Almost as soon as Cosmic Coterie officially decided to tackle Madoka Magica for our big build this year, Koholint and I started brainstorming Madoka. We split the labor so that Koho took the upper half of Madoka and I took the lower half. I’ve followed several Madoka cosplayers over the years, and I was absurdly excited about making that ridiculous donut skirt.

The Petticoat


My first step in tackling my portion of Madoka was the petticoat. That giant donut skirt needed a support structure for the floof, so I turned to Jessie Pridemore‘s Madoka petticoat tutorial as a starting point. There are 10+ fabric layers total in the petticoat: 5 layers of chiffon circle skirts with serger-gathered satin ribbon ruffles, a layer of cotton crinoline, and 5 layers of gathered double-circle skirts made from tulle. There are also 120 yards of satin ribbon... [read more]

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional sewist or pattern maker. This tutorial simply describes an approach I find helpful in improving the fit of my sewn garments.

I started sewing a couple of years ago, and after a frustrating beginning in the wonderful world of fitting issues, I discovered the fabulous Curvy Tutorials on CSC. Who knew there were adjustments for shoulders, busts, waists and tummies?? And since when was grading between sizes allowed when all of my Kwik Sew patterns shouted at me in capital letters not to do it?!?

More significantly I realised that, like me, many women don’t fit clothing patterns straight from the packet. Being able to grade between different sizes and make fit adjustments is one of the key joys of sewing. Unfortunately, it can also be baffling, time consuming, sometimes unsuccessful, not to mention that every... [read more]

So, I recently "inherited" this iPad 2 from my boyfriend. He had bought it used from my twin brother around Christmas 2 years ago and found that he just didn't use it enough. So I got to play around with it, MWAHAHAHA.

And what did this sewist do? Installed some nifty sewing apps, of course! And one of them was Cora.

Now, if you don't know Cora, it is most likely because you have Android on your phone. Me too. And Cora only works for iTunes/AppStore/Apple products. Like the iPad 2. Aha!

It is a fabric stashing app, where you can catalog your fabric and then browse through or search it. You can filter your stash by type, weight, wash status, star-markings or by the minimum length your next project will need. The fabrics are beautifully displayed and a long tap on the picture will show the photo in full size while a short tap will show all the details you... [read more]
I'm pretty sure Vogue 9253 was declared The Dress of summer 2017, right? It was absolutely everywhere, in part due to the contest that McCall's was having in August. I totally missed the contest until it was over, and just happened to coincidentally be working on the pattern at the same time. Mine might be a bit unrecognizable though, since I made so many changes! I have a lot of notes about alterations, so scroll to the end if you want to read those.

Vogue 9253

The idea for this dress started when I saw a similar one on TV. I put out a request on IG for someone to find me a pattern like the dress I saw. My husband has a work event for us to attend this weekend and it's basically my only chance to dress up (think wedding attire). I wanted to make a dress and ended up purchasing Vogue 9253 and McCall's 7315.

The McCall's pattern had the handkerchief hem and was... [read more]

My poor neglected blog. I’ve really missed writing these posts and I’ve got so much I want to catch up on. Like….

The looks I made for the December Sink the Pink Ball. I think there were 20 costumes in all because I like to punish myself.


And all these for TOYS, back in March. I lost count of the trolls, Care Bears, Clowns and cowboys in this.


And June’s Children of The Revolution – many, many children. In many, many looks.

And a few things for myself.

But all that will have to wait because I’m on my way to the Great British Sewing Bee Live to do an alteration challenge in front of people. After that I’ll be spending the evening putting together the remaining costumes for the next show, with an audience of cats judging my stitching.


In which I share awful photos of an awesome skirt...

After admiring Halle Skirts from Lara and Pauline, I bought the pattern during the most recent Style Arc sale.
Read more »

Since I decided to sew and wear more tunics this fall, I need some truly opaque leggings. I don’t know why this is such a hard thing to find in RTW or fabric stores!

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

Currently, my only pair of public-worthy leggings-as-pants are some jeggings I made with fabric I found locally. (It was $5/m, so I bought 5m!) That fabric is thick cotton and lycra jersey, but something about the two-tone effect camouflages more than just a solid fabric.

I’ve been on the hunt for similar black fabric for over a year, so when Canadian store L’Oiseau Fabrics posted 8ish colours of jegging, I snapped it up! I’ve ordered from them before (remember the peacock tee and cactus tee that I sewed during my #2hourchallenge?) and they seem to have really excellent quality fabric, especially if you like European knits and cotton/lycra... [read more]

The Vees Big Adventure is up in the air, free-falling, and we are devastated.

Due to circumstances beyond our control and unscrupulous RV dealers, the costs to repair the RV properly (despite us being told by the salesman AND the technician that it had a FULL check out and some “brand new” bits and pieces) are piling up at an alarming rate. The repairs could cost almost as much as the RV. The RV dealership basically told us to take a hike and read the documentation. Husband is reeling. We’re both reeling. Our savings is pretty much gone at this stage and we’re faced with some very difficult decisions.

I’m still struggling to find work, despite my certifications and practical experience. I’ve applied to more than 50 jobs and written at least 12 different entrance tests and been told: “we’ll get back to you.” The movers come to pack up our household... [read more]

Okay, I’ve got to admit that this post is a bit of a lie because we don’t get a traditional “Fall” here in Texas.  It’s more like “that hot season before it gets kind of chilly for two weeks.” However, the second September hits, I break out the boots and sweaters because I love fall clothing and I don’t care about the funny looks.

I thought that when I made my Summer sewing plans they were way too lofty.  However, these fall plans definitely surpass those.  September is (somehow) almost over, so I doubt I’ll be able to get all of these done, but thankfully these sewing plans are meant to be more flexible!


  • Lonetree Jacket – I finished the vest version back in April, and I’m just now getting around to the jacket version!
  • Fairfield Button-up – I have fabric on hand to make three more for Nicholas. The plan is to get at least one done a... [read more]

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Decades of Style has expanded their size range for their Decades Everyday patterns! The Chore Skirt just released today and goes up to a size 26 or a 46″ waist. This means no more grading up for me! When Janet asked me to test the skirt, I jumped on the chance. I’ve been a big DOS fan for a while. The instructions and drafting are great. The vintage style is right up my alley.

The Chore Skirt is not your regular pleated skirt. It has a narrow waistband, side seam pockets with a side seam zipper, and beautifully placed pleats in the front and the back. In the front, there are less pleats than the back for a clean look. The back pleats really give the skirt a lovely look. There are also side pleats that make the pockets and zipper disappear. There is a bottom panel in the skirt that is perfect for contrasting... [read more]

So are you a pizza or a burger or a sandwich?
Or just a spineless shrill trying to pander to everyone? The Paul Ryan of food so to speak

I’m getting whiplash here- I lurve this dress!?

But…….’Christina!? Wire Hangers!?’

The knights donned their sod helmets and prepared for the petunia joust-

Please stop trying to bring this blouse back- it gives me clown sickness. 

Richard Branson! You never know where he’ll turn up!

Ring the gong! It’s the 4 millionth rework of the classic denim jacket! Look under your seats for a special prize!

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in your clown car? Have you been accused of making dirty balloon animals? Call 1-800-haha and hire The Clown Defender!

Sigh.When mom buys pants you ‘can grow in to’

I like this one:

Not as much as the cat likes this one:

Photo credits-

Sustainable sewing: what is it?

When I gave my blog a bit of an update after Blogtacular, I added the tagline “Sustainable sewing | Ethical living”. It sums up the…

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I went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends this weekend and naturally, I cut it fine finishing my handmade outfit. With just a week to go, I set my heart on wearing the beautiful Linda Wrap Dress by Just Patterns, which I was testing for their Pattern Development Group. I turned it into one of those 'all or nothing' situations, so when the dress didn't quite turn out as I'd planned, I performed the ultimate sewing salvage and transformed it from wrap dress to dress-coat!
Just Patterns Linda Wrap Dress worn as a jacket
I've had my eye on Just Patterns for a while and the Linda Wrap Dress was the main reason I put myself forward to be in the Pattern Development Group. I particularly loved the angled collar and wrap-style/belt fastening and was really keen to make it. It's worth noting that whilst I was sent a copy for free to test, the... [read more]
Hi hi!

Following on from my last post about these Lander pants I dove straight in and made pair number 2. This time in a lovely, lovely denim from Merchant and Mills. I ordered a sample in this slightly washed blue and the darker colour and was surprised how much it feels like some non-stretch cone mills denim I bought. Sold!!!

I did take some of the length out of the length along the top of the trousers which was bunching around my waist in my wool pair and I think I'm done tweaking. Well, I am anyway because with two new pairs of trousers for winter I'm sort of done. Goal achieved! 

Not much to say. They are full length, but I'm pretty sure I will always wear them rolled up like this.

One thing to say about how I fitted these and my previous pair is that they are not over fitted. You can see more with the denim that there is a fair amount of room under my tummy, but... [read more]

This double zipper pouch tutorial is for a lined pouch that you can use as a pencil case, cosmetics bag, or as a clutch. The finished measurements are approximately 10″ wide x 5 1/2 tall. This is a good project … Read More

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 I am knackered. The few days leading up to my birthday and the few days after just seem to have been choker block. We've had visits from friends, we've visited family, we had a wedding, we had my birthday, first days back at school and lots of other exciting things. This all teamed with Rikki having some time off work hasn't left a lot of time for blogging. That said it has been lovely having

If you had told me from the start that buying my first ever stall at an expo would require so much time, effort, stress and money, I’m not sure I would’ve ever said yes in the first place. But back when the Great British Sewing Bee Live event was announced, I was tempted, talked it over with J, and decided to go for it and stretch myself as a small business owner.

It’s been a huge learning process, even just moving from a purely digital business into one that not only has to fill a space (which the organisers kept making bigger!) but also taking in-person card transactions, and ordering supplies to try and really show off what Fehr Trade Patterns really is to someone just walking past who may have never heard of us. If you’re coming along, we’re on stall H1 (turn left once you enter, and I’m in the corner with the workshop rooms).

The show is... [read more]

If you visit this blog strictly for adult garment-sewing, turn back now! Because this particular post is about dollmaking, a new sewing rabbit hole I have fallen down.


Meet Little Ramona! (Ramona named her.) When I was brainstorming my fall/winter sewing plans, I decided I wanted to do more sewing for Ramona. She’s still growing like a weed, but I think it’s slowed down enough that I can no longer use the excuse of an exponential baby growth explosion to justify not sewing clothes for her. She also loves it when I make other things for her–quilts, pillows, etc. She even goes crazy when I mend things for her, like slapping a patch on a hole in a pair of jeans from Goodwill.


Ramona does have a few dolls, but she is more of a stuffie fan. (& let the record show, I never thought I would be the kind of person who used the term “stuffie”. I... [read more]

The next step on my coat is attaching the interfacing to the coat front and undercollar.  My resources on this were a Craftsy class called "Classic Tailoring: The Blazer", and a book called "Tailoring: the classic guide to sewing the perfect jacket".

I've found this book to be very useful, as it shows three different ways to interface a coat; the complicated and time-consuming way I'm doing, the quick and easy way with fusible interfacing, and a combination of the two.  Basically, the difference between them is the finish.

Anyway, both book and class show you how to make and attach an extra layer of interfacing at the shoulders.  Below you can see the outline for mine in green on my coat front pattern piece. 

And this is the actual pattern piece. 

This is cut from the canvas interfacing and is sewn to the shoulder.  Thankfully this can be done by... [read more]
Hello! What's happening, lads? It's all good here with me: the sun is shining, work is done for the day and the dinner is cooking away (I am making minestrone soup) for later. I have a few days of work and then we're on holiday - it is good! So, that's nice. It is good to be feeling good again.

So, yeah. Last time I wrote we were just about to go and see the new film adaptation of It. I wasn't expecting to love it, because I love the book and the miniseries a lot. I wasn't expecting to be bored basically shitless by it, though, and I was. I know it had a lot to live up to, in fairness, but I think it's a real failure if every time the clown showed up I wasn't scared, I was sighing like "uuugh not this tedious fucker again." Also I had genuine issues with the way in which the adaptation really sidelined the minority characters - the black... [read more]
We're almost to that point in the show where nobody is going to skate through the competition. I don't like the beginning, when you hardly see some designers and it's obvious who is in the top and bottom. During the runway show I actually thought "oh yeah, Batani is still on this show". Not good haha!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: It was nice to see Brandon and Kentaro bonding. They seem like an unlikely pair, their aesthetics are totally different, which is probably why they're getting along. They're not doing the same things so they're not in direct competition.

A two day challenge! Remember the good ole days when they were all that way?

Worst moments: Is there a reason why they didn't use the button bag for deciding who had good and evil? It's annoying when they try to create drama out of nothing. Speaking of something out of nothing, Margarita was borderline... [read more]
Just stopping in with a quick post tonight!

No school for the boys + no sitter + plus the fact that they need my hubby at work way more than they need me (although it does hurt the ego a bit to admit that! LOL) meant that I had a day off of work today! I had fabric at the ready and the brand new, just released Itch to Stitch pattern, the Brasov Wrap Top* printed off and assembled!

Brasov Top
The crossover top pattern features figure flattering pleats and a nice modest neckline. I do prefer v-neck tops, and absolutely love a wrap top, but am always conscious of how my tops fit and making sure the neckline isn't too low or too revealing.   Throughout my day I'm up ladders, or bending down to get things and I also work closely with the maintenance team and often meet with vendors. The last thing I want to be worried about is if I'm at risk for an embarrassing wardrobe... [read more]
This time of year, there is always much amusement for me in licensing of costume patterns.
I'll make believe this is not Belle. Or Elsa. from the McCalls catalog, in Joanns, this morning.

Do I really want to rehash this issue? I mean, it cracks me up that we pretend that McCalls and Vogue and Butterick are three different companies.
Oops. KwikSew too.
Further down that page

CSS Industries is....

What they are not, is Disney.

If you really want a rabbit hole of girly

Getting back to our real/faux mix of branded/licensed goods, Simplicity once again tops the entertainment pile.

They have a heady mix of official and unofficial costume pattern work.  
Sometimes both in one run (Retro and Regular Wonder Woman is licensed, Plus size Wonder Woman is not. Grateful she's there at all I guess. New Wonder Woman from the film is not a licensed pattern option)
Hello beautiful people! I'm back and I'm going to get straight into it :-D
Early this year I connected with a photographer in Chicago over social media that admired my makes and expressed his desire to shoot together one day and luck would have it that I had plans to be in Chicago some point in the summer! I decided to make something that would be unique and offer some cool shots for him. In walks in the Named Ronja Dungarees. I admired this pattern right away when the collection dropped because of it's interesting back strap detail and the cropped length. I decided to make an off-the-shoulder top to go under it because that's the style I saw trending all over the web. And I think it made a great complement. 

I'm always scared to choose a size in Indie Patterns. Each company is so different, and then this pattern had PANTS as well and I'm... [read more]
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