I’m going into my fourth week of knitting socks. In that time, I’ve knit two pairs of socks; knee-hi socks and ankle socks. Both were knit for my daughter. Initially, I was going to make the first pair for myself, but they were a bit tight (because of the yarn weight used) and so I told my daughter to try them on and turned them into knee-hi socks. The second pair I cast on was going to be for me, but… I made the same mistake! Which is silly since I was using the same yarn and should have corrected my error, but there you go. This time, she requested ankle socks. The third pair I cast on fit my feet fine. The fiber is different along with the weight. Although listed as worsted, it feels more like DK weight yarn. Those socks and I’ve already worn them several times.

A few years ago, I was on a sock knitting kick and the urge to knit more socks is back again.... [read more]

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to those who left comments when I asked for advice on the best style for my hand-knit jumper (A knitwear design experiment). I finished it a couple of weeks ago and am loving it.

As a recap, my knitting experiments usually don’t end well. Partly because I loose interest, but also because the fit or style isn’t what I’d hoped for. After watching a couple of Craftsy/Blueprint classes, I decided to try to draft my own pattern and made a few sketches to choose the best silhouette. The feedback was to make the V-neck design, rather than my preferred wrap collar (the one on the left).

The body of the jumper was fairly straight forward, although working out how to do finish the neckline was a bit nerve-racking. I’ve never knitted a v-neck band, so to have to calculate the number of pickup stitches and how to work the centre... [read more]

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, Rev. Ed.
Montreal: Reader's Digest Canada, c1995.   432 p.

Well, when I start talking about compendiums of tips and tricks for sewing, I'd be remiss not to include this one. 

The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing -- this is the revised edition from 1995 -- is one of the first books I relied on when I began to sew. This copy was bought for me by my lovely husband, before he was my husband, way back when it was newly released. I can't say it had any direct influence on the outcome of our relationship, but.... ;) 

I use this book a lot. It is always in the handiest spot on my sewing bookshelf where it won't get lost behind fabric or other sewing room stuff. It always falls open easily to the section on invisible zips now. Even if it has only been a month or so since I've put one in, I often have to... [read more]
More book reports. Because summer reading.
I'm not sure how much you enjoy these book reports, but I must reinterate that sometimes I put things on my blog so that I can find them later. It's a public storage unit. 
Spoilers: I liked these books. Apologies for the terrible photos.
You can click on them to make them bigger, or just race on by them to get to the ones Ienbiggened to discuss.
Two of three books in a series by Francesca Sterlacci for Lawrence King's sewing book collection. These are branded as the University of Fashion, which is a thing Sterlacci is doing with several other sewing related businesses. I would dig into that a little more, but it's summer and I have still have the summer job.

and of course

Daughter No2 has a list of things for me to make her.  (This is the time to warn you that this post is photo heavy!) It’s updated and renewed every couple of months as she adds things from new Burda magazines and changes her mind depending on the current weather (season).  I’ve done fairly well, but I’ll never get them all done, mostly because we don’t have suitable fabric in the stash.  ( And the length of the list!)  So, I can get started on the projects for which we have fabric, but the others are either shelved or put on hold while we look, and don’t find exactly what she’s got in mind.  At a price we’re prepared to pay! 🙂

holidays 1
Burda skirt 117 A 02/2017

However, there was a skirt on her list from last autumn (!) that’s been on the list constantly, and a couple of weeks ago she decided it would be the perfect summer skirt.  I’d already traced it out, so I set to work... [read more]

Busting out all the photos and garments that make me mildly uncomfortable this week! First shorts, now a swimsuit... blame it on the heat.

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In my continuing quest to build up a wearable, practical wardrobe, (interspersed with off-the-cuff crazier garments of course), I decided I’d get some more SOLID woven tees and tops into my wardrobe once and for all. My problem when faced with a simple pattern is that I immediately want to make it more interesting by using a print or pattern. It’s almost a subconscious thing – I have no restraint! Argh!! When looking for some simple tops-with-a-twist, I discovered I already owned a couple, then I found a couple more I liked and the idea of a woven top collection emerged.


I say collection – I really just mean a sort of comparison. They’re all fairly quick and easy to make and I’m thinking that the variety in the construction and details will keep me going interest-wise. Let’s see, shall we? Ha. I should also mention before I get going that I was partially... [read more]

De gevel van uw huis is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van het exterieurontwerp omdat het de stijl voor de rest van het gebouw bepaalt. En het is ook belangrijk vanwege de impact op de energie-efficiëntie. Vandaag gaan we het hebben over 5 redenen om uw gevel te verbouwen en de voordelen hiervan.
Gevels kunnen om vele redenen worden gerenoveerd: uw gevel is beschadigd of wordt oud, u doet een woninguitbreiding of u wilt het huis verkopen, enz. Het vernieuwen van uw gevel is een belangrijke investering, maar biedt ook veel voordelen: de waarde van uw huis of het verbeteren van de energie-efficiëntie. Laten we deze 5 redenen bekijken om uw buitengevel te rehabiliteren:


Een vernieuwde gevel verhoogt de waarde van uw huis. Wanneer het tijd is om uw eigendom te verkopen, is het een goede investering. Potentiële kopers... [read more]

1: begin vroeg

Alle oplossingen voor geveltoegang hebben hun sterke en zwakke punten. Om de best mogelijke oplossing voor uw gebouw te krijgen, moet u zeker beginnen met plannen in een vroeg stadium van architectuurontwerp. Op deze manier zorgt u ervoor dat de structuren die nodig zijn voor het systeem ook op onconventionele wijze kunnen worden geïntegreerd met het gevelontwerp wanneer complexe gevels dit vereisen.

Door vroeg te beginnen, kunt u ook wijzigingen aanbrengen in bouwconstructies, daken of gevels als de oplossing lichter, zwaarder, kleiner of groter is dan verwacht. Bijvoorbeeld in de dakconstructie als de oplossing lichter is of onhandige versterking vermijdt als de oplossing zwaarder is.

Vroegtijdige toegang tot platforms houdt in staat om een ​​oplossing te bouwen die verborgen kan zijn wanneer deze niet in... [read more]

Every time I show off one of my me-made items of clothing, I always get asked the same question: “How did you get so good at sewing?” The truth is that I’ve had a lot of opportunity for practice over the past few years since I first sat down at a sewing machine. Every time I look at one of my older me-made clothing pieces, I can pick out all the errors I made, but can also see all the different skills that I’ve learned! When it comes to sewing, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

We’ve had a lot of fun looking at how your sewing adventures first started. Thank you for sharing your #MySewingStartedHere stories with us!

I enjoyed making the rash tops and bikini in 2018. My existing bathers are rather worn, stretched out and bordering on too loose in the water.

I decided to have a go at a super basic design and effectively draft my own swimwear block. I used Kwik Sew 3780, mostly because I got it at a fabric swap and it was free. I traced off the pattern and added a strap to the right shoulder. Well actually, I traced the left side and put a foldline mark in the middle. I took the following body measurements:

  • my torso from shoulder to shoulder, going under my crotch
  • shoulder to bust apex, and
  • compared the side seams with an existing pair of bathers.

The pattern was duly shortened, both above and below the bust points. I cut it out in both lining and main fabric, stitched it together using the chain stitch on the coverstitch machine and tried it on. I used a fabric I like but don’t love.... [read more]

Good news! My order from SnapSource arrived and the new snaps match those I had attached to the shirt.  My top will finally be finished!😀 I hope to take photos of the finished product later today.

Next up-I have two projects I plan to work on.

One is knit top using a pattern from George and Ginger.  I have not sewn any patterns from this company previously.  I hope to have good success with them.  The pattern I will be using is the Rave Shirt Set.

I plan to make the asymmetrical neckline.  

The fabric is a light blue lightweight sweater knit I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I think I purchased this earlier this year.

For the other project, I will be using this cotton fabric from a local quilt shop. 

I will be using the top from this Mimi G Simplicity pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.

As everyone probably knows by now, it's the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing! What an event to commemorate -- though the question "where were you when..." doesn't quite apply to those of us who weren't yet born.

In all the excitement of the space program, many of the women involved are overlooked. NASA has been sharing links and stories about many of these women over the past few weeks, which has been wonderful. We're all now aware of the black women who did so much for the space program, including some of the essential math and computing, thanks to the book and movie Hidden Figures (which also has a wardrobe to envy!)

But one of the stories that was shared has another connection of interest for all sewists -- it's the story of the making of the Space Suit. Did you know it was created and hand sewn by previous bra-makers and seamstresses from... [read more]

It was all a bit last-minute that I was going to be in Berlin last week at all, let alone doing an event, so I have to thank everyone who came out to talk all things activewear! Special thanks go out to the incredibly lovely staff at extremtextil who hosted the event, made their shop so welcoming, and opened up especially for us on a Tuesday evening. It’s so wonderful to see an independent speciality fabric shop run by people who are so passionate and educated on every aspect of outdoor and sportswear sewing!

Things kicked off first with a little talk by yours truly, talking about sewing for movement and the things to think about when you’re planning an activewear garment for a specific activity – namely, stance, movement, repetition, and environment.

Then we all gathered round the big cutting table for a crash course in... [read more]

Hello CSC! June’s Instagram highlights are a bit late due to my participation in the Toronto Fringe Festival. I’ve been following along with the hashtag and there are some gorgeous creations from our community. Thank you as always for using the hashtag and rocking it!

@jojosews79 made the 5 out of 4 Nancy Raglan top

@fabric_scraps made a Katha tunic from Schnittchen Patterns

@sewmanju made a Simplicity 8889 top

@daisysewcrazy made a Vogue 9057 top

@elanaknt made a Seamwork Greta and paired it with shorts using the 100 Acts of Sewing Pants No 1 pattern

@sheila.okelly made a Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee and leggings using Vogue 9275

@kristinesews made a Pattern Scout Fern top

@erin_sew_crafty made a Pattern Emporium Like a Boss shirt

@tbone_pgh made a top using McCall’s 7387

@silverluna888 made a Wardrobe by Me Harmony shirt

@elanaknt made a Made by... [read more]

I’ve been wanting to showcase this project for a long time, and the reason is clear.  These hooded terry towels are not only too … More hooded towel for kids »

The post hooded towel for kids appeared first on My French Twist.

This spring we asked, “How does coping with a traumatic brain injury or health-related brain fog affect your sewing?”, and boy did you have answers! We have already shared posts on “Coping with Acquired Brain Injury” and “Every Brain is Different“, and here is our third instalment.

A sewist from North Carolina in the USA says,

Multiple sclerosis affects any area of my life that involves concentration, memory (both long and short-term), multi-tasking and energy. These are some of the invisible symptoms of MS. Aside from issues with balance and coordination, I don’t have any visible symptoms, such as trouble walking. Sewing my own clothes is an activity I find hugely rewarding. I have always enjoyed activities that turn a mess into something organized (washing dishes and mowing grass). As an introvert, my batteries are recharged when I am alone in my sewing... [read more]

* Yes, the one with the deep V!

The first V9253 I wowed about was the stunning version of Catherine from Thread Snips. I featured her in my eye-catchers. Although I loved the pattern I thought it would never be something for me because ‘Yes, that real deep V!’

Vogue V9253
Then, at the beginning of June, I saw Nikki G’s absolute breathtaking version and I was sold! More, doing some research I read somewhere that the pattern was sold out. So it became a dare to find it which wasn’t difficult at all! One-click at and it was mine. That’s how I found myself sewing the legendary V9253 dress with the deep V!

Vogue V9253


The V9253 pattern

The V9253 dress pattern has only four main pattern pieces. The sleeves are cut from the same piece as the body. Further, there are pattern pieces for the pockets and the belt.

Vogue V9253

Based on the finished garment measurements—which you... [read more]

Good things come in twos, yes?  Or maybe more than two, but let’s start somewhere, shall we?  I really liked wearing the Phoebe dungarees I made a couple of weeks ago, they’ve been absolutely perfect of the allotment, so I knew I’d need another pair!  Instead of soft, buttery linen, this time I picked out some denim – also lightweight – from the pile of South African purchased fabrics.  I think this is a blend of fibres, the fabric has a sheen that pure cotton denim wouldn’t have.  I had thought I’d make a summer version of the Tea House Dress, or the Assembly Line’s V Nick Dress with it, but I now have better plans.  I want another pair of Phoebe Dungarees.

denim phoebe 1
Phoebe Bib & Tucker from Pattern Union

This time I wanted a shorter trouser length.  The brown linen ones are the perfect length for long trousers, not long enough for me to stand on the hems and get them all... [read more]

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

graffiti bomber jacket fabrics

graffiti bomber jacket fabrics

This project has been in the pipe-line for a while so it is nice to see it finished and finally blogged. I wanted to make a bomber/varsity jacket from a ‘graffiti’ jacquard fabric but finding the right pattern wasn’t as easy as I first thought. There is something about jacquard fabrics that I can’t resist. This one is from Elliot Berman Textiles.

pattern modifications

Ottobre frankenpatten

I wanted a simple pattern with minimal seams to best use the fabric – set-in sleeves, front zipper, round neckline with a tapered band. Most of the patterns I found had raglan sleeves. In the end, I did a blend of two Ottobre patterns. For the main pattern I used Ottobre 5/2017 #4, which I’d used to make sweatshirts last year. One is a size bigger than the other but both the sweatshirts get used regularly. For this project, I’ve gone with the larger size since I’m... [read more]

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