As promised, I’m back with my stat attack post – I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get it finished yesterday so I could make a poor staturday pun but I drank beer with my beloved instead. I regret nothing.

Anyway, stats!

How did it go?

I didn’t make a pledge as such because there was no one to pledge to but I went by my now usual Me Made May rules. Which is that I only have to worry about wearing handmade if I leave the house.

I wore handmade on 24 days out the 31 – so that’s my cold days and some lazy weekend days. I’m happy with that and even happier that 78% of my outfits were entirely handmade. That’s much better than last year’s Me Made May, where I only managed 49%. I suspect that was helped by it being too warm for jeans but I’ll still take it as a win.

What I wore

The graph below shows what I wore by garment type. Both... [read more]

Everyone’s body is different. We come in all shapes and sizes, which can make it challenging to find a sewing pattern that fits your body. Luckily, some indie sewing patterns design for a particular body type. For example, Sewaholic Patterns are designed for pear-shaped women, Cashmerette Patterns for curvy figures (cup sizes C–H) and Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns (SBCC) for petite ladies. Each size is designed for a particular bust, waist and hip measurement, but not every company provides the sewing pattern height.

Sewing pattern height - a blog post about the height different sewing pattern companies design for, including a chart

I’m nearly 5′ 8″ (172 cm) and I really haven’t given much thought to the height that patterns are designed for. I’ll be sewing more pants (trousers for you UK and Aussie sewists) so I’m looking more closely at height; then I can make any pattern adjustments before I cut my fabric. I recently finished the Mimosa Culottes by Named... [read more]

Handwoven tartan scarf

In the last few years, I’ve become fairly involved with the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. I sit on the General Purpose Committee (since 2016), produce the Association’s monthly newsletter and manage the social media accounts (including the Instagram account). The Association has a very traditional structure where membership is to a local guild (I’m a member of Birmingham Guild), with local guilds affiliated to the Association (not the easiest when you are newsletter editor but only have one contact per guild). Within Birmingham Guild, I’ve recently jointly taken on the role of programme secretary with a fellow guild member, and am helping (in a very small way) with preparations for the region hosting a biennial conference in 2020.

Handwoven tartan scarf

Given that I am so involved with the Association, it dawned on me... [read more]

I made these on a total whim after flicking through the Nani Iro Atelier book. I was already working on one of the dresses from it, but was drawn to these simple tapered linen trousers and had some perfect RK Brussels Washer linen (Ocean – isn’t it a dreamy shade) sitting in my stash, so decided just to cut them out and give them a whirl (particularly since they can be made in a day, no problem). I bought it in a sale from Fabricworm and I think they got some more in.


As you have probably noticed, I’ve been on a linen/gauze kind of kick recently. The overriding reason for this is because next week we’re going to Virginia for a couple of weeks’ holiday and we’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing, so it seemed like the ideal time to plan a mini-linen wardrobe! Everyone keeps going on about how cool and swishy it is to wear. I have to admit I’ve... [read more]

I participated in the Kickstarter project for Jennifer Lauren Handmade's new Sorrell Dress, quite a few months ago now. Therefore, I've had the pdf pattern for this dress for a while! But I've only got around to sewing it up now, right at the time that she has released the pattern for everyone; it's now in her shop, in both pdf and paper formats.

I've made a few of her patterns before -- I adore the Laneway Dress. So I really wanted to make this one too. I like the slightly retro vibe and the simple lines of her patterns.

I was dithering about what fabric to use for my first try. I saw that some of the testers used linen, some rayon, some a crisper cotton -- I couldn't pick! So I finally found a cotton border print in my stash that I thought would make an interesting dress.

I bought this fabric from the sale ends at my local Fabricland because I thought it... [read more]

Hello, CSC! We have lots of news today about our volunteer editors.

First off, some sad news.

Our lovely editor, Jessica, has decided to step down. She leaves us with these words:

After nearly two years, I’m stepping down as an Editor at the Curvy Sewing Collective. It has been a great joy to help lead this wonderful community! The CSC tutorials are what helped me re-gain confidence in my sewing skills after having my daughters and helped me embrace my changed body. I can’t wait to see how the community grows under the leadership of the new Editorial team!

Thank you so much to Jessica. You have been such a great editor and you will be missed on the team. Jessica will still be a contributor to the CSC; so you won’t miss her completely. <3

Stepping into the editor role, we have three incredible people making our editor team total 10 people!

Join me in welcoming our new editors. I... [read more]

We opened up interviewing to some of the guest editors in Spring 2019. Last month, you read Elisabeth’s interview of Lauren Taylor, and this month we give you Ebi’s interview of Chelsea, owner of Friday Pattern Company.

Chelsea made our “Interview Wishlist” for quite a few reasons. From the very first pattern, Chelsea has donated 5% of all proceeds to charity. You can see here which charity was designated for which pattern, and a little bio about each organization. We love that she varies the recipients and spreads the love around. Chelsea has also always used diverse models, and has started increasing the inclusivity of her size range. She has also made strong public statements supporting the LGBTQ+ community, so watch this Fall for her unisex pattern line that will appeal to more gender expressions.

Without... [read more]


A new sewing magazine appeared in the sewing community a while ago and it took me up to issue 5 to pay attention! Have you heard of Fibre Mood? No? Well, now’s your chance to find out more, so read on, as I promise it’s worth it!

I was vaguely aware of some of their patterns, but I did not associate the name Fibre Mood with a physical magazine until I saw it on the shelves at WH Smith a few weeks ago.


Summer break is almost over, and it’s time to gear up for the next season of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge sewing challenge. In doing so, I can’t forget how much your participation has made this whole first season possible!!!  Thank you from both myself and Becki, for making this all worth it and fun!!!

The new fall season of the Marfy Challenges will have more viewer participation, prizes from Sew Much Fabric giveaway and Marfy Patterns discounts plus a new sew-along to help you conquer your Marfy fear!  

To kick off the new season, I’ve created this video as a lookbook of all the pattern selections from Season One. 

Please take this opportunity to select your all-time favorite pattern that you want to sew during the Sewalong. Watch the video, click on the "Voting Link", and place your vote.  You have until Friday 8/16 at midnight CST to make your selection.  

Here are the... [read more]

Summer break is almost over, and it’s time to gear up for the next season of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge sewing challenge. In doing so, I can’t forget how much your participation has made this whole first season possible!!!  Thank you from both myself and Becki, for making this all worth it and fun!!!

The new fall season of the Marfy Challenges will have more viewer participation, prizes from Sew Much Fabric giveaway and Marfy Patterns discounts plus a new sew-along to help you conquer your Marfy fear!  

To kick off the new season, I’ve created this video as a lookbook of all the pattern selections from Season One. 

Please take this opportunity to select your all-time favorite pattern that you want to sew during the Sewalong. Watch the video, click on the "Voting Link", and place your vote.  You have until Friday 8/16 at midnight CST to make your selection.  

Here are the... [read more]

The summer temperatures here in Texas are consistently hitting three digits! It is so hot that I have to balance combating cabin fever with braving the heat outside. With two creative book-loving kids, staying inside usually wins out. Thankfully, I have wonderful fabrics to play with, so staying in sewing is not a difficult choice for me.

The new Lucy's Garden collection by Riley Blake Designs has allowed me the illusion of a beautiful botanical garden while enjoying the comfort of the indoors.

I love the rich colors and varied patterns in the collection. My first choice was the teal colorway of Tile Teal design.

I thought is was a perfect fabric did a little sewing in my time machine using Vintage Very Easy Vogue 9185. 
1970s Halter Dress Pattern Vogue 9185 Maxi Dress Flared Tent Dress Side Pockets Bust 34 - product images  of

This vintage pattern is a shaped and flared tent dress with ankle-length and a knee-length options. You know I love a... [read more]
The summer snuck away from me, it looks like it's been a month since my last post! Truth is, I wasn't even sewing for most of that time. Daily swim lessons, a weekend away with my husband, and back to school were taking up all my time. But I'm here today with two new dresses to make up for it!


I've been following Meg from Sew Liberated on Instagram, but this is my first pattern from her. I just LOVE her honesty and style on IG, she's one of those people that you secretly (okay not secretly because I just told you) want to be. The Hinterland Dress is one that she wears constantly, but styles it in such a way that it's always fresh. I resisted as long as I could, but I finally broke down and bought the pattern.

(Side note, the photos of the natural colored dress are way blown out, and now the dress is in the wash...sorry!)

I have been on a knitting spree... [read more]

Since Ben was about eighteen months old I’ve been keen to teach him how to use a potty and stop using nappies. If being a parent has taught me anything it is that children respond really positively when we give them the option to be more independent. Even as a little baby Ben has reacted

The post Weekly moments // potty training + independence for children appeared first on Song of the Stitch.

Portland Frocktails was coming up in a few months and after listening to the Dressed podcast episode on the history of leopard print I knew it had to be leopard. I also wanted to make a jumpsuit. The plan was to do a Papercut Sierra Jumpsuit, but I also bought the Paper Theory Zadie and Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuits too and had them all printed by PDF Plotting.

In March, I found some viscose poplin leopard print on Blackbird Fabrics and ordered 3 meters. Then I did nothing for a long, long time. About a week and a half before Frocktails I decided I should start sewing. I am technically out of the size range of the Sierra jumpsuit but once I did an FBA I figured it would mostly fit, and the top did! But the bottom was a hot mess and needed a full tummy adjustment and I ain’t got time for that shit.

So it was on to the Zadie! This is definitely THE PATTERN this summer. I’ve seen so... [read more]

The Jenny keeps crossing my path and staying in my mind. She definitely has joined my line-up. Now, to source affordable, appropriate fabric and muslin fabric.

The Fair Stitch

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

Hello lovely readers, here we are in 2019 already, can you believe it? For the first review of the year, I thought the Jenny Overalls from Closet Case Patterns would be perfect, don’t you think? 😉

The pattern.

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch. Image:

The Jenny is inspired by the workwear of the 40s. I love the style, the wide legs, I think they make the overalls look a bit more proper for adult, you know what I mean?

The pattern I bought is the printed version. The pattern pieces are printed on tissue paper and the instructions come in a booklet.

I find the instructions to be very thorough, emphasis on the word “very”. There are sections on how to... [read more]

My love language is definitely sewing. Most of my friends have received at least one sewn gift over the years. Sewing lingerie for friends may seem strange, but it’s my way of expressing myself and showing them that I care. I have been sewing lingerie for years… ever since I took the pantie making and beginner bra making courses at Bra Maker Supply in Hamilton, Ontario. I think that was 6 years ago… but I fell in love with it and have been sewing lingerie ever since. 

One of the things I really love about sewing lingerie is how little fabric it takes. Unlike most of my sewing that takes at least a metre or more for one garment, some lingerie pieces (I’m looking at you, thongs) use basically scraps of fabric. This makes it so much more enjoyable to make as gifts. Because a small piece of beautiful lace goes a long way.

Sewing is my love... [read more]

Another day, another skirt... I've made an unusually large number of skirts this summer for some reason!

Read more »

Well, this is a prime example that first impressions can be deceiving. I remember a lot of scoffing online when the pattern first came out, fellow sewists saying how ridiculous it looked. I wasn’t so sure, I thought I could see potential, but the fabric combo of the example put me right off.

I have to confess at this point that I have zero talent when it comes to combining fabrics, especially if this involves prints. I have seen some beautiful examples, created by other people, that I would be thrilled to wear, but my own efforts in that direction have never even made it to the cutting out stage. And so the Maisie was tucked away somewhere in the back of my mind, percolating with the rest of my creative maybe-one-day ideas.

That was until I had bought some Ponte and was looking for a pattern to make this into the type of cocoon dress Rundholz... [read more]

That feeling in the middle of August that you get when you realise summer is almost over (noooooo) and you really ought to be making more of an effort with the next season’s stuff, but still have a long list of summer things….  I’ve decided to trim that list right down to the stuff that will still work going into September -praying for an Indian sumer here- and will last into Autumn before the frosts come.  Or even after that, with the helpful additions of tights, boots and a warmer jumper.

leaves 4
Skirt 113 from BurdaStyle June 2019

Enter the skirt 113 from the June issue of Burda 2019.  Daughter No2 fell for it immediately, but we didn’t have a suitable 3m of stashed fabric, so it waited a bit, until we were in Fancy Silks in Birmingham about 3 weeks ago (on the heatwave day!) and she spotted the perfect fabric.  Cotton poplin, navy ground with... [read more]

Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well.

Today's title is perfect for a late summer beach read. The Husband Hour by Jamie Brennan follows Lauren, a young woman who is left widowed after her NHL star husband Rory unexpectedly decides to enlist in the army. And it examines grief and how to move forward, when she meets a filmmaker who is making a documentary about Rory. 

This cover is really striking, and it's made me realize I haven't done a cover with swimwear before. When I saw this I thought both that it was a really seasonable cover, and secondly, that this looks a lot like a Closet Case Bombshell suit

This would be an easy one to copy with this classic Indie pattern. Just buy some classy black swimwear fabric, like this lycra-spandex chlorine... [read more]

Itch to Stitch has just released the new Oia Dress. This is a more advanced pattern that has features like a full lining, princess seams, and an invisible zipper. It’s on sale for launch week!

I sewed my Oia dress using a cotton double cloth shirting that I bought from the Pendleton Mill outlet years ago! I used the reverse side for the straps and waistband. I’m not in love with the muted colors of this fabric, which is why it’s sat in my stash for so long. I’m think of over-dyeing it with blue or navy. What do you think?

Note: This post contains affiliate links.


… because you can always alter it! My Ashton dress is part of Helen’s Closet Ashton Hack Tour today, but the very day I wrote that post, I decided to change my dress!


You see, I liked the dress in theory but hadn’t pulled it out of my closet once in six weeks since sewing it. I’ve never loved the photos either… Something was not quite right.


The most obvious change is that I dyed it royal blue and then indigo! I used washing machine dye and I’ve never managed to get it very saturated, so I’m game for any suggestions you have. I like the brightness of the original colors, but from a distance the green and purple read as too close to my skin tone. I have fair skin and fair hair, so you think that I would look good in low contrast colors… But everything I do with make up and clothing is always adding contrast and that always makes me feel prettier!... [read more]

Crab and lobster headpieces from Wintercroft 

Downloaded, printed onto paper, glued to card, scored, cut out, and assembled with PVA.

Time consuming, fiddly, amazing FUN.  I find these so wonderful to make, I can’t wait to find an excuse for more…

Allow PLENTY of time!  These don’t have much in the way of instructions, apart from a brief key explaining which way to fold on the lines, and there is only occasionally a brief suggestion of assembly order, but basically you just attach tab 1 to edge 1 and keep going until finished, ignoring number order.

I found it useful to have a chopstick to help with pressing longer edges from the inside, lots of paperclips, and those brilliant little grippy clips usually used for sewing leather etc.  After making the lobster, printing on white paper and glueing to red card,  and then having to colour in all the... [read more]

Truly Victorian TV163 ‘Imperial Tournure’ or lobstertail bustle, and pocket hoops aka paniers [one ‘n’ only]  from the sewalong on ‘The Dreamstress’ blog

Image result for imperial tournure

1770s basket paniers
completed pocket hoops

I’ve made a couple of the lobster tails of course, and made some pocket hoops years ago, can’t quite remember why, but on that occasion I used the guidelines in ‘Corsets and Crinolines.

As you can see, these are basically much the same contraptions, having a flat piece which rests next to your body, supplying the tension for the wires/canes/steels.  The lobstertail is of course much larger, and the tensioning inner piece is just a rectangle, open at top and bottom.  the pocket hoops are, well, pockets.The ones I made years ago have a shorter inner piece, so you could [should you want to] gain access to the pocket from inside …not very practical.

These fabulous items of... [read more]

The Friday Pattern Company Wilder gown is definitely a perfect gown for dramatic looks. I’ve been following the hashtag on IG for a while because people are creating such beautiful versions of it!

The Toronto Sewcialists had a fancy party a few weeks ago and I knew I had to make this dress. I had recently gotten this sheer poly chiffon with polkadots from Fabricville during a sale. The sheerness of the fabric makes all the fabric feel much lighter. This is 4 yards of fabric after all so it can definitely feel like the fabric is consuming you.

I think swishy pictures might be mandatory with this pattern!

I made a size 3XL without any modifications. There are definitely modifications that I would make for my next version, though. The seam for the arms is a bit low and large. It actually is slightly uncomfortable where it hits (observe how the seam... [read more]

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