I asked my niece, who's turning 11, what she wanted for her birthday, and she sweet-talked me into bringing a garment idea of hers into reality... "Auntie Meg, you're so good at sewing..."

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Pendant is an... [read more]

 I fear I do not have any good photos of when I sewed a boat hat for Seattle Public Theater Youth Program.

Oh wait I do have one

In this tradition, we now have a boat handbag
and it went to Seattle Public Theater to see a how
An hour into its day, it had already lost its front anchors.
Many pieces were reduced to a few. I used the patterns (traced them off) as a jumping off point for my more ship specific idea. Also invented the smoke stacks (that's where cardboard models are super handy). The placement of the pieces on the original tissue was organized by sets for tracing them directly onto bag material. I traced everything a little closer; and I meant to take photos of that, but they were blurry and bad.

And now, loads of process photos
This is my only real tip for handbag construction: it's sculpture. You want to make a model of less precious materials. In this... [read more]

This fabric was one I’d visited for awhile, as one does. It had disappeared when I’d decided to buy it, but then resurfaced on my next visit to the store. This time, a cut of this rayon-linen blend went home with me.

The Pattern

I am always looking for what I think of as a woven t-shirt: a loose-fitting top with a bit of detail, so I went with Lekala #2189. I’m not fond of pdf patterns, but if there are only a few pieces to assemble and a reasonable price--$4 in this case--I’m willing to take tackle it.
 Lekala patterns are single size, and I found the fit correct and the sizing corresponded to the measurements given, although I added a little to the side seams as I like a loose fit. (In my previous attempt at a Lekala pattern I used the custom option based on my measurements, which didn't turn out well.) Lekala has a nice feature which shows how the pattern pieces... [read more]
Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Birgitta Helmerson Zero Waste Block Pants in Heavyweight Paprika Linen from The Fabric Store

I really enjoyed making my top version of Birgitta Helmersson’s Zero Waste Gather Dress last year and decided it was about time I tried another. This is the ZW Block Pant. Her patterns don't come with much in the way of pattern pieces (this time it was just a patch pocket and template for shape at the hem) and instead instructions to draw out the pattern pieces on your fabric. It is really fun to do something a bit differently when you've done as much sewing as I have. I also like that drawing it out really helps you to understand the drafting and how it all works together. The key to making a pattern zero waste is tessellating the pattern pieces so that you don't have any scraps left over. In this instance the interior of the crotch curve for the patch pockets and the back legs are formed of two pieces with a seam just under the bum.

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Drama, Drama! Drama! My life of late, has been filled with drama. Most recently, I have been recovering from my 4th knee surgery to repair a failure of the 3rd procedure. Right when I was regaining my mobility and sanity, despite succeeding in avoiding Covid-19 for 2 years, our family got it. The timing could not have been worse as it meant spending the week of our 20th anniversary shivering in bed, in the not fun way.  We are all on the mend now and I am able to get back to my sewing room.

You know I love a garment with a bit of interest and drama. If you have been hanging with me for awhile, you also know I default to vintage and retro patterns. The styles are fun, patterns are sometimes cut, and can be bought at a steal.  It takes a something special for me to switch it up to a different company.  I recently stumbled upon the Toni... [read more]

 On to the next project. I made this pattern previously. I made View C.

 I wear the top frequently though I feel it is a little large on me. I keep saying I am going to take up the side seams but with the bottom band it will be more work than I want to put into. Here is the first version.

The side view does not look as large as the front view. I decided to go down one size with this new version. Simplicity patterns tend to run large on me.

The fabric I will be using is a scuba knit from Mood, which I purchased in 2015. It is a mostly black and white color scheme with butterflies all over it. Again I could not find a pic of it in any of my fabric files. I am going to cut out the fabric when I finish with this post. More details to follow.

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How to simply connect an inverter generator to... [read more]

Good Morning all,Did you know that adjusting patterns could be as easy as knowing a few simple measurements for the bust, waist, and front length?  Many times we underestimate the simplicity of adjustments.  It really isn't very difficult.Because of this one fact, I had to make major adjustments to Vogue 1333, a blouse pattern, in order to compensate for this anomaly.  The thorough review of the


Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well. Today's pick, The Night the Lights Went Out, is a great summery suspenseful read.

Summary from the publisher: 

Recently divorced, Merilee Talbot Dunlap moves with her two children to the Atlanta suburb of Sweet Apple, Georgia. It's not her first time starting over, but her efforts at a new beginning aren't helped by an anonymous local blog that dishes about the scandalous events that caused her marriage to fail.

Merilee finds some measure of peace in the cottage she is renting from town matriarch Sugar Prescott. Though stubborn and irascible, Sugar sees something of herself in Merilee--something that allows her to open up about her own colorful past.

Sugar's stories give Merilee a different... [read more]
Seamwork Bo color blocked top - front view - lavender and royal blue -

SewOver50 is hosting a color-blocking sewing challenge this month so I decided to make a color-blocked Seamwork Bo Top. If you are familiar with Seamwork’s patterns, they are designed for a C cup. I am an A cup so I wondered what size to make because there is a lot of ease.

I decided to rejoin Seamwork to have access to all the patterns and for sewing inspiration and sewing community. Seamwork members get access to all the Seamwork patterns, tutorials, etc. I had been a member a few years ago when one of my sisters gifted me with a membership but I didn’t renew it due to inertia. When I recently got an email about joining, I decided to take advantage of the discounted membership.

Picking a size

After I chose this pattern, I asked the Seamwork community if I needed to do a small bust adjustment. People helpfully pointed out that I should look at the finished... [read more]

I'm sure there is a limit on how many bags one person needs...I'll let you know if I find it. Today I want to chat about the ZW Rectangle Tie Bag from Rarely Idle!

Zero Waste Tie Bag

This is a free pattern/tutorial for a zero waste rectangular tie bag. You can also use it as fabric wrapping paper. All raw edges are contained, there are two sizes (mine is the bigger size) and directions for a custom size.

I used a cotton canvas that I bought in a giant quantity from Jo-Ann's for random projects, including my own wall banner pattern (get it for free when you sign up for my newsletter). The first place this bag went was on a field trip with my oldest daughter when her class visited a one room schoolhouse. She used it as her lunch sack. I also made the rest of her outfit using McCalls 7231.

McCalls 7231

I love this bag! Definitely the best part of it is how it's finished, so sturdy and secure.... [read more]

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 I had visions of having several items completed this month. 

I did complete

McCall's 6964 top pattern. I wore the top last week and I like the fit and the look. I had planned to take pictures after  I wore the top. By the time I got home, I was too tired.  I do have this pic of the completed top.  This is an EOS fabric acquired several years ago.

I then started making a second top, one I had made previously. This is Simplicity 9273.

This is my first version and I was disappointed with how the sleeves turned out. It was okay and I have worn it several times for Zoom meetings. The pleats collapse and have no resemblance to the pattern drawing. Otherwise, it is a good fit.

This time I decided I would sew the view that the model is wearing. The fabric I used was one I had purchased several years ago. I have looked through all my fabric pics from 2010 to the... [read more]

I am pretty sure I have never yelled that loud at a video in my life.

Of course, now I don't really need a basting machine, but still I have all the parts......!!!!!!!!!

Not long enough

All in all, a nice little sewing machine

the list of these videos:

I posted this awhile back to my IG. I have a new #workinprogress lol due in October. I made him this onesie with one of my husband’s old button down shirts and used this sewing pattern by Hello Dear Kids in size 6-12 months. The pattern comes in four styles with this being the elastic long romper. I didn't have to make the button placket since the shirt already had it done. I did have to add a metal sew on snap though because it got too thick for a plastic kam snap. This pattern really lends itself to upcycling shirts with buttons. There are tons of upcycled clothing ideas for kids and I can't wait to try more. Here are some on my list:

1. Upcycle a T-Shirt into Baby Leggings by Heather Handmade

Hello, Friends!

Back in March, I went to Atlanta for a friend's birthday trip and I was able to stop by Melanated Fabrics!

Melanated Fabrics is a fabric store created by Mimi G and Brittany J Jones as partners. I had hoped to see Brittany in the store when I went to visit, but she ended up having the flu. But I DID get to meet Norris, Mimi's husband, and he was super kind. It's a great creative space and I can see how they are filling a market in the Atlanta area!

I did, of course, buy some patterns and fabric to support and you can watch the video of my visit and my purchases here!


-McCall's 8037:

-McCall's 8194:

-SimplicityxMimiG 9370:

-True Bias Calvin Wrap Dress/Top: [read more]

As promised, this week I'm getting to the stitching part of  the Peace for Ukraine stitchalong project. After the central heart is painted, the word "Peace" is filled in with french knots. Uh, that's a lot of french knots! 

Fortunately, Natalie has some videos to follow along with, and since I'm a visual learner I find those really helpful. I watched the video on this step of the stitchalong, and also took a peek at her video on french knot technique as a refresher. Some of the knots in my "P" are a bit messy, but by the time I hit "E" the knots were more consistent, and my thumb was also a bit sore, lol. 

This was a good way to get going; lots of repetition and chance to practice a stitch. Also, the meditative nature of simply repeating a stitch gave me lots of time to think about the issues I'm stitching for. Craft is a great way to meditate on... [read more]

I've shared a time lapse Reel of my process creating a new lunchbox for my daughter, and since IG doesn't make it super easy to share details, I thought a quick post was in order!

Star Student Lunchbox

Pattern: Star Student Lunchbox from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Outer fabric: Cotton twill from Organic Cotton Plus

Lining: Ripstop nylon from Jo-Ann's

Insul-bright: On Amazon here

Zipper: Nylon jacket zipper from Jo-Ann's

Unicorn face: Siser Easy Weed HTV from Heat Transfer Warehouse

Unicorn face design: SVG from my shop

Press: Cricut Easy Press 2

This was such a fun project with great results! I'm glad I practiced sewing bags with rounded corners when I made my Sandhill Sling. I have another lunchbox partly cut, this time with a sloth face! 

This post contains affiliate links. I received the outer twill fabric for free from Organic Cotton Plus in 2017.


Fashion Forward: Striving for Sustainable Style / Raina Delisle
Victoria, BC: Orcabooks, c2022.
52 p.

This children's book is a colourful and positive introduction to the idea of sustainable fashion for middle schoolers. It's short but covers a lot of ground. 

It has four sections: Dressed to Impress, Fashion's Footprint, Taking Action on Fashion, and Be a Fashion Hero. Each of these sections cover the realities of fast fashion, the peer pressure of trends, environmental and human rights issues with fast fashion, alternatives to buying new and lots of it, history of shopping and production, and more. The book finishes up with some encouraging information on ethical fashion and how to participate in various movements to increase sustainability in the fashion realm. There's even a final page with a few other reading suggestions and lots of websites to... [read more]

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A good parasol umbrella should have a sturdy frame that won’t bend or break when it gets wet or windy outside. This will help keep your... [read more]

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Returning to Our Familiar Plans

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What This Means for You

For many of you, this doesn’t change anything. If you’re on a WordPress Pro or Starter plan, rest assured that you’ll remain on that plan. Your feedback matters more... [read more]

How has it been three months since I last posted here?  I didn't even realize it had been that long.  I've had so much going on!  It was a busy spring for sure - two of my kids got married within three weeks of each other,  I ended up with Covid in between the weddings and then some sort of stomach thing that lasted a whole miserable two months and then the end of school madness.   I will say that this year was probably the hardest and most stressful of my career to date.  I'm not sure why - it felt like it should have been easier than the two years previous, but whatever the case I'm so thankful it's done and hopefully next fall is a lot better!

But here I am.  Feeling so much better and we're into week three of summer break, so I'm caught up on much needed rest and feeling more relaxed than I have in months.  Summertime and the living is easy.  I've been... [read more]

So after the dress I made last post, I had a lot of odd shaped scraps of that crinkly polka-dot fabric left, and I didn’t want to toss them, so I made a blouse. Specifically Simplicity’s 4076, and spoiler; I LOVE it. I didn’t even wash it before it’s first outing.

In my usual fashion though, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to make a couple of changes; some fabric related, some fit related.

  • FBA (a bit trickier because of the weird shaped piece, but I probably could have made it easier on myself if I’d have done the next bullet point first.
  • I cut the weird front twisty piece in half. Partly because it fit on my weird scraps better that way, but mostly because the crinkles would have been going the wrong way on part of the bodice, and that would have driven me crazy. This is fairly well hidden in this dark fabric, but wouldn’t look... [read more]

This project will forever be known as "the Lisa Frank bodysuit". I didn't see the connection until other people pointed it out, but I do now! And as a kid who was born in the 80's and lived through the 90's, obviously I love the reference. Ten year old me is so happy right now.

Elysian Bodysuit

This is the Elysian Bodysuit from Friday Pattern Co. I made the whole bodysuit in one day, including pattern assembly. It's super fast and easy. I followed the size chart, making an XS in the bust and grading out to a M in the hips. The pattern is drafted for 5'6", I am 5'4", but I have a long torso. I made no changes to the length except that I shortened the crotch from the medium to the XS cut line. I also shortened the sleeve and didn't hem it.

Elysian Bodysuit

There is a seam under the bust so you can color block, but I accidentally pattern-matched so well that it's hard to tell! This fabric... [read more]

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