I’ve always got an eye out for border print fabric and when I saw this 100% cotton denim – EMBROIDERED – I could not resist!  I bought enough for a pair of casual summer pants and a summer top.  It has been quite hot here lately (but unfortunately smokey from forest fires) so I am […]

I haven't had much time for sewing or blogging lately. Life has been complicated and time has been short. However, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pattern test the newest Named Anni pattern. This was a special pattern released in celebration of Named's 5th anniversary. It includes pieces to make a huge variety of styles including a dress, jumpsuit and playsuit, each with multiple bodice, neckline and sleeve options.

With it being winter here in Perth, I went for a long sleeved dress with bell cuffs. Although I usually go for lower necklines, I couldn't resist making the diamond cut-out neckline and I was not disappointed. The construction is really cool and not too difficult (just be as precise as possible) and the result is lovely. The picture below has been lightened to try to show the seamlines. You might just be able to see the inset piece... [read more]

Seamwork, the online sewing magazine that is devouring Colette Patterns whole, has developed a program called “Design Your Wardrobe“. I assume it’s a descendant of the Wardrobe Architect series that Colette did a few years ago, & which I ignored because I was pretty new to sewing at the time & didn’t feel like I needed &/or was ready for that kind of deep thinking about my personal style, wardrobe needs, et al.

Design Your Wardrobe is a month-long program aiming to help a person develop & identify their personal style & brainstorm a sewing queue that reflects their wardrobe needs & wants, in terms of color, silhouette, life context, etc. It’s still not something I felt I really needed. I know what I like to wear (black & pink, easy clothes in natural fibers, but the more embellishment, the better) & I am not hurting for ideas. When my foot was broken & I... [read more]

These are the Fifi Pyjamas from Tilly And The Buttons. I’ve seen these around and have always thought they were super cute. The description states the pattern is a delicate camisole that is cut on the bias for a flowing shape, soft pleated cups, princess seams in the back, bias binding straps and curved hem elastic shorts. This pattern is actually quite simple, but takes longer than you might think. There are pleats, french seams and self-made bias binding. Put all of that together and you get a really special pair of pajamas.

I’ve made a couple other Tilly patterns: Clemence Skirt, Etta Dress and Marigold Jumpsuit. I should have thought more about the sizing. My measurements are 36-32-41 which puts me in a bust size 4, waist and hips 5. I graded the top pattern from 4 at the top to 5 at the bottom. I didn’t think much about the cupsize since I’m... [read more]


Yup, you read that correctly, a dress!!!  Remember that gorgeous chrysanthemum print cotton fabric I got from Truro Fabrics a the beginning of July?  And had to get more because I got a “reasonable” amount?  Yeah, that will finally be a Tea House Dress, pattern by Sew House Seven.  I traced the size 16, based on my bust measurement, and toiled the top version to see whether or not I’d need a FBA, and whether or not the pattern suited me and I even liked it!


Wondering if it’s “me”

So I bought a floral print duvet cover from the charity shop, I chose a printed fabric because my fabric is covered with flowers, and I wanted to get an idea of what it would look like.  It went together rather well, the instructions are clear, with plenty of drawings for those who need visual input.  There were only a couple of “whaaat?” moments.  When attaching the ties to the... [read more]

For the bralette of the Tropo Camisole, you can use any fabric that you use for body, but you also have other options. In this post we’ll talk about the pros and cons of the various fabric options. Before delving into bralette fabric, read the post on selecting fabric for the Tropo Camisole. The choices you make for your bralette fabric will greatly depend on how much support and coverage you want.

Fabric Options: The easiest choice for your bralette is to use the same fabric as the body of your camisole. Similar to when you’re choosing the main fabric, you’ll want to consider weight, stretch, and recovery. I’ve made the bralette for many of my Tropo Camisoles with interlock knit and I think it’s a great choice for me because it’s thick enough to offer some nipple coverage and it has recovery (I’ve found most all interlock knits to have... [read more]

Hi All,

I made a bodysuit jumper using the help of a tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I can’t locate it but it involves attaching a vest to a pair of leggings, here’s the result of that

This didn’t take long at all, I cut the waistband of the leggings and half of the vest to stitch together. I wore this the same day I made it!

The only thing I’d change would be to cut less of the leggings to make the waistline higher

I will be making more in loads of colours

Have a joyous day



Ashton first came through my doors as an alterations client. After we worked together on two pieces to get the perfect fit, she decided to take the custom route, and have a dress made.

Finding a dress that fits is a challenge Ashton faces every time she goes shopping. She also wanted to try something new by working with a designer.


After our initial custom consultation, and 3 design sketches for her to choose from, she chose this one. She loved the big sleeves, and quickly settled on this amazing brocade from Mood Fabrics. If you ask me for big sleeves, I’m gonna give you big sleeves!

(We did end up taking the full circle big sleeves down a hair, but if you don’t know what the extreme is, how do you know you don’t want it, right?!)


The brocade drapes into large cones away from the body, making it a great material for a tailored dress like this one. The drape... [read more]

I get asked this question all the time: Is polyester sweaty to wear? 

The short answer is: YES.

The long answer is SOMETIMES. It depends on the fabric, style, season, preferences and what your alternatives are! I wrote a whole post called “In Praise of Polyester” last year, in which I describe some of my most and least favourite types of poly knits. (I’ll be honest, I don’t know a thing about polyester wovens.)


Basically, the thicker your fabric and the tighter it is to your body, the more likely you’ll find it uncomfortable or smelly by the end of the day! Here are some combinations that I find work well/poorly:

  • ITY knit makes for fantastic dresses all year round. In summer, I sew sleeveless styles for some extra ventilation, and find it very comfortable even in a maxi. I winter, sleeves are not a problem. I wear ITY bike shorts under every... [read more]

International Orangutan Day: #StopDirtyPalmOil

  Today marks International Orangutan Day; a day to encourage everyone to take action to protect the rainforests which are home to these amazing animals.…

The post International Orangutan Day: #StopDirtyPalmOil appeared first on Thimble End.

So, I don't know if you noticed, but more and more women's patterns are appearing on! I didn't have anything to do with any of them (apart from the Carlita coat of course) but I was keen to try the Sandy skirt because circle skirts are pretty high on my list of things I like to wear!

I have drafted a full circle skirt for myself so I set the circle percentage to 75%, making this slightly less dramatic. My own pattern has a straight waistband which works reasonably well because it sits on the natural waist, but I had been thinking about drafting a curved waistband instead. Now I can just be lazy!

I did make some extra modifications, the biggest one adding side seams so I could have pockets! I had set the waistband position at 50% because I thought trying something that doesn't sit at my natural waist could make for a nice change (and it would be a good way... [read more]
For my purple-loving niece's birthday earlier in the month, I sewed up a purple mini capsule wardrobe!

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I have a few vintage patterns that I return to again and again and one of them is Simplicity 6820, a 60s trapeze "Jiffy" dress that lauds itself on only having "3 main pattern pieces." I've made it a few times and the leopard one, especially, is basically never in my closet, always either in the laundry basket or on my body as I head off to work. Recently when browsing etsy, though, I saw this (quite similar) pattern, Simplicity 4977 and seeing that it boasted only "2 main pattern pieces" I could not resist temptation!

Simplicity 4977 is slightly earlier 60s Jiffy dress, and the main difference in the two patterns is that while 6820 (from 1966) has raglan sleeves, 4977 (c. early 60s) has kimono sleeves. 4977 also has a slightly less full skirt and bust darts. Due to the slightly less full skirt (and the tendancy of 60s patterns to be rather... [read more]

Hi!  It’s Chloe here with a finished outfit for a special occasion. You can usually find me in warmer climes than NZ in mid-winter – I live, work, parent, and sew in Sydney. In the virtual world I am on IG as chloe_deadlycraft and blog sporadically at deadlycraft.

I totally hesitated on choosing this inspiration, because it feels so “fluffy and insubstantial” to name someone from Hollywood as my Sew Style Hero. PLUS, if I were going to pick someone so celebrity, how could I not be choosing Robyn Wright???!!!

However, here we are. Why are we here? Well, two reasons. The first is that I secretly super love Blake Lively – she seems so funny / nice in real life and she looks like sunshine.

Please don’t tell me if she’s actually really mean – I just don’t want to know.

The second reasons is SEQUINS. If anyone knows how to rock sequins, Blake does.

Exhibit... [read more]

No, not for me this time. It’s not exactly my size. My little boy is growing yet again, and since he lives in t-shirts and I don’t much like doing laundry (!) I thought I’d make him a new top to add to his wardrobe for the summer holidays. It was almost free, because I […]
All of a sudden I'm interested in sewing woven dresses (who am I?) After the success of my Papercut Sway Dress I decided it was time to upskill a little so I enrolled in the Intermediate Dress Class at my beloved Sew Make Create. The class takes place over three full Saturdays and in the end you end up with a dress...all overseen by the lovely Pepper pooch.

Real talk. I ended up with a dress that's too big for me BUT I learned a tonne of stuff so I'm pretty happy. The pattern does have a lot of ease but I was nervous about it not fitting so couldn't be talked down from the size I chose. It was a free pattern and the fabric was only $15 (in total) from Cambodia so nothing lost really. Plus Dave funded part of the class as a birthday gift so...

I chose this dress as it had quite a few "new to me things". A hidden button placket, buttonholes (I... [read more]

Well, there’s the Sak….I had a bicycle seat just like this, well, it had padding actually. Is she a John Waters character on the loose?Huh- a swimsuit featuring a sleeping hostage in one of your designs…Remember that time Big Bird got a dip-dye?I just don’t understand. How does she pee in under 20 minutes?no collection is complete without an Olympic opening ceremony costume!This is just color-bleching.Giant repurposed clothe diapers? Photo credits:

Ciao Ciao!! Welcome back! Today I'm talking about another piece that I made for my Eurotrip! I am so grateful that I got a chance to go to Rome! And the first stop was the Colosseum!
This is McCall's 7686, View A, in a size 12.

The fabric I used is a Purple Telio Topaz Hatchi Knit from The purple is sold out but there are still a number of colors available here. And if you want to see all of the colors I purchased, you can check out this blog post.

There isn't too much to say about this top aside from the fact that I HATE the way the sleeve on the off-the-shoulder side is attached to the overlay. It doesn't make much sense to me at all the reason why it's done that way and it ends up leaving a lot of weird space around the opening lol.

For hemming, I decided to leave all of the edges raw. I get nervous enough trying not to stretch out... [read more]

When you ask my toddler to smile, this is what you get. I have no idea why she thinks this is smiling, but we’re just gonna run with it because, while it may not be smiling, it’s certainly cute. I also have no idea why she thinks a dryer ball makes a good photoshoot prop, but she insisted on it being included. So this is my toddler “smiling” while holding a dryer ball. #parentlife

When I bought the notions for my railroad stripe overalls I bought the overall buckles in a couple different sizes. I went with the larger for my overalls and decided to use the smaller to make Evelyn this vintage Simplicity 9722 overall dress from 1980. It’s a pretty timeless pattern, other than the fact that I used glaringly 70’s ditsy floral twill that I found at the thrift store. #noregrets. (Okay, one regret – that it didn’t leave enough fabric behind for me to have a... [read more]

Simplicity Maxi

I sewed a Simplicity pattern – the first I’ve sewn in years, because they are no longer available in Canada. I got the pattern at the PR Weekend swap, and I should love it… but I’m feeling very “meh” about it!

Simplicity Maxi

The good part is the fabric – another Micheal Levine ITY print that Anne brought back for me while she was on a business trip. The shipping is crazy to Canada (see my last post, which btw, you all had AMAZING comments on!) I’ve used a few other Micheal Levine prints lately – the polka dot gradient that I know a few people have bought since, the fabric for my maxi Jalie birthday dress and a Santa Fe tank is beautiful but not on the blog! (On sale here, here and here – and boy I wish this was sponsored but it’s not!)

PicMonkey Collage

The bad part is the dang bodice. RAWR! It didn’t help that I accidentally followed the construction method for the... [read more]

364BDC97-C89C-4B09-9C2D-83757D3A593EThis is the first independent pattern from Claire-Louise Hardie, and I ordered the pattern as soon as it was published.

The fabric is heavy cotton from Ikea, a bargain at £4.


I sewed two rows of stitching to the side seams for strength, the seam allowance is then pressed to one side and top stitched 1cm from the seam (barely seen in this photo as the thread matched so well on the dark areas of the fabric!).


I overlocked the side edges on the fabric body and facings, then overlocked the bottom edge of the facings to stop fraying. I used a denim fabric for the inside base piece, the heavyweight interfacing sandwiches between the base fabric and is sewn in after the side seams are completed. I overlocked the three layers together before sewing in place with three rows of stitches. I really like the pop of colour from the denim 😺

I... [read more]

Since the introduction of the Simple Payment Button, we’ve been looking for more ways to streamline payments on and Jetpack-enabled sites. Today, we’re introducing a new variant of the Simple Payment Button, available to Premium and Business plan subscribers and to Jetpack sites on Premium and Professional plans.

Take payments anywhere on your site with the Simple Payment Widget

Use the Simple Payment Widget to add a quick payment option to the sidebar or footer of your or Jetpack site. (If you have Jetpack site, make sure its running version 6.3.3 or higher.) Then add the widget to your site via the Customizer, by going to Personalize → Customize → Widgets.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.40.15

Using the Customizer

You’ll be able to select an existing Simple Payment Button or create a new one to add to your sidebar, header, or footer.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 15.06.55

Simple... [read more]

Hello again! I seem to be on something of a blogging roll!! I finally got around to cutting out this Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June Handmade; I’d been meaning to sew it for weeks only I succumbed to ‘the fever’ that was sewing my Luzerne Trench Coat instead. But now I’ve sewn one Cheyenne, let … More A Polka ‘Cheyenne Tunic’ by Hey June Handmade … and a little bit about French Seams

Hi, friends! I’m excited to tell you that on the latest episode of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast, we’re interviewing Marcy Harriell, a.k.a. Oonaballoona. You don’t want to miss this one so click the link to listen or subscribe on your favourite podcasting app.

Frivolous At Last - Marcy Harriell of Oonaballoona is on Clothes Making Mavens. Listen to the podcast at

Thanks for listening!

— Lori


As you can probably guess from the title that the post is going to be about patterns (and fabric)  from the 1980s. But before I get to that let's go a bit back to last (last )week.

Like I said in my prior post, last week I had the opportunity to go to Niagara Falls. On my way back home we stopped at a thrift store in Brockville, ON. As I had been to that thrift store before and found some great (I mean great) fabrics and pattern, I entered the store looking specifically for sewing items. And what I found surprised me. There was a small ironing board on sale for $5 and lots of fabrics!
I bought the prettiest (obviously) and lengthier ones, as I didn't want to buy something I wasn't going to use.

There were 2.5meters of this colorful flowery fabric from Zellers! ZELLERS! Not only was it from a store that was part of my childhood, but the fabric was from... [read more]
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