabric from Auntie Carolyn! It was a remnant left from whatever she had used it for and it was JUST enough for me to eek this out. I actually had to do some creative cutting.

It's a knit that I'm almost sure is from Fabric Mart. The colors are amazingly vibrant and I definitely stood out!

What I love about this pattern is that it's 1 big piece for the front and the back! You basically just sew the seams and then... [read more]

#Travel, #EarthPorn

#Earths Beauty, #Incredible
I can't quite believe it's September already! My sewing plans are not as organized as they have been for the last few months because all I want to do is keep sewing summer clothes. I still have two dresses from my summer sewing list that I've cut, and have to finish sewing up. So my list isn't going to be as full of new projects this month.

But it is time to start thinking about fall.

There is one dress I've been meaning to make for the last couple of years, so I am going to be finally making it this fall. It's the project I picked up D-rings for recently. Kwik Sew 3718 has been in my stash for ages and so I'm going to make View A in a green silk(?) I picked up at a garage sale last summer. Probably will have to lengthen it a bit!

Then I want to make this cotton-linen blend into one of these dresses, I haven't decided which yet. It's a bit of a heavier weight... [read more]

I’m always on the look out for skirt patterns that call for woven fabric, have a waistband, and go past a 46 inch hip. Peppermint Magazine came through with a FREE pattern. The best.

Here is my version of the Peppermint Magazine Vintage-Style Skirt.

The pattern was designed by In the Folds and came out in 2017. It features pleats in the center front and back, a curved waistband, and pockets.

It’s not the most size inclusive pattern ever, but it pretty generous for a vintage-inspired pattern, A-K waist/hip 24/33 inches- 45.5/54.5 inches. I made a size F for the waist and blended to a size G for the hip. This is in line with my general body type. My waist is 33.5 and hip is 46. I nearly always have to go up 1-2 sizes for my hips. Aside from blending sizes, I made no other adjustments.

My version is in a linen/cotton blend and I’m not... [read more]

generic tape measure stock photo - it's late, I'm tired. I'll go take one and put it in later.

This little infomercial from Goldman Sachs through Bloomfield News for no actual product showed up in my twitter feed.
I think I stripped the links here

The idea is that you take photos of yourself with your cell phone and that information is enough for AI to calculate your actual size and get you RTW that fits you better.

Okay, now that you have stopped laughing, companies have tried the custom route and it's failed (the economies of scale just don't work)(high expectations lead to high returns)
I do miss the Lands End custom jeans. Took two returns, but the fault was mine in measuring myself correctly.

Another extension of this is the perfect dress form.

from the Ditto... [read more]

I was not expecting to like or wear the Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit as much as I have. I had no idea that, when I made it earlier this summer, I would find myself reaching for it multiple times a week and it becoming a firm favourite in my office rotation.

But yet I knew as early as June that I’d be making another version, because I bought this burnt orange viscose/rayon crepe when we were at the Atelier Brunette shop in Paris. They have so many beautiful and high quality fabrics all in my own favourite colour palette, but this brick-orange colour immediately stood out to me and I knew I had to have it. The quality of their viscose crepes are fantastic – lightweight yet opaque, wonderful to wear and wonderful to sew, too. Because I knew I’d be making this jumpsuit from it, (and because I’m lazy – or smart!) I bought the matching binding they... [read more]

So I have a problem. It seems common within our community, yet I haven’t come across a way to overcome it so far. I can’t finish anything in a timely fashion, unless it’s a pattern test or some other immovable deadline.

I am like Dory from Finding Nemo, continually distracted by shiny things and unable to contain all the ideas and things I want to sew inside my brain! I currently have a Jasika blazer, a pair of jeans, a Sinclair Gaia top, a Saldana tee and a bralette thing at various stages of construction.

The only thing that works for me is pattern testing (or something like going on holiday or a special event). Pattern testing includes many of my favourite things — sewing for me, helping someone else, nitpicking… and it looks like letting someone down is a line I don’t want to cross (which is good!). But I do still want... [read more]

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