I’m a newbie to sewing underwear, but nevertheless I’m well aware that there is a whole lot of other content for lingerie, including articles, round-ups, plenty of tips and articles to dive into. I’ve browsed around and read bits and pieces, but the thing with lingerie (and me, actually) is that I’ve no idea whatsoever what it is that people are talking about most of the time. It seems quite technical and lingo-dense, so that, even though I know that’s mostly because of the bra stuff rather than the knickers stuff, I figured I’d jump in, make some undies and then everything might make more sense.


I’ve been aware of the Watson bra and pants pattern set for a long time and already had the pattern. They’ve been so popular with sewists everywhere that it seemed like a formality to try this design out when kicking off my journey into... [read more]

The words Black Friday pretty much fill me with dread. Especially after watching that woman batter someone for a telly on the news a few years ago! What I do love though is a good deal and I really love it when I can shop online for it! So here's a list of some of the Black Friday Deals I've found! So go off and treat yourselves!  Abakhans Okay so its not Black Friday but they are
I'm working my way through remnants and revisiting patterns I enjoy wearing.
This fabric was used in January 2016 for a skull lace jacket I still wear when there's a chill in the air.

I do wear this in the morning to the gym when it's still dark because I used reflective piping.

The skull lace still makes people look twice when I wear this jacket.
Back to the you can see I managed to successfully win at pattern tetris for this dress. This ponte is always stocked in lots of colours by Minerva Crafts.

I was also able to use zippers from my stash.
At this point I went back to see when I originally made this dress.
I originally made this dress in 2013 using View B.
That scared me because I wasn't sure if my shape had changed too much.
Not too bad from the back view #notamodel.
With a decent press, those zippers will lie flatter on this dress.

I'm happy with the fit of this dress but will certainly try my best to keep my shape in check.

I'll show you what View A looks like shortly.

Yes, I’m milking this for as many posts as I can!

My father was an academic and had several occasions each year where an academic gown was required. He died almost 30 years ago and his gown would have been at least 15 years old when he died. My mother kept it, ‘just in case’, and stored it for all these years.  She sent it to me for my graduation.

Contemporary gowns are polyester blends and can be many different colours, black or navy are the most common. This gown is black and made of heavyweight linen. It was made by Ede & Ravenscroft in London. They started business in the late 1600’s, are still trading and are still in Chancery Lane.

On this gown the sleeves are very long with a hole at elbow height for your arms to stick through.

The gown sits over a shirt or suit jacket and the weight of the gown keeps it from shifting.

Finally the... [read more]

Heyyyy! I hope ya'll have been appreciating my weekly consistency lol 
Today I'm back at you with a pattern that I've had in my stash for YEARS. So many years, in fact, that the pattern is now out-of-print lol. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a pattern hoarder. I probably have more patterns than I can sew really. Better late than never, right? This is McCall's 6713, faux wrap dress.

I made View D in a size 12. Sidenote: there weren't ANY finished garment measurements to be found on this pattern. Not on the envelope, pattern tissue, or the instructions. I just cut my normal size in McCall's and crossed my fingers.

For modifications, I did my 1" swayback adjustment and added 3 inches to the skirt. I should have added my normal 1.5" to the sleeves as well but I don't think it looks bad.

The fabric is from Fabric Mart by way of my sewing auntie, Carolyn. This... [read more]
I seem to have a new Bernina in my future, and it came without a bobbin case. So I went online on Amazon and Ebay to shop.
The same companies sell on both, the prices are the same.
The one on the left came with my original 140 Activa machine.
The one on the right was the unbranded online purchase.

Unbranded has a thinner arm for thread, and a tension screw of same metal as case (original has a darker metal screw)

There are more metal working marks, but that's immaterial.

 Hole is at about the same angle from the body.

The thread hole in the arm is a little bigger. Since many bobbin cases don't have that hole, that's fine.

This is where my issues come in. The side opening on the metal spring on the side (which is how you are adjusting the thread tension) is kinda outta whack.

This is the original. All lined up nice

And this is the online purchase. The... [read more]
I finished my dress!  Yeah!  I just took a few photos of the dress hanging.  I will post more when I wear it.

Back view

Close up of invisible zipper

Front view

I love this fabric and wish I had more.  It was great to sew with, no curling edges.  It is a brushed poly knit from Cali Fabrics.

What's next-trying to decide if I can find the right fabric to make another dress for the upcoming ASG Holiday party.  I also want to make some jackets.  I could use more of these in my wardrobe; I also would like to try a simple coat.  I have some great fabrics that I would love to use for a coat.  

More later.

Grainline Studio Hemlock teeHi There

It has been quite a while since I posted, I have moved house again (hopefully I won’t be moving again for a really long time!) and somewhere between the packing and unpacking my sew-jo has been kind of absent.

I finally unpacked my machines a few weeks ago and set up my sewing space and decided I needed a quick and easy project to get started.Grainline Studio Hemlock teeThe Grainline Studio Hemlock tee is probably my favourite TNT pattern – I have made so many over the past few years, I can whip one up in a few hours and I love to wear a slouchy oversized top at weekends.

I blogged about another striped version earlier this year – here – and this latest one is based on that. The first version had stripes which were printed onto the fabric and it hasn’t worn well, so it was time for a new striped top for the autumn.Grainline Studio Hemlock teeThis fabric is a viscose knit from [read more]

Ma buonasera!

Come va? Fra che la pizza lievita e una lavatrice finisce di farsi, mi sa che ancora non vi ho raccontato di quella volta che, questa estate, ho fatto una sfilata, nevvero?



…all my energy and will to live!

StyleArc Ziggi jacket #4

You know, this is a lovely looking jacket pattern, and the end result is going to be good [even if it kills me] but this is so full of crappy instructions and problems I’m surprised so many people have managed to finish it!

I left it lying because, well, sleeves, and also I was waiting for the zips to arrive.  They appeared midweek, but I currently have no energy for weekday sewing, so it had to sit a bit longer.  I took the sleeve back out, put the seams back as they were, then just pinched out a dart in the middle of the undersleeve piece, just to match up the armscyes.  Not great, but it worked, sleeves in.

Then I set to with the zips, which went in fine with plenty of basting [although the sleeve zips would have gone in better while the sleeve was flat, just sayin’ StyleArc!  Wifey’s little T Rex... [read more]

Hey guys! I have an exciting project to share with you today. Hubby and I came back from the beautiful island of Fuerteventura earlier this week, where we enjoyed a much needed relaxing break. 

Although my holiday wardrobe is already full of handmade outfits (what can I say? I have a soft spot for holidays and holiday sewing), I couldn't resist but squeezing in a little project before we set off.  
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik
And it was a maxi skirt! Remember my first ever maxi skirt, ever? This is a prime example of how sewing has changed my life. Until 3 years or so ago, I had never owned a maxi skirt, because I thought that us petite ladies couldn't pull off the maxi look. This was not helped by the fact that most of the maxi skirts that I dared to try on in shops were dragging on the floor, unless I put on heels that I was not able to walk in. Yet here I am, feeling great... [read more]

There’s a disconnect between what I want to sew, what I need to sew and what I am sewing. I’m sure this happens to other people, too. Please say I’m not the only one!

First, I have some wants; I want to figure out how to pre-treat and sew velvet for upcoming dinners out. I also have a piece of gorgeous animal print-inspired silk charmeuse that is calling to me (right side of the pic below). The first picture is all three pieces I want to sew.


One thing that is keeping me from cutting the middle fabric, a minky velvet, is a lack of a reliable jacket pattern. I thought that it would work to modify a previous pattern (from before surgery):

butterick 4732.jpg

I took out the FBA from before surgery and reduced the length to make a short version of the jacket on the left. The funnel neckline is a nice shape and I like the way it fits the model. (It used to fit me, too!)

I sewed up a... [read more]

Hello lovelies, The last few weeks have seen a bit of a transformation in the way in which I am feeling. Gone is the bad case of the blue meanies that has been hanging round for months only to be replaced with a reawakening urge to create. The fact that Sprogzilla has moved in with me for Sixth Form college is no coincidence, methinks (although you would think that since she is doing photography she would have jumped at the chance of taking some photos for the blog, but no. There was grumbling and a big huff. She did it though). 

The only downside recently has been that my back has been playing up again and I am really struggling with sitting or walking, making sewing very difficult. This top has been cut out and partly sewn for an age but it took me a few attempts to get the hem finally stitched (and even longer to get photos).

One of... [read more]


I’ve finally vlogged footage from a trip to Tokyo with Phil, back in April.

My latest vlog contains a few clips from the holiday: sightseeing, plus fabric shopping in the Nippori Fabric District, and in Tokyo Hands.

The vlog also features a few me-made garments which I wore regularly during the trip; my Doraemon Emery Dress (it had to be done), Tilly & the Buttons Cleo dungarees, and By Hand London Victoria Blazer.

The following are great guides to fabric shopping in Tokyo:

♥ Tilly & the Buttons

♥ Cashmerette

♥ Seamwork

A few photos from the holiday are below:























Yes, our vacation in Italy was coming to an end. We had one day left and no plans. Lake Como came up as a potential place to visit in the beginning of the vacation, we thought we'll spend the last day there, especially that it was close enough to Milan (our departure airport).

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Last week I spent a day in Brussels with my friends Nena, Laure, Hélène and Karen. We spent time drinking hot chocolate and eating cake, visiting palaces and drawing. I drew this because I was going to see Fleet Foxes on Saturday:

I swear I can draw things that don't include puddles of blood.

The concert was pretty awesome. A lot of people were shouting requests between songs, and me and my friends started giggling about how it would be funny if someone just shouted a song name that wasn't at all a Fleet Foxes song. So in the next quiet moment I shouted 'Wonderwall!' and they tried their best to oblige:

This is why I love live music.
I really, really want to share this version of my new Isca pattern with you as it's the one I wear most of the time, but I am finding my desire to have be picture taken is lower than ever. I decided to just go and do it this morning in my one day worn and creased dress before we go out for the day in this same outfit. So this is me being me and trying not to look too uncomfortable in the process. I hope you likely!

There is not much to say about said dress other than the super drapey slubby denim tencel is from Blackbird fabrics. I bought it about a year ago, but I think its the same one as this one here.

So here are some pictures of how I'm wearing it today! xxx

How amazing is the print on this fabric? Rhetorical question, so no need to answer! It's from Clear It in Melbourne and I've been seeing it pop up on sewists blogs and Instagram's for the last two years or so. Sadly it had well and truly sold out by the time I got myself to Clear It so I'm very lucky that Anna had some in her stash which she sent up to me. Thank you Anna!!!

I had just over a meter of fabric to play with; and the fabric is quite thin and floaty (so different to the fabric content Anna speaks about on her blog - I think there were two bolts of this print floating around Clear It). It seems perfect for a little summer tee and I'm happy that I could fit the Simplicity 1366 onto the fabric.

There's not much to say about the sewing of this top - as it's pretty much the same as the other two I've made. I stuck with lengthening the... [read more]
Hi friends,

In case you didn't already know, I live in NYC, Queens to be exact, and if you live anywhere near here, you know that recently winter has started.  It took it's time this year, showing almost no interest in easing us through fall and then it came full force, out of nowhere. BAM. So I'm sure you can guess that the pictures and garment I wanted to share with you today, are from the deep throws of summer, when tank tops and rayon wrap skirts made more sense.  What can I say... I told you I've been behind on my blogging.  Lol.

This is the third time I've made this kind of skirt, the second time I've blogged about it (see the first (and shorter) blogged version here).  If it looks eerily similar to a Meghann Neilsen cascade skirt that's because I was heavily inspired by it.  I thought about purchasing the pattern, but I wasn't entirely... [read more]

Last Sunday,

I was able to show a friend how to make cold processed soap. It sure was a lot of fun! They left with about eight pounds of soap, the two soap molds that were curing the soap and my first soap cutter.


Since I had planned on giving them the bulk of the soap I only had leftovers, which filled this cedarwood soap mold about halfway.

I promptly wrapped a towel around my mold. I’m unsure why, since I do have a cover for this mold, but it doesn’t matter, the soap was covered and insulated.

My friend received 36 bars of soap from the soap that was made at my home. How much did I receive from the leftovers? Six bars of soap and that’s fine by me. I have lots of soap at my home, easily 60 bars of soap. This coming week, I’ll be making a big batch of soap that might be ready by Christmas. If so, I’ll be giving away a few bars to my daughter’s teachers.

I am off from work next week!  I love to take Thanksgiving Week off.  Part of my plans are to sew as well as fix Thanksgiving dinner. 

I am currently finishing sewing the New Look swing dress.  Will review later.  I also made a change to my website.  I have added another page with my Pattern Reviews shown there, in case you want to check out a review.

Back to sewing room-later!

Two new upcycled denim canteen bags in the shop! Stay wild, moonchild. 

The moon is a loyal companion, indeed. Beautifully put by Tahereh Mafi in Shatter Me.

The moon has always served as an inspiration. Personally I've always had a penchant for celestial themed goods. I found myself wanting to create something new in the canteen bag style. A moon is perfect.

My Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has like 600 stitches and I would like to use them all at least once haha. Here's a chart with some of them. Numbers 28 and 35 stood out to me because they look most like star bursts or twinkles. I ended up using #35 on a dark gray jean remnants cut into crescent shapes. Then I hand beaded the stars on the patchwork denim sky. If I make more of these I'm definitely going to try mixing up the stitches using different designs and maybe a full moon too.

Check them out in the shop here:

"As its Children in need on Friday we are giving you the opportunity to send your child into school dressed up as a character from a children's TV show!" DUH DUH DUHHHHHH!  Okay so here's the deal, Lil man is not a fan of kids TV [something I thank Jesus for everyday because I cannot cope with Topsy and Tim or Peppa pig]. Instead he chooses to either watch Disney movies [which I LOVE]  or

We a have limited number of copies available for sale. 
So if you did not pre-order your copy,  
get your copy HERE.
Thank you for all your support & Enjoy! 
Tag us on social media when you get your copy #teamsewn

Before I started sewing, if someone mentioned TNT, I would think of bombs and explosions. You know, trinitrotoluene, the stuff that is used to detonate things and would show up in cartoons, usually blowing up Wiley Coyote. How misguided I was... In the sewing world, TNT actually stands for Tried'n'True patterns, i.e. a pattern that you have made loads of versions of and has stood the test of time, fit and wear, to become a wardrobe staple. Why are we talking about this now? November is TNT month over at the Sewcialists, the online sewing community. So I wanted to give you my take on them as well. Join the conversation with #sewcialistsTNT.
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