Is it still the case that #pineapplesaresohotrightnow, or am I five years too late? I'm not sure I care either way. Because I am going to wear the heck out of them no matter the answer.

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If you follow me on Instagram – @notsewsimple – then you may know that I started teaching myself to crochet earlier this year. After a couple of months of producing small wonky squares and strips of very dodgy basic stitches, I took a class at my local yarn shop which really helped with the basics such as holding the yarn correctly and my first attempt at a ripple!

tidalwave6I found crochet really easy to pick up – I have never been any good at knitting but crochet has been much more straightforward – though I am still very much at the stage of making basic stitches and avoiding projects with lots of counting …

sublimeyarnSo when Minerva Crafts asked for people to review the Sublime Isla yarn earlier this year I was feeling ready for a new challenge and plunged in with my first attempt at a shawl.

You can read more about how I got on with the yarn and my first time following a crochet pattern over at the Minerva Crafts Blog – here.




Our kitchen reno is dragging on. Three weeks ago it was 90% finished, but then we had a slew of social and work commitments: grandchildren’s birthdays, weekend away we promised my daughter’s family ages ago, unreasonable customers demanding things on weekends. Everything slowed to a crawl. Now we are 95% finished, but have come to a screeching halt over the colour of the walls. I bought the paint a while ago, feeling quite confident that I did not need to do any tests to get the right colour.

Well, that was a mistake. I picked quite a dark shade of gray, being a bit bored with light, wishy-washy colours. But gray can be tricky, with undertones of blue, green or yellow. The gray I chose is too blue, making my cupboard fronts look somewhat beige in comparison. Grrr! So back to the drawing board regarding the paint. I will need to get a few sample pots... [read more]

As a pear-shaped person, I've wound up with a lot of Sewaholic patterns over the years. Generally, whenever they have a sale, I add one or two to my collection--I really should just buy the lot and not have to pay for any more shipping, but as my tastes change and sewing improves I feel like there is always one there that didn't previously catch my eye. Tragically, Sewaholic is no longer (although I've been saying that for ages and every time I do, the new owners pop up out of the woodwork to say "new pattern coming soon"--I've yet to see it materialize, but let me know if it does I guess) but that just means I can catch up on stockpiled patterns not yet made, including today's top, the Pendrell!

If you are looking at this top thinking "so cute, just like a Ralph Lauren crazy shirt" a) you must be from below the Mason Dixon Line and b) thank you! On... [read more]

I’m back with another Emery by Christine Haynes! I know I did this dress a couple projects ago but it’s such a great wardrobe builder that I couldn’t pass it up. I’m a sucker for amazing prints and this dress showcases them perfectly. This pattern is popular for a reason, trust me.

Since making it the last time, my waist and hips have both gone up an inch, but the fit of the my previous dress actually fits even better now, so I stuck with the same size. Currently I’m 36-32-41 and I went with size 8 in bust and graded to a 12 in both the waist and hips. The hips really don’t matter since this is a gathered skirt but you do want to pay close attention to the bust and waist.

Check out the rest of my post and pictures on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

I’ve chatted this summer with a few people thinking of starting blogs, and one of the things people ask about is how to create enough content! Sewing is expensive and time consuming, and taking pictures isn’t always easy.

Here are some of my suggestions – and I hope you’ll help us come up with more in the comments!


1. Blog Series: 

You know I love a good blog series! I’ve done Better Pictures Project, Lazy Tips for Sewing Knits, Wardrobe Colour Palettes, the annual Sewing Top 5, and several others. The great thing about a series is that you can write up lots of posts in advance, and dole them out whenever you need a bit of content… and it also allows you to really deep-dive into whatever interests you about sewing!

If you aren’t sure what to make into a series, there are some classic topics like checking back in on past makes... [read more]

…or rather geishas, snakes and skulls.

My response to Kate’s ‘Dress Like Frida’ project is this little beauty of a skirt.  Here’s Kate and cronies, honouring Frida- I think they had a great day!

Girls dressed up as Frida Khalo

The fabric of course was utterly irrestistible, and not cheap, so a no-waste [no waist more like] skirt was the way to go.

Inspired by Kate’s book [more of that in a moment] I simply tore off a piece for a wide waistband and tore the rest in two.  Two side seams and a hem later, I considered the fastening [why think things through first?]  I’d opted to pleat the fabric onto the waistband, but was craving  a very fast sew, and couldn’t be bothered with a zip, so I simply left a gap between the two ends of the waistband, neatened said gap with a bit of scrap ribbon, and rough pleated the rest on.

A quick hook and bar, and I was wearing it within an hour.  When fastened... [read more]

William Gee Supersaver Haberdashery Flash Sale Background
We’ve got some exciting news for our lovely friends & family…

To coincide with London Design Festival 2018, we’d like to invite you to William Gee’s SUPER SAVER Event, starting Friday 21st September 2018.

We’re sure you’ve been busy creating, making and mending your fabulous projects over the summer months. Now, with London Fashion Week happening, schools and colleges starting their new terms, and London Design Festival 2018 taking over the city, we thought it’s the perfect time to take advantage of William Gee’s money-saving sale, only here for 1 weekend!

Save on sewing tools, fashion design supplies, YKK zips, sewing threads, linings & interfacings and all your favourite haberdashery supplies too, only at
Make sure you check out our Guide to the London Design Festival 2018. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram!

How to save in our Super Saver Event:

1. Shop... [read more]

I know you’re expecting to be seeing my nice new dress today, but instead of sewing this weekend, I decided to spend the time with my girls.  The dress will come, but first, here’s a project I finished last week.

Chippping away at the long list Daughter No2 has left for me to make up, I decided to make a couple of the tops this month.  The pattern is 106A from the February issue of BurdaStyle, 2017.  The fabric chosen is a lovely warm grey polyester something or other left over from her 6th Form Leavers Ball dress.  It has a lovely drape and weight, but one massive disadvantage.  It will not be ironed.  If you were to make it hot enough to press, you’d melt the fabric.  So – fun with flounces in a poly fabric that won’t iron flat….

grey flounce 2
Burda Top 106A February 2017

Luckily I didn’t have to fight for space to put the pieces on the left over fabric, there was a decent size piece... [read more]

#Our Planet, #Earth Views
I began working on Closet Case's Kalle Shirtdress and Top pattern. Pattern was pin fitted and based on finishes measurements and tissue fitting I decided to sew Size 12.  I did make a swayback adjustment and did not shortened the length of the dress as it appears from pattern reviews it seems to run short lengthwise.  We shall see!

Here is the fabric I am using.
It is pretty orange fabric somewhat like an orange sherbet.  It is 100% cotton and I acquired it when I visited my friend who lives in Myrtle Beach off and on during the year.  It was from a sewing and fabric store that caters more to quilting than apparel fabric. 

I like that with this pattern you have options for the collar and the front opening.  I decided to use the popover placket for my version. The instructions for the placket were well written and well illustrated, yet I still had a what the heck... [read more]

Pectus Carinatum, or pigeon chest, is a chest shape where the breastbone is pronounced from the rib cage creating an egg shaped chest where the point of the egg is about where your bridge for your bra sits. It is often described as a “deformity” and considered “abnormal.” It is a chest shape and I will not describe it using those words again. It exists in the world, is common. It can be caused by breathing problems, such as emphysema, or rare diseases, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is my case.

You can’t really tell that I have this chest shape until you see me without a bra or feel my rib cage. The usual suggestion to hide this chest shape, if it causes no physical distress, for women is to get a breast augmentation and have larger breasts to disguise the difference. For men, as long as there is no physical distress, they... [read more]


Pattern Description:

The Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Clothing is a wrap dress designed for either knits or wovens.  There is also a free expansion pack to add sleeves.  Its a popular pattern which has been reviewed a lot.  It wasn’t until I saw a midi version with sleeves that I knew I had to make it.

Pattern Sizing:

The pattern comes in sizes UK 4 – 18.  I’ve inserted the sizing chart to explain why I choose the size I did.

My measurements are 115 cm bust, 104 cm waist, 134 cm high waist and 143 cm low waist.  These put me well out of the range included in this pattern.

I read a lot of reviews, but the most help was Manju which is found here.  We had similar body types and I just cut out the largest size with the sleeve add ons.

Fabric Used:

I picked up a grey marle jersey and a geometric print knit from the Pitt Trading winter sale. ... [read more]

Have you been following along with my journey to design my Fall wardrobe? Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe course guides you through the entire process, … More design your wardrobe week 2 and my shameful winter fashion faux pas »

The post design your wardrobe week 2 and my shameful winter fashion faux pas appeared first on My French Twist.

SewStyleHero?  There are sew many!


Here’s what I made for this post, more on that in a minute……

First, a bit about me.

I’m Yvette and I share my loves at  My loves include my family, my 2 cats, sewing, machine knitting, cooking, gardening, travelling, and what-ever else catches my attention at the moment.  Distraction comes easily,  inspiration is everywhere, and one of my children described me as a “grazer”.

I started a business in the 1980’s teaching and selling knitting machines out of my home near Roseneath, Ontario while raising my 3 children.  The business went “store-front” in the small town of Baltimore, and Husqvarna sewing machines soon joined the line-up. During that time in my life my mom was a tremendous help, both in the store and with my children.  We spent a lot of quality time together.   The years went by, the... [read more]

In plaid. 

Because I have seven yards of beautiful cotton woven plaid shirting fabric from District Fabric's brick and mortar store, at their closing. THE ONLINE STORE IS OPEN.
 Ashley moved, she didn't go out of business.

This pattern has been on the top of the pile for a long time. And Pao's creations have made me hungry to try it out.
She has links to them all in this post

But I have issues. So many issues.

Yes, I understand that gathering the central panel before you sew it to its adjoining pieces is the way to go. But the finished neckline looks so wonky in so many versions of this dress, even assembled on it's own. The neckline seam is on a faint curve, folded on itself as it's own binding, and then folded over at... [read more]

My latest blog post for Minerva is now live over on their blogger network. Hop over for musings on knitting, sewing up the Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore and the threads that weave us together.

Ivy Pinafore Ivy Pinafore

#Beautiful, #Awesome Earth

Today we welcome back a film favorite- Jean Harlows nipples! Back in 1932 they were covered in Red Dust and in 1935 they gave us this deja view  in China Seas! sea1

Singapore! The jewel of the….well, the China Seas. Our plot revolves around the jaunty, devil may care sea captain and his voyage delivering bullion to people who only have miso currently. Feel free to convert that to todays money in your comments, folks- I’m not here to provide insight, just snark.


Look at that dock! Teaming with humanity and stereotype! IMG_1737

Here’s our intrepid Captain Gaskell! He is at home both at sea and in the parlor. He is no push over and savvy to all high-jinks! sea 2

Our cast includes more than a few character actors and notables. Our ships drunk is Robert Benchley! Former New Yorker writer and raconteur.  He shared an office with Dorothy Parker!

seas3 Here’s Sir Guy Wilmerding! I kid you... [read more]

I sewed a "sleeping dress" for this little lady for Christmas and she has since then refused to sleep in anything else so I was asked if I could make some more of these, and of course I could :)
I used the same pattern as for the last one, from Ottobre 6/2015, and found some fabric in the stash that was left from earlier projects. This time I kept the full length of the dress since she has grown some and it worked out perfectly.

 The length is just perfect for hiding the toes :)


I discovered this pattern via Instagram, and it’s a cute summer make.


SBCC patterns are designed for petite women, graded for a max height of 5’4”. The pattern is described as ‘the perfect quick sew, requiring minimal fabric yardage, and an easy elasticized neckline finish’.


This fabric is a lightweight cotton lawn designed by Alison Glass by Andover Fabrics called Silhouette.


This version is an inch shorter than the pattern to accommodate the border print, the dark grey pattern panel runs through the centre of the fabric.


Super quick, and really utilises the fabric print 😺✂✂


Dressmaking scissors can run from the cheap and cheerful to the frankly extortionate and its Sally hard to now whether you should splash out or if there's cheaper options out there that are just as good. So I thought I'd try and test as any different price ranges and brands of scissors as I can so you can hopefully find the right pair for you!  So let's begin with these prima sheers that I


I did receive a copy of this pattern for free in exchange for me testing it and providing feedback. All opinions are my own.

I really enjoy pattern testing and when Mel from The Wearable Studio was looking for pattern testers I thought ‘I can do that’. I like giving back by pattern testing when I can and particularly love that Mel is a fellow Australian.

Pattern Description:

The Canary Cami is a twist on the traditional cami.

When I first saw the line drawings I wasn’t sure it was going to suit me but any doubts were gone when I put it on.

It has a centre front and a centre back piece and two side pieces to form shaping around the bust and the sleeve.

It is a pdf download and there aren’t a lot of pattern pieces so it is pretty quick to put together.

Pattern Sizing:

The pattern comes... [read more]

The plan was to use this fabric for a sweatshirt but because of its structure, I made this into a dress using Butterick 6494.
I know, it worked. Who would have thought.

My original idea was to use Jalie Marie-Claude raglan but the pattern needed 40% stretch. This floral print loop back sweatshirt knit fabric has minimal stretch.
I have made Butterick 6494 twice as a top using sweatshirt fabric so I knew this pattern would work again.

I wasn't 100% sure it would suit me but I'm fine with this dress. To be honest, the movement in this fabric paired with the print, allows me to wear this in the office.
I think it's the dress structure and the fabric print that lifts dress this so I can wear it for more than just one occasion.

You'll chuckle when I tell you that this pattern is designed for 35% stretch fabric. I really need to read the pattern envelope before I... [read more]
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