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If you’re a medium or long term reader of this blog, you might remember that in 2018, I got a sudden urge to record every single thing I wore every single day for a year. I called it One Year Wardrobe Count project. And I did it! However, one year was not the end of it, I was hooked! I improved the original spreadsheet, and continued on, starting Year 2 on 1st October 2019. I was really trying to do monthly blog post updates throughout the first year, but it proved quite unfeasible. Not the number crunching part as much…


This is my third project I've tried from the Indie company Love Notions. My first was the Margot Peplum Top, which I really liked, and the Harmony Blouse was my second, though that one wasn't as much of a success for me.

 This top, the Laundry Day Tee, is a free pattern if you join their Facebook page. I liked the swing silhouette and all the many variations in this pattern, so downloaded it and have finally given it a go.

I love it! The shape is really great, and the options are inspiring. It comes in sizes XS - 5X, and has a variety of sleeve & neckline finishes.

I used a houndstooth knit that I have in my "20 for 2020" plans -- it is a lower stretch fabric so my version does fit closely around the torso, but the swing line is sharper than it would be in a drapier fabric. I love the effect.

I finished the neckline using the cowl option -- and look at... [read more]
I am working on sewing New Look 6314.

This was a project that turned into a wadder. Due mostly to the knit fabric that was just not right for this pattern.  I ordered a distressed knit to use for this project. 

The fabric has been washed and is ready when I can get all the fitting adjustments to the pattern completed.  With the first project, I made forward shoulder adjustments as well as a narrow shoulder adjustment to front and back.  I did not make an FBA for the first project and after trying on the pattern again, I decided I did need 1 1/2 inch adjustment.  Also, I made a 5/8 swayback adjustment.

After making the FBA I realized that the bust dart had to be lowered by an inch. After trying the pattern on with these adjustments I decided that I need to adjust the neckline; currently, it is too wide and low.

Here's the pattern as adjusted without... [read more]

I work in several residential aged care facilities and Christmas is a big deal. Increasingly staff are encouraged to wear silly or crazy Christmas themed T-shirts throughout December. A variation on the ugly Christmas sweater idea, but for hot climates.

I can’t bring myself to do that. Christmas tshirts are cheap and nasty. I thought about making my own – but – no.  Instead I made a Christmas waistcoat. I can wear normal clothes and be Christmassy when needed. After all – while I celebrate Christmas, not all my clients do.



The fabric came from Spotlight. It is really difficult to get fabric that reflects a hot Australian Christmas. I think this fabric was released in 2019. I love the Australian animals in the print. So much that I bought enough fabric to make a reversible waistcoat. Koalas on one side.

Echidna’s on the other side. The pattern was from... [read more]

Part of what helps WordPress power 35% of the web is language: WordPress is fully translated into 68 languages. Pair that with the WordPress native apps, which make WordPress available across devices, and you have a globally accessible tool.

Today we’re announcing app updates that bring the new Block editor to mobile devices, so on-the-go publishing is even easier for that 35%.

At Automattic, we speak 88 different languages, so we thought: why not use some of them to tell you about the editor updates? Instead of a few screenshots and bullet points, here are some of the people who build the editor and apps sharing their favorite tools and tricks for the mobile Block editor. To make it more accessible, we’ve also included English translations. 

(And for those who want more detail — yes, there are still screenshots and bullet... [read more]

Thank you all for the enthusiasm for our new (free!) Compression Fitting Bottom Block pattern! Even though these are the most basic leggings you can get, I really wanted to show off the pairs I made to test the pattern and this pair in particular got SO much love when I shared some in-progress shots on Instagram.

First off – this fabric is digitally printed onto the new Recycled Eco-Lycra base at Fashion Formula, and it feels wonderful – it’s a great choice for leggings. I really like their Active Lycra and Heavy Lycra base fabrics, too, but I’ve been trying to buy recycled whenever possible! The print design is by Serbian designer Blue Lela and is one I’ve had in my favourites for ages now! I love the muted colour palette and large scale florals – not things you normally see in RTW activewear, which makes these leggings all the more striking.

As I... [read more]

Happy January! I love Meg’s #SewTwistsAndTies challenge, and I knew months in advance what I would make: The Jalie Rachel dress in stretch velvet! I loved this dress when I first tested it in the summer, and couldn’t wait to make a winter version.

My summer version was sewn in a CC bust/EE waist and hip, but I added a bit of fabric as I cut it out to make sure that I had enough room in this fabric. Upon remeasuring myself this Christmas, I probably should be sewing a EE/GG in Jalie patterns… which sadly puts my lower half in the largest size range. If you are a pear shape like me, I suggest adding some extra length and width for your bootie – you can see how my skirt side seam and hem are pulling a bit out of alignment. If you are tall, consider adding length above and/or below the waist.

There are three different tie/tieless versions... [read more]

Dear Gabby,

I was so proud! I finally finished my very first linen boxy tee, the kind everyone is wearing these days, and posted some pictures. I then got a comment saying I should have made something form-fitting instead, because it would be more flattering if I defined my waist, and make me look less dumpy. Dumpy!?!? I love this tee, and I feel crushed 🙁 How can I answer naysayers and let them know that I’m happy in my body, and I will wear what I want, when I want?!

Defiantly Dumpy

Dear Defiant,

It sounds like you’ve answered your own question! How infinitely rude—for sure, block them, or at the very least, give them a good “How dare you!!!” 🤬

There has been a lot of chatter these days regarding feedback, solicited and non-solicited, and I think it’s certainly appropriate to tell people “Thanks But No Thanks!” ... [read more]

For the past years I have been sewing with a plan. I am a member of a (Swedish) FB group where we each plan our seasonal sewing, either by doing a capsule wardrobe or by filling identified gaps. The goal is to have a cohesive wardrobe with nicely fitted garments; the quality of the garments being produced by the group’s members is high and it makes me up my game as well.

As I have been wardrobe planning for many years, my plans tend to go the fill gaps route, especially now that I’ve figured out what I like to wear and what I feel good in. But don’t be fooled by that sentiment, sometimes I feel like trying a new silhouette or fabric type, at times a success, during others not so much. The plans of this year will also focus on my goals for the year, to use what I have, both fabric and pattern-wise and refashion things that need it. I’m thinking it could be fun to have... [read more]

Inconspicuous Consumption / Tatiana Schlossberg
NY: Grand Central, c2019.
277 p.

This book, found in my local library, was a very quick read. It is intended as a primer for people who want to know the unexpected ways our impact is spread across everything we do in our modern lives. Chapters investigate four main topics: technology, fashion, food, and fuel.

It's a short book so it really just skims over the main points of these areas -- but it is deep enough for those who are new to these topics. Schlossberg is good at drawing together the ways in which consumer actions have direct effects in all these areas, and does give a few suggestions on how to mitigate some of these. The main focus is on explanations and info on the situation, however.

Schlossberg is a journalist and as such writes in a direct and accessible way. She has a habit of making... [read more]
Hi, my name is Louise and I’m addicted to making dungarees.  Dungarees, pinafores, jumpers, overalls, bibbed trousers… call them what you will… they are just so nice to make and wear.  I made my first Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pinafore dress in January 2017, and since then I’ve been hooked on dungaree dresses and […]
Happy New Year blog friends! The turn of the decade kick started my sew-jo and I’ve been on my machine as much as I can over the last couple of weeks. Now that I’ve got a few completed projects under my belt the motivator to blog again is kicking in too...though not so much the desire to get dressed up and take photos of myself! I thought it might be nice to start the year with a look back over the previous one. 2019 was a big year for me, in many wonderful ways. But one which saw sewing pushed down the list of priorities a couple of notches and I missed it. Looking back I think I sewed more than I realised but there are noticeably fewer additions to my handmade wardrobe than in previous years.

It is actually quite tricky to look back across what I made in the last twelve months as the limited time I had for sewing I wanted to spend actually sewing so this... [read more]

Hi folks!

Something a little different from me for this post. I wanted to discuss that perennial old favourite – the full bust adjustment (or FBA) for a minute or two and I would love your input on my burning question (ooh what could it be? what could it be? I hear you all mutter excitedly to yourselves), which is about how you pick your pattern size.


Before I go any further, I want to qualify all the following with the fact that yes, I know that there is no 100% correct answer and everyone, ultimately, is decidedly different and unique and special (like, literally different, apart from exact identical twins and/or clones) and so whichever answer I pick, I know I will always have to make some adjustments anyway, so, you know, why am I even bothering to pin this down?


But the thing is, this has been... [read more]

Hi everyone!
It's the first review post of the year and it's about Fenty Beauty's newest product: the Full Frontal Mascara. This mascara came out about two days ago and I'm so glad I had the chance to review it as soon as it came out (well the day before) and here is what I think.

I am really into jumpers lately, which is funny since I never used to like them. But suddenly I just want to make all the jumpers! I think it was finding my old Vogue 8132 pattern that started me off.

So I went through my stash and found handful of six or seven other patterns, all older ones, that I could choose from to make another version. I had a particular piece of black stretch suiting in my stash -- it's about a denim weight and slightly stretchy -- I picked it up in Kalamazoo on my way to the Chicago PR Weekend in 2016 so I've had it for a while. It was perfect for this project!

I picked Butterick 5626, a basic jumper with a straight skirt and patch pockets. I had just enough fabric to fit View E onto; thank goodness I am short.

I didn't make many alterations -- I didn't even shorten it above the bust as I usually do. I didn't shorten at the... [read more]

This is the post that should have greeted you at least a week and a half ago!  😀

Well Christmas went fast this time, didn’t it?  Presents wrapped, food ready, party clothes prepared…  And now we’re a week into January and I feel I haven’t quite touched base yet!  The visitors went home just before New Years to celebrate with their friends, leaving us oldies to drink the rest of the wine and eat the remaining mince pies on our own.  I had grand plans to do some sewing, but they never got started!

I have decided that this year I really do need to actually do some of the things I’ve been saying for years that I will do.  Like make that *^&%££%*&) coat!  Correction, THOSE coats!  (I have a pile of patterns I want to make, and the fabric is sitting in the stash.  We all know how much space coatings take up, so I’m very keen to get them out!)  And join in with other online... [read more]

My “Sew Your Own Activewear” book was released nearly two years ago (and written three years ago!), and I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve developed a new block pattern to compliment the book!

The new Compression fitting bottom block has significantly less negative ease than either the Close fitting bottom block or Loose fitting bottom block included in the books (a measurement chart is included in the shop listing). This block can be used as a starting point for any of the bottoms designs in the book, but is particularly well suited for the Active Leggings, Cycling Shorts, and Yoga Bottoms.

It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD if you’ve already got my book in any language (English or German), or any edition (print, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc)! If you’ve not got my book, it’s a nominal fee (mostly to prevent abuse), but as the instructions are... [read more]

Here at Sewcialists, we welcome a new crew of editors every six months. We love getting to know new faces and hearing new voices, and they stop us getting stuck in a rut or overwhelmed.

Meet the new crew!


A picture of Charlotte standing in a field of tall, lilac flowers.  She is wearing a floral dress and glasses.  She is looking at the camera and smiling.

I’m Charlotte and am based in Birmingham, UK.

I’m really interested in the social aspects of sewing. I organise SewBrum, an annual free meet-up in my hometown, which is now in its sixth year; and jointly organise The Sewing Weekender sewing holiday (with Kate & Rachel from The Fold Line), which has sold out for four years running.

I’ve been reading the Sewcialists blog for years and I’m looking forward to getting more involved this year!

You can find me on IG @englishgirlathome or on my blog. I also run the @sewcialevents IG account where I share sewing community challenges and events.


A picture of Emilia looking at the camera.  She is wearing a black top and a stylish black hat. She also wears dramatic black eyeliner and bright fuchsia lipstick.

Hi, I’m Emilia! Originally from... [read more]

This time, we visit with a dressmaker who revisits her career in dressmaking, from sweat shop to couture to sewing for family

Go read it NOW.

If you’re dying to make a large, impressive macrame wall hanging but haven’t yet conquered all those intricate knots, this project is for you. … More easy large macrame wall hanging »

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I generally, without a doubt, reside in a 1970s retro vibe with a modern twist. I love the colors, the fabrics and the patterns. So when I saw the Dream Weaver collection by Material Girl quilts, I knew what I had to do! Put on the song  by the same name by Gary Wright (psst, go listen then come right back), and hit my stash to find a pattern to play with these fun prints.

I chose to use the Diamonds design in the peach colorway.


I found it was perfect to pair with this vintage Simplicity 6392 dress pattern from my stash.

I was drawn to the pleated maxi skirt and simple back detail. 

I love it but made a few modifications. The pattern calls for patch pockets but, I didn't want to interrupt this beautiful print.  I inserted them in the side seams instead. The waistline on the pattern had generous ease and was looser than I liked. I... [read more]
My favorite, favorite black linen Jenny Overalls are in the mending pile... they are worn paper thin in some crucial areas, so they're candidates to try out invisible mending. I love these so much nothing can replace them. But in the meantime a girl needs some overalls...

I bought this striped stretch linen from Emmaonesock thinking I'd make pants. When I got it, it was not nearly as stretchy as I thought it would be, and I failed to commit on a pants pattern. The thought crossed my mind: "What lovely overalls this fabric would make." And the fact is, overalls don't take much more fabric than pants...

And then there are always overalls with removable bibs...!

So I don't have a lot more to say about making the Jenny Overalls. They are great. I make them with the grading between sizes established in my black linen overalls and the Frida Overalls, and vary the... [read more]

This is a hard post to write. It’s difficult to talk about what is happening here in Australia without feeling that the words are trivial in comparison with what is happening in our communities and to Country.

Note: Country is used here in this sense — it means more than Australia as a geopolitical entity. In Australia we acknowledge when we live and work on other people’s Country and traditional owners of the land may welcome people to Country. An Acknowledgement of Country follows: I acknowledge that I write this post on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.

We thought it might be helpful to give an overview of how sewists can help if they want to, and to express gratitude for the fantastic response that has already occurred around the... [read more]

Feeling Overwhelmed

We’re two weeks into 2020 and I’m already feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe overwhelmed is a bit of an exaggeration, but I certainly don’t feel…

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