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Summer is my favourite season for sewing! I love working with bright floral fabrics and making floaty tops and dresses, not to mention the instant gratification of knocking out a summer garment in an evening or two. Here are a couple of simple dresses I made in a mad binge of pre-vacation sewing last month.


First up is the Catalina Dress by Blank Slate Patterns. I had 2.5 yards of this rayon floral and managed to get this dress, as well as an Ogden Cami, out of it.


To be honest, this dress is kind of a disaster. You can see in the picture above that the elastic waistband is all wonky — a result of not being careful enough while cutting this shifty m*^@f^%# of a fabric. The bottom of the bodice piece was uneven but that didn’t become apparent until I had attached it to the skirt.


The neck binding doesn’t lay very flat. And to continue... [read more]

De afgelopen weken is hier het een en ander serieus veranderd! Er kwam zoveel op me af, maar ik heb rustig de tijd genomen om alles eventjes te laten bezinken. Het bleek tijd voor ander (en wie weet) beter? Toen de beslissing over de winkel moest vallen, heb ik twee weken echt verdriet gehad, wat… Lees verder Back to the Roots
One of the many brilliant things about sewing is that when you see a garment you love, you can make your own version.  And that's exactly what I did with this dress!

The inspiration was a gorgeous Anna Sui dress I spotted on the interwebs a while ago.  I had seen some posts about an Anna Sui exhibition in London last year, and the red dress on the far right was definately popular.  I love the 1940s-ness of it, so decided to draft my own version.

There are some close-up photos in this post and this post.

The dress has a shawl collar, button front to the waist and flared skirt.  It looks like the original has a midriff yoke cut on the bias, but I can't work out how to draft that!  If anybody knows of any resources, please let me know.

Instead, I made the skirt and midriff section in one piece using princess seams.  I scribbled some ideas in... [read more]

Today's post is all about some quick inspiration for your makes from our Literary Sewing Circle pick, The New Moon's Arms. Have you finished it yet? Got part-way in? What do you think?

I'm taking a little bit of a different approach from our last inspiration post full of possible patterns drawn from the novel's themes. Today's focus is on some of the descriptions of clothing in the story. Hopkinson uses people's appearance and fashion choices to say something about them - their style reflects their personality. Here a few examples, with some ready-to-wear designs to inspire you to think about which style you could incorporate into your own wardrobe. Can you tell who you are most like, stylistically?


Thank heaven I'd put on some decent clothes to come to the hospital: good pants, the fitted cream blouse with the... [read more]
Hi there,

I will no longer be blogging in this space. I have set up a brand new blog which is attached to my shop. I hope to update on a more regular basis from now on with everything being in the same place.

You can now find me here...

Bye bye blogger and thanks for having me!

Marilla xxx

I wrote this for the Curvy Sewing Collective in 2015 – I’m finally reposting it here!

Can anything ruin a day faster than too-tight or too-loose jeans? (Answer: Yes, of course, other things are worse, but badly fitting pants are pretty awful!) Either they cut into your tummy when you sit, causing bloating, discomfort, or “muffin top”… or they stretch out through the day and you have to pull them up every 5 minutes!

That, my friends, is why I love elastic-waist pants. Pants with an elastic waist stay in place all day and are always comfortable. They create a smooth waistline with no lumps, bumps, or fly buttons poking out. Sure, you might prefer a traditional waistband if you are gong to tuck your top in or wear a crop top, but most of the time our waistband stays hidden. Why not be comfortable?

(Some of my many pairs of [read more]

I’ve had this issue for a few weeks now but I’ve finally started to feel better and now I want to do! all! the! things! and haven’t quite found the time to sit down and post about it. But I’ve been on a staycation from my office job this week, so you finally get to enjoy my picks from one of the best July issues I can remember (not that it’s saying that much – July issues are usually my least favourites of any given year!).

We’re starting off with a bit of a downer here, as Burda apparently think it’s 2010 again, and have printed a pattern for *yawn* an infinity dress. Not that you need a pattern for it, there are tons of tutorials for drafting your own since it’s just rectangles, including this one from five years ago.

I’m having flashbacks to my Knot-Maste Yoga Set bottoms pattern on this set of knit capris with ties at the legs, but on closer inspection,... [read more]

Click to view slideshow.

Photographer Credits: Kronos Otaku, edits by Daydreamer Nessa. Selfies also from Daydreamer Nessa

Completed: July 2018

Hours Spent: 2-ish

Debuted: Anime Expo 2018

Why This Costume: I’ve been on the MHA hype train for a while (me and the hubs love watching it together), but I’d never really thought about cosplaying from it. That changed when Daydreamer Nessa asked me and the Cosmic Coterie crew if we’d be interested in joining her group for fun times at AX! I immediately started rewatching the series with the CC crew, but this time I actively started looking for characters I wanted to cosplay. And… well, Yaoyorozu is basically my cosplay type: blunt, scholarly do-gooder and as an added bonus, she’s tall. So yay!

Purchased Pieces: 

There are so many beautiful macramé wall hangings on my Pinterest boards; I want to make them all! However, before tackling a complicated pattern, I … More macrame wall hanging for beginners »

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Hello again friends!

Today I wanted to share with you an awesome new pattern from Ellie and Mac- the Women’s 24/7 top!


This pattern can use a combination of knit and woven, it’s perfect for using up all your small fabric pieces and leftovers.


The back has pleat in the center, giving an elegant look. Also, the bottom part of the back can use woven fabrics.


The front has a colorblocked bottom, which is suitable for wovens. DSCN2738.JPG

I made three versions, the one pictured above and two others.

I hacked the pattern to have a solid front by taping the front bottom piece and front main piece together. Such a simple hack, but a different look!


This pattern has dolman sleeves, making it even quicker and easier to put together.


The pattern does not include long sleeves, but I hacked it to include them.

Go grab your Women’s 24/7... [read more]

Hello Sewcialists,

my name is Anna, blogging at PeterSilie&Co and today I want to talk about … colours. COLOUR? Yes, colour. Why? Well, let me start at the beginning.

My mom has always told me, when I had some kind of fantasy of dyeing my hair a different colour, that my hair colour perfectly matches my skin colour. And, if I am honest, she was right. I always wanted darker hair – a bit like snow white – but it gave my skin a kind of greenish hue. So it seems our natural palette is already perfectly balanced by nature. But what about our clothes? We all have colour preferences. Colours we love and colours we like to wear. The great thing (and problem sometimes) about sewing is that we start choosing colours at a really early point in the process. We have to chose a style we like to wear, the correct type of fabric to work with, the correct... [read more]

2018 Make 7

Need: An easy make to use up some stash. Something to wear to work and play to go with a huge pile of coloured vest tops!

Pattern: Self drafted elastic waist skirt. I barely even used any measurements for these two -apart from the elastic casing waist band.

Fabric: Two lots of viscose from the stash, one seaside print left over from this dress (now gone to recycling) Both good weight and quality, super delightful to sew with and lovely and breezy to wear.

Notions: 3/4 inch elastic, matching thread.

Thoughts: Oh these were very satisfying to sew up. I kept the width of each piece of fabric, so I'm not even sure what it was, I just knew it was bigger than my waist measurement so fine for a gathered skirt. I used french seams-always a good idea when using viscose as it frays so much. I did measure up the waistband for the elastic casing. Each of these... [read more]
2018 Make 6

Need: (After having a clear out*) A summer dress to throw on for the beach!

Pattern: Sewaholic Saltspring. Although after quite a bit of tweaking over the years, my version is now quite different to the original. No back split, no zip, self lined bodice and modified shoulder straps.

This pattern was so easy to alter and it's made a much more wearable item for me. Very casual and comfy and very versatile. I got rid of 3 of these, they really needed to go, they were all tatty and suncream stained, but that also means top of the list for replacing.

Fabric: Very cheap viscose from Fabric Land. I love the pattern and wanted a quick fix....this was it. Easy to sew, I made sure to use french seams and a wide hem to make sure all frayable (not even a word) edges were well hidden. I also used some iron on interfacing in the shoulder straps to reinforce the seams... [read more]
It’s a strange thing when you have lost interest in something that you usually love to do.   There was an odd dullness in my life these past few weeks because of the passing of our Wonderful Mother – my Biggest and Most Loving Supporter.  She was someone who constantly asked what was new in […]
Abstract prints and detailed design elements have always been and still are totally my style.  Most any print has always had a place in my heart, but abstract and geometric fabric designs take first place in my heart.

Read more »

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I am finally getting an opportunity to work on a sewing project. 

I am making final tweaks to the Jalie Bobbi pattern.  This is first sewing project since February of this year.  Feels good!

Hey folks! How we all doing? I've got two more days of shipping lil man off to school and then its 6 weeks of lie ins so I'm feeling pretty chipper!  I'm also feeling chipper because I have 32 [I think] pieces of fabric in my dining room and the sun has been shining so I have plenty of opportunities to pre-wash. So basically on 7th of July I got up at half six in the morning so I'd have
Confession: I don’t really like sewing for my kids. They constantly change sizes, they have nonsensical opinions, and they’re tough on their clothes. But I often end up with small cuts of fabric that need used up, and making kids clothes is the best way to do that. Recently, I tried out the free Woodstock Swing Tee pattern from Hey June to stash bust some of my favorite rayon knits.

The Woodstock Tee comes in sizes 6-16. My oldest daughter is 6 so she’s just moving into this range. She loves a good girly dress (see here!) but she also likes simple tees. This one is right up her alley. I made the size 6 with no alterations except to leave the hem raw.

The fabric is a lightweight rayon knit from Mood. The color is to die for, but sadly the piece got a run and a hole in it during my prewash. It also looks like the color ran? Or perhaps that’s just the heathered... [read more]
We're halfway through July!
This past week I actually didn't go out a lot. Between the heat, sewing, and social awkwardness I just decided to spend most of my time at home. But I did do a couple of things (and found Amani!) this week worth mentioning.

I love going to thrift stores. You never know what you're going to find! I especially love finding books and fabrics, my two passions. I love going to Goodwill store because of 1.I don't pay taxes 2. They give jobs to mentally/physically challenged people. 
Last week I went to a Rennaissance which is run by Goodwill Industries. There I went straight to the fabric/linen/craft session and found what I was looking for... fabric! I found this nice cotton linen fabric $4 for 3.80meters! It came with 4 buttons. I also bought a meter of hard denim fabric for $2 and it's super wide.

I saw a roll of fabric with a paper... [read more]
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