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One of my neighbours just had a lovely wee baby girl and I dropped my other projects to whip up a couple of gifts for her. I’ve never had the chance to sew for either a girl or a newborn before, so I took full advantage! I’ve had the Brindille & Twig Summer Romper pattern for quite a while, and it must be one of their most popular. I’ve seen a ton of versions online, but my little guy was just a bit too old by the time I acquired it (in style rather than age), so I’ve been biding my time…


I had this lovely Japanese floral cotton knit in my stash and loads of little pieces of cotton lycra to use up, so I came up with this pairing above, which I think is really cute – the periwinkle blue stops it being too saccharine. I’m not really an uber-pink girly kind of person (and hopefully the recipient isn’t either :))

I’ve... [read more]

I had a sweet friend who was in her 80s who passed away a couple of months ago. I visited her every week for a long time and I loved her.

We had a lot of things in common-we both loved being in nature and we both loved fabric and sewing. She had quite a fabric stash, and some of the fabric in her stash was her mother’s and was over 50 years old.

Her daughters asked me to sew the fabric into bags and so I will be working on doing that off and on until Christmas. I got one batch done and I think it’s a pretty neat thing to do with her fabric.

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May has been the busiest month for me for a very long time. I was travelling to three different countries in the past three weeks, and doing Me-Made-May at the same time. Yup, halfway through it and I'm still in the handmade capsule wardrobe space. However, I am only just catching up on sharing the resulting outfits with you guys (some bits and pieces on Instagram, but I just could not make me take pictures every day). So, remember how I was aiming to do three capsule wardrobes throughout May, the first of which was based on black/white/reds? Well, I am back with my nicely photographed and accessorised outfits. So, without further ado...
The chain of stores I work for has a pretty sweet deal going on: employees have a monthly budget to use on accessories to wear while they're working. The particular location I work at doesn't sell any accessories, so I can use that budget on fabric! I had taken this black lace home in November, but since the heating wasn't working all winter it didn't make sense to use it then (since it would have been covered in sweaters anyway). Recently my boss reminded me that I still had it, so I set out to make a nice spring/summer outfit! In black lace.

 I wanted to play with transparency a bit, and flipped through the Burda catalog to see if I found anything inspiring. Burda 6438 had an interesting bodice going on, with raglan sleeves and curved inset pieces that reminded me of the Colette Rue (which is a dress that I like in theory but read so many... [read more]

My Wedding Dress (Part One: The Pattern)

Andy and I got engaged in February this year and I decided straight away that I would be sewing my own dress. I thought that,…

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Why yes, it’s time for our next Pattern Throwdown–this time, it’s a Panty Throwdown! (And yes, I’m going to try to work that phrase “panty throwdown” into this post as much as possible.)

Five panty patterns will enter the ring, but only one will emerge victorious! A few things to note about my search for the Perfect Panty Pattern:

  • My shape: I am a rectangle from the front with a bit of a “mom tum”, an apple from the side, and has not-insignificant heart-shaped booty. My mom tum tends to cause bikini-cut undies to roll down under my tummy shelf, which is something that I try to avoid.
  • Current RTW favorite panty: My current go-to RTW panty is the cotton Torrid “hipster” panty in a Torrid size 1. I’ve worn Lane Bryant undies a lot in the past, but their current elastic seems to give out so quickly that I’ve basically given up on them.
  • Fit preferences: Panty fit... [read more]

So it only took me two weeks to get sick of taking daily photos for Me-Made May! I mostly worked from home this week, and ran errands and did the day-to-day-life thing, so nothing too exciting to show you in terms of daily outfits. However, let me show a couple of garments I sewed up that made their debut this week.

Frivolous at Last - Willamette Shirt by Hey June

This is the Willamette Shirt by Hey June. I’m attending the Sewing Pattern Review Weekend at the beginning of June, and there are a couple of challenges on the table for attendees: one is a pyjama contest (working on the top at the moment), and the other is a Camp Shirt contest. What’s a camp shirt, you ask? Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I pictured some kind of Girl Guide uniform suitable for bunking over at Camp Hideaway. But I have since learned from Wikipedia that a camp shirt “is a loose, straight-cut, woven,... [read more]

This is the first article in a new series about Modern French decorating. Follow along as I begin decorating my new home in a style … More basic tenets of modern french decorating »

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2018 Make 5

Need: Simple skirt to go with a number of me made tops!

Pattern: Colette Peony

I've been pretty keen on having a denim skirt for spring/summer-something to go with a lot of tops I usually only wear with jeans. Something simple, none fussy. I don't have too many skirt patterns but plenty of dresses; I chose one of the most simple, the Colette Peony. I love the shape-although not too keen on the inseam pockets for this version so I adapted the By Hand London tutorial for side slant pockets. These are meant for the Anna but can I would have thought they be applied to pretty much any skirt pattern.

I was originally thinking of a nice bit of chambray but after a quick check in the diminished stash I found a piece of this denim left over from this dress. A little over a meter, definitely enough for a skirt, so being low on spends I thought I... [read more]
Do you ever just pick a fabric because you think its pretty but not actually have any idea what to do with it? That's what I did when Adam Ross asked me what my blogger pick fabric would be. I was like "oooooh stars! pretty". It instantly took me back to being younger when star prints were MASSIVELY in fashion and searching through the topshop rails trying to find something that might fit and


Hello Sewcialists! I’m excited to be given the opportunity to write about Slow Sewing one garment my wardrobe really needs, but first I want to introduce myself. I am a transplant to the PNW, by way of the deep south, and live here with my partner, step-son, and dog. I am a special education teacher, artist, and sewer. I got my first sewing machine when I was 11, and come from a talented line of sewers, including my mom, dad, and grandmother. I am fairly new to sharing my sewing online, but I am excited by the community of makers I have found. You can see my sewing on IG @comeseecomesew.

B059F324-CE5D-4F42-950D-156A7972FEB3Last year was a tough year for me. I had moved to Oregon late in the summer, and took a teaching job over an hour away from my home. This led to very long days. It started to take its toll on my health. I have fibromyalgia, and because I wasn’t managing my stress levels,... [read more]

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

If my last Berlin coats just barely fulfilled my #sewingdare from the Love To Sew girls to make a coat, then I think this project finally counts!

This version was made during the last of the chilly weather as a transitional coat for spring and fall. It’s sewn in a thick wool knit I found locally at Len’s Mills, which is basically the weight of a traditional heavy wool blanket. It’s felted on the outside, but clearly a knit on the inside!

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

The fabric was PERFECT for this project! It’s cosy and warm on a crisp days, but the open front and cropped sleeves keep it feeling more cardigan than coat. I sewed it on my regular machine, because I wasn’t sure the serger could handle the bulk.

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

I used the selvedge edge of the fabric as the top of the pocket, which means there is no bulk and a nice stable edge. I talked myself out of buying this fabric when I... [read more]

This is a quick post to show you the final velvet dress I whipped up last week for a wedding we attended last Saturday.
I bought this piece with Allison when she visited Australia three years ago.

As Allison said, it's a Stretch burnout velvet in a dark purple with an ombre effect." 
We indulged a bit at Pitt Trading during her visit.

I used New Look 6871 lining the velvet with a slinky knit. The pattern has short sleeves so I extended them.
The back is shaped but the fabric doesn't really show this well. 

I hand stitched the hem and the rest of this dress was machine stitched with a tiny zigzag stitch as the base is a knit fabric.
Let me tell you a secret. 

I made this dress in a scuba fabric in 2 hours and found the neckline was way too wide.
The next night I widened the neckline on the pattern so it's more jewel like.
Yep. I've bossed this pattern to fit me.

PS. I wore these... [read more]

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Oki-style Sasha skirt, purple/green cotton plaid

Here are the pics from the website




















Oki is apparently a Mongolian designer, living and working in Germany.  Her style is quirky, interesting, and has a Japanese feel to it to my eye.  I think this skirt also has  a touch of the Westwoods about it, hence my choice of tartan.

I opted to make it up as shown, but not bothering with the back pocket or belt loops.  I didn’t mess with the length either, I quite like a longer skirt lately.

The instructions are a little tricky to follow- they are in German and English, but the two languages are interwoven.  I had to highlight all the English to have a hope of following it.  Most of it is well translated with the odd bit of confusion here or there.  There are photographs to follow, but I really prefer line drawings personally.

This caused... [read more]

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

Phil and I have just arrived home from a couple of weeks in Vietnam. I packed a few new garments, which I’ll blog soon, and bought some fabric which I’ll blog too. I also packed some old favourites, including this Bombshell Swimsuit which I made (unbelievably to me, it feels like no time at all) four years ago.

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

As noted on my original blog post about this swimsuit, I struggled a little when making it. I think those four years since have made all the difference to my sewing skills, and I suspect making my next swimsuit (probably the Closet Case Patterns Sophie) will go a lot smoother.

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

I don’t swim very often and I think this is the first time my Bombshell has been for a swim in the sea, so I thought it was fitting to take some photos. In addition to my sewing skills, my blog photography (and also my hair!) has improved since 2014, which seemed like... [read more]


First up, this is a work-in-progress. The pattern is the same Alabama Chanin/Burda mash up with a scoop neck. The fabric is an Art Gallery knit. I’ve made three or four dresses from this brand of knit fabric, and it works really well for me. The fabric is drapable yet substantial.


This collage of potential upcoming projects is a large part of my print fabric collection. The red piece in the upper left is another batik knit, which will likely become another knit wrap dress. The bottom right is a silk charmeuse which will become a kimono robe. The rest will need to “talk to me” a little longer before I know what to make.


Finally, I’ll be experimenting to figure out how to use this Alabama Chanin stencil with this turquoise fabric. I’ve got an airbrush, and I need to figure out how to use it.

Howdy Friends!

Well, I managed to cross a “goal dress” off my list with this years’ Dress Like Your Grandma dress!  I bring to you my patio dress!

My grandma on the left with my grandpa and me on the right

The stars very much aligned to make this dress.  I discussed this more fully in my “plans” post.  I recently unearthed photos of my grandma in one of her square dancing dresses from the 1960’s.  At around the same time I also found a vintage patio dress pattern.  As I’ve had a dress like this on my dream list for years, it seemed a good time to create one, so I did.

I’m pretty certain that Simplicity 3545 is the pattern that my grandma used to make her dress. The pattern came out around the same time as this photo was taken and it looks the same.  My grandma did not save her patterns, so I wasn’t able to find it in her stash.  However, she didn’t get rid... [read more]

I tried out a new-to-me indie pattern company this month! For some reason, I recently got it into my head that I wanted to make a peplum knit shirt, and when looking around I found this design by Love Notions, a company I hadn't really paid much attention to before, thinking that it was a lot of children's patterns. I was wrong -- I found this lovely Margot Peplum top, at a time that there was a sale on. So I bought it, traced it off, and finally got around to making it this month.

I used a thrifted poly knit which is kind of heavy and less stretchy than is optimal. But I thought for a first try of this pattern, it would be sufficient, and besides, I loved the polka dot print.

There are a few options to combine in this pattern - this time, I chose to make the solid bodice, with elbow sleeves and the swing skirt. It all fit together... [read more]
PDF patterns have been a thing in the indie industry for a long time now, and I know that many of my closest friends who sew LOVE...
Yo guys! I'm back! Here's a shirt I made! 

This is my second Archer shirt - in fact, I think it's the second button-up, collared shirt I've made myself ever. The first was ages ago when Archer shirts were a new and exciting thing and the whole blogworld was making them and I thought I'd join in even though I hadn't worn a shirt for about 20 years, and the ones worn 20 years previously had basically encapsulated everything that was awful about dressing oneself as a teenager in the 1990s. Needless to say, although I liked my first Archer very much in theory, it didn't actually get a lot of wear. I suspect the plaid flannel was a bit too close to teenage-me for comfort.

This one comes from a different place. A place where Archer shirts have been around for yonks and are actually a bit boring in blogging terms these days I suspect (but you're still... [read more]
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