Some weekends are filled with more sewing than most and this was one of them! The Coffee Shop Dress from Sew Caroline was released last week and I immediately sewed up a version to wear this weekend. I love Sew Caroline’s style and her patterns are right up my ally.

I got the pattern for free (!!) by pre-ordering Caroline’s new book, Sew Caroline Weekend Style. Check out the blog post here to find out how you can get it for free too!

The Coffee Shop Dress has a short and long sleeve version and is the perfect quick sew and spring/summer staple. It also doesn’t use a ton of fabric – the elbow length version I sewed up only requires 1 3/4 yards of fabric.

I love how comfortable the dress is – I wore it to a 2 year old’s birthday party this weekend that was out of town and it was comfortable in the car for the 2 hour drive there and back and then was easy... [read more]

green beauty foot soak -

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There’s no lack of DIY beauty recipes floating around in cyberspace, but how well do they actually work? One, I can promise you, does. And not only does it work, it rocks! A Listerine and vinegar foot soak for dry, cracked skin.

I like to attribute my rough, dry feet to the abuse they took during my marathon running days (sounds pretty bad-ass, right?) but I think I’m just cursed with dry skin. I’ve used every foot cream and soak on the local drugstore shelves, and nothing proves to be more than a temporary fix. Until I tried a Listerine and vinegar soak.

Wow. Speechless. Just mix one part original Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, one part white vinegar, and two parts hot water. Then soak. And read. Or have a glass of wine. After about ten minutes, scrub with a durable pedicure file. The dead skin will come off beautifully! My feet have... [read more]

I normally don't participate in all that many sewalongs (besides #vintagepledge) but this spring the stars aligned and I'm doing several! I'm extra excited about Gretchen's Butterick 6453 sewalong; it's such a classic shape and it will be perfect for all those summer picnics I attend (in my dreams). I'm making it in a pretty navy eyelet and it's getting my so ready for warm temperatures... or maybe a vacation! What's your favorite spring getaway? Bonus points if it's in the Southeastern US!


ps: follow me on instagram stories for lots of behind-the-scenes progress shots!

allie J.

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Howdy CSC! I’m here to talk about the newest pattern in Cashmerette’s line up, the Dartmouth Top!

When I got the email announcing Jenny’s newest pattern I immediately bought it as this style of top is so wonderful to wear, but hard to buy when you have a busty figure.* I’ve bought many commercially made fixed wrap tops in my life, but they always gap under the strain of a full bosom. Not the Dartmouth Top!

As with all of Cashmerette’s patterns the size range is pretty great for the curvy sewing crowd. The Dartmouth Top goes from a size 12 C/D cup (40/32/42) to a size 28 G/H cup (58/48/58). I made a size 14G/H at the bust and graded out to a size 18 at the hip based on my measurements (42/36/47). Besides grading between sizes the only other adjustment I made was to use the size 16 sleeve as my biceps are generally a size larger than my shoulders in... [read more]

It’s been a while since I made a cute dress.. And a very longer time since I tried a new way of manipulating the fabric.. Like sewing all the pintucks, lace insertions and scallops wasn’t enough, I felt the need to bring something different into my sewing routine.. Pleated trims were on my mind for quite a while, just never got around to try making them (the easier way).. My first (recent) project was this blouse I posted on Instagram.. Nothing special for a first try.. I needed something simple until my horror vacui mood kicks in.. To be honest, I had success with making pleated trims in my early days of sewing.. Only problem was the time it took me to make those – several episodes of Midsomer murders (one episode lasts about hour and a half!!!).. During my new recent experiment I was sure there must be a faster... [read more]

Happy (slightly belated) 38th birthday to meeeeeeeee!

My birthday was on Saturday and, after the stinker that was last year, I had a blast! I have a tradition where I like to sew myself something special to celebrate the occasion, and this year I decided to make myself a cocktail dress – rather fitting since I invited my friends out for cocktails on Friday to our favourite little whisky bar.

I’ve been utterly enchanted with the Gimlet dress pattern from the moment Capital Chic released it. Granted, Sally is a friend and I respect her work and design aesthetic so much, but this dress in particular was just too “me” not to make! I mean – sheath dress (tick), asymmetric (tick). And that’s pretty much all I need to add it to my To Sew list, ha!

But of course my Fun Sewing time has been severely limited thanks to writing my book, so even though I... [read more]

Daisy's Tote Pattern

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. This is a great time to make a bright and whimsical tote with this FREE Daisy’s Tote Pattern! The front of the tote features a fun flower.   … Read More

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It always starts with a question, this time there was the question of recreating a vintage dress that didn’t survived laundry. It happens with wool vintage dresses, if you wash them, they might shrink. So Déborah came to me asking if would be possible to design and make a vintage inspired dress to replace the shrunken one. So I got to work

As always in the bespoke process, we started with taking measurements and having a good look at the shrunken dress. I drafted a pattern based on Déborah’s measurements and sewed up a muslin. First fitting went perfectly, so onto the final dress!

bespoke dress client work vintage inspired dress deborah front view 2 client work vintage inspired dress for debora front shot

This vintage inspired dress is similar to the original fifties dress, but we made some alterations.

  • The neckline still has the split seam at the front, but we decided against a mandarin collar.
  • The original short sleeves were replace by 3/4 sleeves with a hem detail... [read more]
Or at least, that's how these glittery dungarees make me feel. And it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I bought this fabric at Pauli during a very spontaneous (and maybe slightly stressful) shopping trip with Hanne to get a birthday present (aka gift certificate) for Joost. We had ten minutes to find out if they had gift certificates and to get one, but in those ten minutes I managed to spot a bolt of stretch glitter jeans, pet it and take some home with me.

I originally wanted to make a second pair of Ginger jeans out of this, but then I thought dungarees might get more wear in a way. With jeans you still have to pick a top to go with it, while dungarees are more like an outfit by themselves... Does that make sense? I only got 1,5 meters because I'm still delusional about fabric yield (and intended to make jeans at first anyway!) so these had to be... [read more]
As I think we all know by now, I love novelty prints.
And I wear them all summer long.
And I didn't buy any of these. Shocking I'd pass on Rocko.

In the winter, I wear a down vest. I'm working from home, and it gets cold and expensive.

Yes, I wear other things I sew in ridiculous prints, like jeans. 
They are still shrinking. I'm not getting taller.

But not many woven tops.
Vogue 1257

Most of the woven tops I like are Issey Miyake patterns, or variations on that ideal.
I think Miyake's 80s sleeves tend to be slightly mis-drafted: there's a slight curve to the cap, while the top of the armscye is flat, and you get that bulge on the dropped sleeve head. I've been drafting them out of the patterns; this is from an Ebay photo of a Miyake Plantation line linen shirt. The bulge was always part of the design it seems. Which is weird; it's not a case of removing... [read more]
No Monday morning blues here this week! Monday was an early start as we headed to North Lincolnshire for a golf break.  The hubby beat me both days!!! I opted for a healthy breakfast in the hotel.  This is so hard when we go away as I just love all the pastries. I lost 3 balls in 3 different water hazards!  This was worse than beaten by the hubby! I think I need to call the fashion police! (Cyber mom’s going to kill me for this!  Or at least have my guts for garters!! – one of her sayings! 🤣) But how fabulous is her kitchen looking?!  Helen (sewing and golfing buddy pictured further down) came around last week to re-measure me.  I’ve since started work on some new blocks. My new favourite breakfast. 40g  of oats mixed with a sachet of options chocolate drink (or any low calories chocolate instant choc drink), then add a little boiling water to make a cheesecake style base.... [read more]

What is it about pockets?

And I know I’m not alone in this – every time some kick ass receptacles appear on Instagram, my people emerge. As I was finishing off my second Marcy Tilton Vogue 8813, it occurred to me, that my pocket love might stem from a subconscious desire to climb into their gargantuan folds and hide from the world.

My first attempt at this pattern was documented in a guest blog for Minerva Crafts and I’ve not much to add, except to say that I still hate gathering and will be avoiding any garment that involves this technique for the foreseeable. I’m particularly happy with the finish around the v-neck, as I used a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing to prevent any stretch from mishandling. If I were to make a third, I’d interface the areas which call for reinforcement too, as the notches weakened the fabric and got me reaching for some fray check.

It’s been... [read more]

I had a birthday during this week. My delightful husband gave me a rather large gift card to Myers (local department store). I had a lot of fun shopping for me.


My first purchase was some black shoes for work. I’m not so active at work anymore so got a bit of a heel for the first time. I still need my feet to be totally covered though. These are very comfortable.





The next purchase was socks, to go with my lovely new shoes.



Later in the week we looked at new pots for our courtyard. Didn’t get these, we’re still looking.





The highlight of my birthday week was going to the ice hockey on the weekend. This was a match between the New Zealand Ice Blacks and Melbourne Ice.


These were the hardest working guys on the ice.




Melbourne Ice won!!!! It was a fantastic game to watch.




The Sunday Sevens thing was started by... [read more]

learned last week snap shot


Another week has gone by, here’s what I’ve learned while living & diving into the depths of the internet.

#1 For those DIY lingerie makers: here’s a great tutorial on doing an extended shoulder strap

#2 I have the degree in art, but I still feel all the fraudy feelings. I love this vision on creativity by Danielle from Merriweather Council.

#3 Being kind to yourself works in a lot of small ways. Loved this short post on being kinder to yourself.

#4 Under-calendering is a concept that scares me. Not planning out my day feels as if I’m not going to get anything done. However, it also gives so much freedom.

#5 You can make an excuse or you can make progress: baby steps are steps too, you don’t need the perfect tools to get things done. Loved reading this story about a 12 year old writer!

What did you learn last week?

image: I love Antwerp, such a... [read more]

Hello, Hello!

Another finished make today. This time it's a Sew Over It Rosie bodice with a basic gathered skirt.

I bought this fabric a while ago, although I can't remember where from! But it's gorgeous. I really love it!

I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it, but kept uhm'ing and ah'ing over what pattern to use. Then Sew Over It released the Rosie pattern and I instantly fell in love with the style of dress. It's completely my aesthetic - being a lover of all things 50's inspired! I loved the fact that it was what I would call a 'proper' sun-dress, with little straps.

Anyway, I loved the idea of using this pattern with this fabric, but the fabric was narrow and I didn't have enough, so in the end I decided to make the bodice of the Rosie dress and just do a simple gathered skirt.

I made this dress towards the end of the summer, but still managed to... [read more]
Since we launched the #sewtogetherforsummer  sewing challenge over on Instagram, a number of sewers have said that they’re really keen to participate but the thought of sewing buttonholes gives them the heebie-jeebies! So, with that in mind, here’s a post full of tips and tricks to get you confidently sewing those dreaded buttonholes into your...

Hello there! A wee catch up post for the March #sewmystyle make, which is… a pair of leggings! Megan Nielsen’s Virginia leggings to be exact. It will therefore be a fairly short post since they are, after all, a comparatively simple item to make. Nevertheless, a good leggings pattern is important! I confess I almost didn’t make them as I have a couple of other leggings patterns, but what swayed me was 1) the reviews were very good and several were by people who have tried many, many leggings patterns and 2) there is a maternity option. I am not pregnant, but I lived in leggings when I was and they might come in useful in the future, if not for me, as a perfect gift for a pregnant friend.


I am planning to make almost all of the #sewmystyle clothes, but I did miss the Saunio cardigan last month. I wasn’t sure about the design for my figure and when I... [read more]

DIY Moto Jacket & Jeans [made for and modeled by my daughter Mori]

Spring has spring and this jacket is perfect! Soooo I had extra fabric left from my Keira Jumpsuit that was posted on the Fabric Mart Blog and I wanted to make some type of jacket with the left-overs. I have everyone of Mimi G's patterns because I love to show my support but more importantly they are nice choices to add to any wardrobe. Now I think I posted all my patterns on IG when I was sorting them and I have to tell ya, I gots a lot of patterns! So although I have all of her patterns I have not made all the garments yet. I first made her coat [Simplicity 1060] and her jeans [Simplicity 8222] and I love that pattern. I also have a few in my to-do pile. I decided to use this pattern because I wanted to make a Moto jacket. I love how this jacket turned out and Mori will be able to... [read more]

birgitte 1

Last month’s sewing, planned, executed and only slightly delayed in being blogged and shown off!  Most of my plans have been to make more tops -for me.  My stash had a few pieces of grey viscose jersey, all slightly different shades, ever so slightly different in handle and weight too.  In addition to this, I’d got two grey fabrics in South Africa, one a knit with a texture in the knit.  So you could call this my shades of grey adventure, but I’m not going there….

birgitte 5

First up is a grey stripe viscose jersey knit from Croft Mill Fabrics, bought at the end of September.  I opted to make the Maria Denmark Birgitte, using the three quarter sleeve and v-neck option. This really is a quick pattern to make, about an hour or two of your afternoon should suffice.  My adjustments from the original pattern are simple, shorten the body by 3cm, and add an FBA.

collage birgitte

Next, the textured... [read more]

In the spring of 2014 I bought fabric to make my first pair of jeans.

In 2015, Gillian dared me to finish the Ginger Jeans and I managed to make a non-stretch muslin in January 2016. This confirmed that the size I chose to make wasn’t too far off and that pants weren’t as scary as I thought they would be. Nevertheless, this project stalled when I started feeling insecure about my changing weight.

In late November, Morgan from Crab & Bee, came over to help me do some fitting on the ginger jeans pattern. We made full butt and full calf adjustments and I felt ready to resume this project.

Then I decided to Rebel a little bit, made a Jyn Erso costume, and in the process made my first pair of pants!

That took a lot of the fear away. I had done it. I had made pants that stayed on, were comfortable, and looked good. Now, let’s make something with a little... [read more]

Pic free post…with rant.

So, I chopped the Miyakes AND the Laroches using the Style Arc ‘Misty’.  This made Donald-Trump-hand- sized pockets, so I then had to remake the pockets, and reposition them.  AND salvage the binding, as I don’t have much, AND re-stitch it.  And I unpicked the tatty experimental fly fronts and re made them more neatly.


Then felled inseams, overlocked outside leg seams, and all ready for another fit before attaching the waistband…looking very nice, though I say it myself.


I can’t believe it- I swear she must be inflating and deflating herself between fittings.  I’ve had enough.  I’m holding in tears of rage, so I’m going to make something for myself.  Maybe some trousers.  I bet they’ll bloody me fit too!

Nani iro you belong to a higher plain of fabric adoration. I love you, I revere your design and construction … More
Toaster Sweater Version 2, take 2, wadder.  Some of the adjustments made just did not work and instead of working to make it work, I decided to move on.  Spring is in the air and now I want to make some tops out of woven fabric.  I am also going to the beach with a friend in a couple of months and needs some beach wear.

And honestly, my sewing mojo has been stunted.  Just was not feeling it and most likely due to the bipolar weather we have had this month.

I did break my pattern and fabric fast last week.  New fabric and new patterns have arrived at my door step.  Will post photos of those soon.  Hopefully that will boost my mojo.


Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

This is cardigan was my first project when I moved to the UK, more than a year ago. It was my pretext to join a knitting club, where people regularly meet to eat, laugh and knit. One year later, I finally finished – and still regularly meet with the friends I made then!


Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

The pattern is the Miette cardigan from Andi Satterlund and it is the second time I made it (first was in green cotton, still love it). This time I made it in 100% merino superwash, Rico essentials, colour Brick Red – or Union-Jack-Red, since it now reminds me of coming to the UK and getting to know the locals!

The wool is soft and cool. Good for bamboo needles (5.5 mm for me). It was straightforward to knit, especially having knitted it before. This time, I think the details improved – the stitches and yarn overs look crisp and perfectly aligned. And the gunmetal buttons give it a... [read more]

I have been thinking about warmer weather and my long lasting RTW sandals have finally bitten the dust! I normally eek out sandals for a fair few years by getting them re-soled etc, but alas their time was up! I do have other warm weather shoes, but just not a really good comfy flat pair.

I have not made any more shoes since my first and last pair here, but I have been thinking about it and forming ideas for construction during that time. I find that the time in between is really important for me to assess what I learnt from a task. What I did and didn't like and how I what lessons I would like to carry forward.

One of the things that has really struck me since my first pair is how I can fit this new skill into my life without it causing too much disruption. The tools and glue traditionally required for shoe making is not at all child friendly and seeing's as I'm... [read more]
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