I don't know if I should call it kismet, destiny, coincidence or just plain good sense. When I wore my Liberty maxi dress to Quiltcon 2020, and entered the Morris Textiles booth, it was clear a creative relationship was inevitable. Leisa and I connected over the wonderful Liberty of London, William Morris and fabrics by other British designers she sells. Her store is based in Austin which meant I could get my British textile fix this side of the pond. Top of my list were the Liberty of London sewing patterns. 

I was really interested in the Beatrix dress 

Before now, the cost and shipping from UK sources made me hesitant to take the plunge. In addition, I was reluctant because there were few pattern reviews or photos of those pieces on "real" people. Leisa and I decided that others in the sewing community... [read more]

Fall officially starts in less than three days, which means that it's sweater season! And so what better time to post the review of this cute striped sweater than right now.

Since quarantine started I've been wanting to make more of my own clothes and one of the things in my repertoire has been to make a simple sweatshirt. Something that would be easy to make and that would be ideal for cooler temperatures and would be cute for fall.

I want you to come and join me! I have exciting plans for 2021. As I mentioned in my last…

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This one is a bit odd to ask now, given people aren’t doing a lot of visiting with others, however I wanted to find out whether other people sew when they have people staying with them for a longer visit?

I live across the other side of the world from my parents, so when they visit they will come for several months at a time. This makes sense financially and when dealing with jetlag!

Obviously when someone stays with you for that long, you sort of settle into a routine of more like normal life, rather than adjusting to do special activities because you have “guests”. There always comes a point (usually around week three or so) where I decide I really just need to sew and might slope off of an evening or for a few hours on the weekend. I think my folks enjoy that we live normally when they are here and don’t feel... [read more]

Fall has arrived, and with it our new round of the Literary Sewing Circle. I'm so thrilled to announce our new title for our group read is:

The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich


Based on the extraordinary life of National Book Award-winning author Louise Erdrich’s  grandfather who worked as a night watchman and carried the fight against Native dispossession from rural North Dakota all the way to Washington, D.C.

Thomas Wazhashk is the night watchman at the jewel bearing plant, the first factory located near the Turtle Mountain Reservation in rural North Dakota. He is also a Chippewa Council member who is trying to understand the consequences of a new “emancipation” bill on its way to the floor of the United States Congress. It is 1953 and he and the other council members know the bill isn’t about freedom; Congress is fed up with Indians.... [read more]
Hi there. I hope you are happy and healthy. {mahlica’s note: Hey, if you are not seeing photos, please try clicking through to the post (click the post title) instead of reading on my home page. Bear with me as I figure out this glitch} Last week I made up a pattern mashup using the … Continue reading Toaster Sweater & Tabor V-Neck Mashup Tutorial
Test image saying 'pattern testers wanted'

Since the start of 2020, I’ve been preparing to launch an independent sewing pattern company.

My first pattern is almost ready for release (later this year), and I would HUGELY appreciate it if you’re able to volunteer to test the pattern, to help catch any issues with the instructions or the pattern which have been missed.

The first pattern is aimed at intermediate sewers and is an outerwear pattern for a shaped slim-fitting jacket (sneak peek at the design at the bottom of this post).

If you are interested in helping this test this, or other upcoming patterns, please do sign-up using my pattern testing form. Before each pattern release, I’ll contact the people signed up to this list to share more information about the pattern (description & line drawing) and the time-frame for testing, to confirm who is available & interested in testing that... [read more]

I have tried numerous times over the past few months, to write a post that reflects my thoughts on how broken every thing feels.

I’m not generally a doom-monger or melodramatic but I honestly feel that the world is imploding; a devastating pandemic leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead; massive civil unrest; cellphone video after cellphone video of Black people being purposely and violently killed by supposed law enforcers; uncontrollable wild fires; chronic misinformation perpetuating so much confusion and hatred; and if the wrong result happens in November, democracy in the US will literally be hanging by a thread.

This is all real and all utterly terrifying.

Every time I’ve tried to write something, particularly about whiteness and privilege and racism, I’ve failed. I can’t find the words, the knowledge, the meaning. So rather than fill this space with... [read more]

I ran across a discussion of the revival of 90s style on PatternReview lately. Apparently the 90s are back! I don't remember 90s style very much, probably because I was in university in the first half and working 3 jobs for the rest of that decade. All I recall are the grungy student outfits we'd wear, including my floral dresses with chunky black shoes. I checked out an article about 90s style and only really remembered one thing!

So I thought, nope, I'm not a 90s fan. (Definitely more of an 80s girl!) But then I realized that I do love a good waistcoat, and while that look was hot in the late 80s it carried over strongly into the 90s. I looked through my stash and found a handful of vest patterns from the early 90s. I chose two to try out. 

McCalls 8940 is my favourite -- there are at least 3 of these views that I'd like to try! But I started with... [read more]
Photo of Rumana wearing a blue ankle-length dress with a purple hijab. Rumana is standing in her home, and is looking away from the camera.

Welcome back to our series interviewing leaders in the sewing community! You can read all of our previous interviews here.

Today we are talking to Rumana, who posts about sewing and craft on The Little Pomegranate blog and instagram. Rumana appeared on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ in 2016, and started the #SewInColour hashtag.

Charlotte: Tell us about yourself, and how you became interested in sewing.

Rumana: I’ve always had an interest in sewing of some sort. My mum used to sew a lot, she made all my special day outfits, from birthdays to Eid dresses as well as making her own clothes. So it’s something that I grew up with. I knew how to use a sewing machine from a pretty young age but didn’t learn how to properly sew until I was around 23− 24 years old. I definitely hadn’t used a pattern before that! I really... [read more]


Well, this September thing turned out to be much better than we expected here in the UK, so I get to wear my summer makes for a few more weeks. Also, this means that a breezy little dress will not look out of place on the blog right now. Hope this weather holds, as I have at least 4 more hot weather projects I haven’t posted about yet and I am very keen to share them with you before we all start wrapping up for the winter. Anyway, about this flirty little number… Believe it or not (and if it’s…


We are hiring
We have a fantastic opportunity for a Full-Time Sales Assistant to join our friendly team in our shop in Dalston, London. 
William Gee is a long-standing family-run haberdashery in Dalston, London, who are celebrating successful high street trading for 114 years. Our shop is now looking for the right candidate with retail experience who has a keen interest in our products, as well as sewing, haberdashery and the clothing trade. This full time position is for a retail sales person who is looking to work for a company whose emphasis is on excellent customer service.
Position: Full Time Sales Assistant
Start Date: Immediate start
Location: Dalston, London E8
Salary: To be discussed at interview stage; depending on experience
Benefits: 30 Days Holiday
Hours: Full time, Mon-Fri 9am – 5.30pm (shop trades 5 days a week)
Duties include:
– Selling haberdashery, fashion design... [read more]

I’ve made a few of the free Peppermint Magazine x collaboration patterns and I’ve had pretty good successes with them. They’re popular for a number of reasons: they’re free* (of course), they’re good basics with a twist, but, most importantly, they’re drafted by good designers. Emily from In the Folds did a ton and this pattern is by Paper Theory, who brought out the Zadie jumpsuit and Olya shirt. I can’t vouch for the early ones, which seem to have much more restricted size ranges, but the ones I’ve made are solid.

The Pocket Skirt is a pretty simple skirt and the principal feature is, of course, the oversized, drapey pockets. There was something about the proportions of the skirt I liked and I saw several great versions on Instagram (check out the #peppermintpocketskirt).

I made the 16, which is a size down for my... [read more]

Since the start of quarantine, I’ve been sewing for myself at home so much more—a lot of masks, of course, but it’s been a saving grace as a diversionary tactic. I sewed for myself through college, and I made my own wedding dress, but overall it has been a long time since I’ve done this much sewing from other people’s patterns. When you work in the garment industry, sometimes the very last thing you want to do when you get home is sew, if you’ve spent all day working on making clothes! 😂

Print-at-home PDF patterns are a fairly new frontier for me, comparatively, as I’m used to tissue paper patterns or simply drafting my own. I’ve used pattern making software and printed my own patterns, but always on a professional plotter. I’d never even considered the idea that you could simply tile a pdf and print it on a home printer,... [read more]

I am still finishing off replacing some of my casual wear.  One of the summer tops I am making is the “Old Mexico Dress/Top” from Folkwear.  I won this pattern on IG through the @sewover50 giveaway #so50sewalong.  Love @sewover50, you should check it out! My sewing partner @auntie_pauwa_sews won the same pattern and finished her’s… Continue reading Time for tops! The Folkwear Old Mexico Dress
This show was due to open in April, got caught in the Coronavirus shut down, and just opened last weekend.

You've already seen the tunic from the online gift shop sale.

 I bought my timed ticket for Sept 6.
Of course, we are testing out how to maneuver in a museum now, so part of my interest was seeing how they would manage the space.

 Sorry, I did not take photos of the floor markers. Here's one from the Seattle Symphony offices.

The show is fine. The pieces aren't really separated by when they were designed, so there's no 'this is my design journey' here. More of a 'these are my influences' tour.
Which is a fine choice.

She does show her process with examples of inspirational items

these items were not identified either

The kantha... [read more]
NY: Butterick Publishing Company, c1927
309 p.
This week we're heading back to the 20s to investigate a book of instruction for the home dressmaker. The New Butterick Dressmaker is a volume focused entirely on garment sewing, with no extra crafty stuff that many household compendiums contained at that time.

This book also has an introduction by Jacques Worth, who at that time was, with his brother, running the House of Worth in Paris. He talks about how to make smart clothing and highlights what he thinks is the keynote of French fashion: Fine Workmanship. It is very period and entertaining.

The book is broken into chapters that cover most of the details of dressmaking, from hems and buttonholes to fine finishes and fitting. There is a short section near the end on maternity, layette and boys & men's clothes, and... [read more]
NBD, It's only been 85 years since I wrote a blog post. I'll spare you the technology woes and just use the most sensible excuse: 2020 man. To make it up to you, I have not one, but two amazing new projects to show off!
Meg at Sew Liberated teased us with the Arthur Pants pattern for quite a while before it dropped, long enough for me to know I needed it. My elastic-back Winslow Culottes are on heavy rotation, so I knew I would love that feature on the Arthurs. It also made me happy that I could reduce the appearance of bulk on the front by installing a flat waistband and pleats, rather than gathers. Though harder to sew (due to the zip fly) it's worth it to me for a smoother silhouette.

The most distinguishing feature of these pants is their balloon-leg shape. Reminiscent of MC Hammer's famous pants, it works much better with linen instead of... [read more]

These fabric pumpkins turned out so cute. I found the perfect sized pumpkins by The Spruce. You can get their free sewing pattern here. They have it titled as pumpkin pillows but if you just follow their tutorial for the body, you can add whatever type of stem you'd like and use whatever kind of fabric. I wasn't looking for pillows, more like just for decor but again the sizing of these worked out great. I took the large pumpkin pattern and scaled it up about two sizes more to make the really big pumpkin.

I also found this tutorial for upcycled pumpkins. If I didn't have so much of this fabric already I would've definitely done this one. You can check out the how-to by Evie Bidell, here.

I have had this orange burlap material for years and it never occurred to me that it would be great for some fake pumpkins. It would be good for some fake carrots too but... [read more]

This year would have been the seventh SewBrum sewing meet-up, a free-to-attend sewing meet-up in Birmingham, UK.

I announced a date for this year’s SewBrum before we understood the full impact of coronavirus. After which, it became increasingly clear that a large meet-up wouldn’t be sensible or practically possible (the shops we visit all have social distancing measures in place), so we (me and co-host Lauren Guthrie) decided to take SewBrum online!

SewBrum will take place online on Saturday 17th October, and you can register to receive all of the details below or via the event page.

Full details will be shared with registered attendees as we approach the 17th October, but the day will include:

  • Video messages & discount codes from local sewing businesses & textile artists;
  • A live bargello stitch workshop with Birmingham-based... [read more]

This week I spent a lot of time doing sewing that doesn't make for blog posts -- finishing off a stack of masks, for one. I think I'm finally done with that, at least for a while. I have enough for myself and my husband now, so will take a break. I find mask sewing so boring! ;) 

A lot of masks!

I also went through some of my already cut projects and prepped them with the necessary interfacing and so forth. Now they are ready to tackle. And, PatternReview's Wardrobe Contest is starting next week so I took a look at the rules: 10 pieces that all go together. That's a lot, and in reality there is no way I'll do it, even in the 2 month contest period, but I couldn't help myself and went down a rabbithole of searching my fabric and pattern stash for ideas of what I would make *if* I was going to sew along. It was a fun evening but not very productive, lol!

Mostly... [read more]

I have lost my sewing mojo. I think it occurred because I actually completed both sewing plans I laid out at the start of summer (casualwear and activewear), and then I realised that I really don’t need any more clothes. And with no events on the horizon to sew for, I’m kinda left a bit deflated. I actually sewed this dress a few weeks ago, more for something to do but also because I really liked its sister dress, but with summer waning, I’m not sure how much opportunity I’ll have to wear it.

One aspect that drew me to this project was rediscovering this fabric in my stash when I was hunting around for anything to turn into face masks earlier in the summer. I’d kinda forgotten about this cotton fabric that a friend had bought in Tokyo and brought back for me. Its bright and cheery bottle cap print spoke to me now, bringing a bit of a holiday feel to... [read more]

Every now and again we get questions into Ask The Sewcialists from members of the community seeking a solution to a sewing issue they have. Sometimes we answer if we feel like we can help; other times, it just makes sense to ask our awesome sewing community!

Today’s Ask The Sewcialists is a question that popped into our inbox a little while back:

I wear a size 18 and have chubby thighs. What fabrics and jeans/pants construction would help avoid the inner thigh holes that appear way too quickly?

I’m fed up with companies not selling clothes that last!  I’ve repaired jeans and turned them into work pants. I’ve patched and reinforced them preemptively to avoid these dreaded holes. I’ve tried so many ideas. Please help – all ideas welcome!

Sewcialist, July 2020

We thought about the usual—rugged construction/fabrics like on jeans,... [read more]

Kiu Kiu Online Uang Asli dengan Deposit TermurahDi zaman yang sudah canggih ini, anda tidak perlu pergi ke kasino atau mencari orang untuk bermain judi. Cukup dengan mengakses situs judi, anda bisa memainkan permainan judi Kiu Kiu maupun judi lainnya.

Perjudian Online awalnya menggunakan uang buatan / Chip, namun banyak yang merasa kalau itu hanya membuang waktu saja karena uang hasil kemenangan tak akan bisa diambil/dicairkan. Akhirnya perjudian seperti Zynga mulai ditinggalkan dan banyak yang beralih ke perjudian dengan uang asli.

Anda yang pernah merasakan bermain judi dengan uang asli pasti setuju dengan saya kalau sensasi bermain judi dengan taruhan uang itu jauh lebih menegangkan, tetapi ketegangan tersebut dapat memunculkan sensasi enjoy saat bermain karena anda jadi lebih serius main nya.

Apalagi judi Kiu Kiu merupakan judi yang... [read more]

Capsa Indo dengan Pembayaran Terbesar dan Bonus SpesialSitus/Website yang menyediakan tempat main judi Capsa secara Online terbilang banyak, termasuk di Indonesia sekalipun.

Dan kenyataanya perjudian online jauh lebih menguntungkan dibanding perjudian darat karena situs-situs judi selalu memberikan banyak fasilitas bagi pemain nya.

Namun tentunya setiap situs memiliki kualitas/kebijakan masing-masing. Kita sebagai pemain hanya tinggal memilih yang terbaik saja.

Capsa Indo dengan Pembayaran Terbesar dan Bonus Spesial

Capsa Indo dengan Pembayaran Terbesar dan Bonus Spesial

Memang benar semua bandar memberikan Bonus. Beberapa bahkan memberikan bonus secara gila-gilaan. Tapi anda jangan cepat percaya begitu saja.

Dari pengalaman saya bergonta-ganti tempat main selama beberapa tahun, ada kebiasaan buruk bandar yang paling saya benci. Yaitu:

  1. Bonus yang diberikan hanya berlaku sekali
  2. Suka... [read more]
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