Hello there! I'm back again with a make I've had completed for some time now. I have a million and one excuses for my absence. The main two being   1.  It's been hot as hell out and I've not been able to pry myself out of the air conditioned house to do much of anything outside and   2.  I've been blog depressed.  The desire for perfection wears on a person and it ends up taking the fun out of everything. I spend more time than I want publishing a post. I'm taking my time back and putting the fun back into this hobby by keeping it short and sweet from now on.

Mila 1

Mila 3 

Pattern: The Mila Shirt by Itch to Stitch  PDF available here
Fabric:   Chambray from Joann Fabric
Notions:  Buttons for the sleeve tabs and I chose snaps for the placket.
Sizing & Alterations:  Based off the finished garment sizing I cut a 0 grading to a 2 at the hips.  I lengthened... [read more]

Late start at work today, but I managed to squeeze in another fitting of the bodice, so that the missus could help by tracing off the style lines for the skirt yoke onto it.  I need to put some elastic into the skirt waistband, as it droops a bit when worn with the corset underneath.  All well and good, so I made do with a quick pin for now, while we sorted out the bodice hemline.

Then, once I’d removed it all again, I realised that the skirt was slightly twisted.  Sigh.  Now I have to [a] grab the missus when she isn’t otherwise engaged [not easy] and get her to do it again or [b] wing it.

Knowing me, it will of course be option b.  Pray for me.

‘All’ I have to do on the bodice now is

  1. Attach bodice and lining together, shaping the hemline at the same time
  2. Insert boning along the vertical seams and darts so that it doesn’t ruck up in wear [that’s... [read more]

I’ve already mentioned that in past few months I rarely find time to sew for myself.. Special occasions are usually the reason when I try to squeeze a few hours for selfish sewing and I always leave it for the last couple of hours until the event.. My high school best friend's wedding was one of those occasions and this is the dress I made in limited amount of time.. I had a very busy week and I delayed making the dress until Friday, and the wedding was on Saturday.. To be more precise, I started cutting the fabric at 19h on Friday, counting that 4 hours would be enough to finish sewing everything.. I already knew which fabric I wanted to use, and that strapless dress was the best choice for my fabric pick.. I needed a safe pattern because there was no time for mistakes.. 

My first choice was the pattern #107 from Burda 03/2010.. I’ve made a... [read more]
Oops a bit late!  The weekend was a bit hectic and yesterday I was in bed for 7pm so finally finding time to share my antics of last weeks. There’s not much variety this week. I played a lot of golf (4 rounds!) so not much time for anything else on those days. Monday was our Lady Captains Trip.  We didn’t venture far, only to Bradford Golf club which is a fantastic course who looked after us and fed us very well.   My team came a close 2nd and we each won a lovely toiletries bag with 2 other matching smaller zipper bags.   In golf if you have the same score as another person or team the one with the best back 9 wins.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the best back 9. Tuesday more golf.  H joined in the ladies comp. Ripped out the naff zip on my dress and added an invisible one, thinking I was going to be wearing it for the races on Thursday. Wednesday – more golf.  H bet me for …

Life has gotten kind of crazy, again, and it’s slowed down sewing progress, that’s for sure. On Saturday, I had a cooking class to teach, so that meant no progress in the sewing room. However, I did make it down there on Sunday. I jumped in to finish up my new set of Regency stays. I only had the outer layer left to sew together, and then I was able to put them all together. I have everything lined up and was ready to start the boning channels.


That’s where I hit a stumbling block. When cleaning and rearranging the sewing room, I know I cam across a bag full of the zip ties I use for boning, but now I can’t find it. I searched the room a couple of times over, found a few other things I was missing, but still no boning. I didn’t feel like running out to the hardware store right then, and decided that I still had stuff that I could work on to keep... [read more]


Hello, friends!

Yes, it’s still summer here in California.  It’s hot and dry and my calendar says it’s August, so I know it’s summer.  On the other hand, my husband (a middle school teacher) has gone back to teach for the new school year and it seems like summer is over.  It will likely be warm here until November, so I won’t be putting my warm weather frocks away any time soon.  Although I have a plethora of spring/summer wear at my fingertips, the cold weather items in my wardrobe are lacking.  I’ve attempted to fix this over the last few years, but I still don’t have much.  I seem to live in leggings and knit dresses (Colette Monetas and Cashmerette Appletons) in the cold months and I do a lot of layering.  Cardigans are definitely my best friends.

As we remain in a historic drought, it’s difficult to think of bundling up when... [read more]

As beautiful as the architecture of midcentury modernism is, I wouldn’t be true to my own aesthetic if I didn’t write a post on the textiles from that era. Like many of you, I suppose, I’ve long nurtured a fabric fetish. Patterns. Designs. Color combinations. Just love ’em. And my home wouldn’t reflect who I really […]

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It is that time again, I'm working on building my wardrobe from top to bottom.  

I have recently cleaned out my closet and rid myself of every item that I have not touched for at least a year.  I had so many pants I couldn't believe it. Pants I hadn't worn in several years, and couldn't get into if I tried.  I literally had size 6 to 12 in my closet.   After gaining weight a couple of years ago, I totally gave up on dresses and skirts. Not sure why because I have always loved them.  I guess I felt frumpy and decided to buy or make them,  just wear pants, to me it was easier.  I work in corporate America and lost the zeal to dress up and look pretty anymore, and my co'workers started to notice and question me about it .
Then it happened, I started taking my workouts serious, and though I haven't lost much weight, because I exercise to eat, my body... [read more]

Simplicity New Look 6205

I’ve always found it hard buying dresses for my Little Miss; she’s a good height for her age but narrow/slender. If we buy the right length, invariably the bodice is too big with straps falling off her shoulders, necklines gaping, armholes bagging. Knowing we had a family gathering coming up in a couple of days, I decided to step up to the plate and start sewing for her!

I decided upon New Look 6205, having seen a gorgeous version of it made up by Thread Carefully. Minerva Crafts also showcased it as a Pattern of the Week recently highlighting some great fabric and notions. The pattern itself has a couple of sleeve variations and styling options. I love them all but decided to first go with View D, as the sleeve/straps really appealed to me; at last she’d have a dress where they wouldn’t be falling off her shoulders every two seconds!... [read more]

Sewing Classes

It’s that time of year again, you know – the kids are going back to school over the next two weeks, the evenings are drawing in. It is also the time that all of you crafters get to start planning new projects and maybe deciding to learn or improve your skills.

To enable to you local folks out there I have put together a program of dressmaking sewing classes aimed at beginners and improvers.

Sewing Classes schedule:

Tuesday/Friday mornings 10.30am
Tuesday /Thursday evenings 7pm
Class length is approximately 2 hours
Cost – €50 for a block of 4 classes

You can learn to use a sewing machine, make a tote bag, a t shirt, sew stretchy fabrics, make a pair of jeans, a dress for christmas. Whatever it is you want to do I will get you started on your journey.

Its best to have your own sewing machine so you can figure out the settings and learn to use it to its... [read more]

When I was in college, I took a class about memory. Oddly enough, I don't remember much about it, except that we learned about the falsity of our own memories. Things we thought happened a certain way that aren't actually true. Ten years later and I still think about that class I can't remember, because that one fact I learned keeps coming true for me. This week I was putting laundry away throwing clothes into a pile and scratching my head about why I have so little closet space. I rifled through some stuff and realized exactly why.

Mama Monkey is back in the hospital.

The just-in-case clothes. The when-I-start-working-again blouses. The need-this-for-a-cocktail-party dresses. The so-and-so-bought-me-that t-shirts. I realized that I'm not hoarding things. I'm hoarding memories, and, by extension, I'm hoarding a former identity. The tops pictured above are... [read more]

I don't usually post my handmade undies, but I have recently used two excellent free patterns and I had to share the love. 

Joost de Cock boxer briefs line drawing

The first pattern was for men's boxers. This is a really comfortable and well thought out pattern by Joost de Cock. Not only is it free, but the pattern is custom made to your guy's measurements so it fits perfectly. There are several other patterns too. Joost's custom pattern website is amazing and must have been an incredible amount of work. If you like it do consider donating to buy him a coffee or two and say thanks!

I started with a pair of boxers for my husband. I created a profile for him on Joost's website and put in the necessary measurements. The resulting pattern was very quick to tape together and it took only about five minutes to whizz up the seams on the overlocker. Before adding... [read more]

This DIY Tank is for a fluid bias-cut lingerie-inspired camisole with a lace insert.  The “bias-cut” technique is used by designers for cutting clothing to utilize the greater stretch in the bias or diagonal direction of the fabric, causing it to … Continued

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 Facebook/Instagram has just notified me that exactly 104 weeks, or 2 years ago, I posted this:
It's still the best feeling! My mumma is still awesome, knitting and crocheting away for charity and new great grandchildren, inspiring all of us with her independence and enthusiasm.

My very first hat attempts are still works-in-progress. It was spring and I tried knitting hats in cotton and bamboo, on double pointed needles.... it wasn't pretty. Since then I've reached out to the knitters amongst you, fondled your MadTosh cowls, hand-knit socks and snuggly cardigans, soaked up your thoughts and opinions, passed my mistakes over to be ripped and learnt to put life-lines in. 

My very first hat and my penultimate one (for this post).

I've moved from cloche style hats in 2015 to slouchy versions in 2016, I've even ventured back into the non-woollen with a self-drafted version... [read more]

| Len's Mill Stores |

Hi Friends!

On Saturday I visited a new Len's Mill location I've never been to before. Along with finding the city's largest bucket of buttons, I also scored some awesome fabrics at great deals and figured I would show you!

I went in for plush underwire casing, and came out with 6 yards of fabric I didn't need. Average stuff around these parts. 

If you're not familiar with Len's Mill, it's a discount retailer selling lots of fabric all throughout Ontario. Unfortunately, they don't do online shopping, but I hope this post gives you some sewspiration!

100% Cotton Chambray - 4 yds/$4.99 yd. 

As soon as I walked into the store I saw a giant tub of this chambray, at least the size of my bathroom, overflowing with this overstock chambray. My friend Alecia had just asked me to recreate one of my RTW chambray... [read more]

O.K. my little guy just started preschool a couple months ago, so he’s not technically going Back to School this fall, but boy does he need some nice looking fall clothes for preschool and church.

Coatal Cargos label 2

I’m getting started sewing for this guy by using some untouched patterns from my stash.The first pattern to try out are the Coastal Cargos, a casual pant made a little dressier when made in a corduroy.

Coastal Cargos

The Pattern: Blank Slate Patterns are designed so that you can easily add or remove options to make the clothing you want. I found this to be true in the Coastal Cargos too. I eliminated the front pockets, belt loops, side stripe, and button tab used to secure a rolled up cuff. These are options my little guy won’t need for now. The smaller sizes of the pattern include elastic in the back portion of the waistband which is a nice feature.

Coastal Cargos[read more]

A few days ago, I pulled my last skein of handspun mohair off of my two yard Niddy Noddy and proceeded to dye all the handspun yarn.

Wiltons food dye_1 8.20.16


If you’ve made ‘Sun Tea’ the process is similar, of course instead of tea (unless you’re using that to color the yarn) you use a dye.

Wilton's Dye gel
I normally use natural dyes for my handspun yarn, but this time I used Wilton’s icing colors. It’s a food coloring, mainly used to tint icing. I used vinegar to set the color.

Handspun Mohair_1 8.20.16
I will say that my handspun mohair yarn took the dye well and left the variegated pattern that I wanted. Listening to my daughter’s suggestion I went with an orange/copper base and I added a goldenrod yellow also. I have yellow undertones in my skin and I thought this would compliment it nicely.

Wiltons food dye_3 8.20.16


A few evenings ago, I went outside and removed the handspun yarn from the glass jar. The water was warm, I rinsed off the water, removed... [read more]

Part of my criteria (for choosing a farm to purchase sheared animal fiber) is to find people that treat their animals kindly and genuinely care about their overall well-being.
At this rate, it’s highly doubtful that I’ll have shaken out the dirt, picked off the large bits of vegetable matter, washed, cleaned, combed or carded all my animal fiber before autumn is finished. During my “down time” in between spinning yarn for the cape (that I’m creating for a knit designer) I’m starting to break down my cleaned fiber into bags.

Cleaned raw fleece

Cleaned raw fleece

The first picture shows a few of them. I’ve marked the breed and have included the farm on some of the bags. I’ll eventually add that information to all. The bags listed does not even represent 1% of the raw fiber I have. I am thrilled to say that all the animal fiber I have received came from small farms that HUMANELY shear their animals. They... [read more]

Yep. That’s what this post is about - making a bra from the store-bought bra I loved.
This is the second bra and it's got all the kinks ironed out of the pattern pieces.

I made this pink rose lace bra based on the black lace ‘zombie’ bra below.
These are the initial bra pieces from the black lace bra.
Susan of Measure Twice Cut Once has a really good series of posts on her blog that you really should bookmark if you want to do this like a real professional.
You can see how I've pinned the bra to paper to trace it without unpicking it.
The first rose lace bra was the test bra and the second one is the ‘bra of success’.

Notions list for two bras:
·         Sliders and bra strapping or buy premade bra straps

·         Lace for the bra cups

·         Power mesh for the bra band

·         Plush elastic

·         Premade 2 hook fastener

·         A floral motif or fine ribbon... [read more]
This little outfit has been another favourite in my wardrobe this summer. But frustratingly one of those that it is incredibly difficult to get decent pictures of that reflect how much you love it in reality. Ah well. You'll just have to take my word for some of it! One of my favourite pieces of fabric I brought home from my trip to the West Coast of the US last year was this amazing piece of mustard rayon from The Fabric Store. I've gushed about my love for this shop previously as I was so delighted with the carefully curated selection of dressmaking fabrics on offer. I really was spoilt for choice. I love wearing garments made with rayon and there were some beautiful prints so my instant draw to this solid mustard took me by surprise. It was such a great vivid shade with a touch of lime to it and top quality rayon too.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Mustard Rayon Midi Skirt and Charcoal Cotton Sewaholic Renfrew Tee

It's taken me nigh on a... [read more]
It is 90 degrees in Texas and I have made my Winter coat! I am so ahead of the game this year! Yay me! Okay, that is not completely accurate. I have finished my Winter coat from last year! 

I began this refashioned, pieced denim coat last Winter using Simplicity 1254 by Leanne Marshall. After spending many hours piecing the coat exterior, I lost my sewjo. All the improvising and auditioning placement of pieces, took it out of me. That coupled with the rapid change in weather, relegated the shell of this coat to my W.I.P. pile.  

I picked this project up again when Lisa over at Pattern and Branch alerted me to the #Refashioners2016 #Jeanius challenge. The Refashioners is a challenge created by Portia Lawrie of Makery that showcases ways to refashion a selected garment. This years challenge is denim from jeans.

To make my coat I pieced 9 pair of men's... [read more]

On Saturday my friend and I raced in the 19th Annual PDX Soapbox Derby in our Jem & the Holograms themed car. It was a glittery pink guitar.


Our sponsor, Pine Crest Fabrics, let us loose on their remnant bin. We managed to find a ton of jems..I mean there! The only costume we didn’t find great fabric for was mine. There were only scraps of the sparkly stretch velvet, so I grabbed the kind pukey mauve fabric and a sparkly black mesh and figured I would, as Tim Gunn says, “make it work.”


I was crossing my fingers that there was some nylon in there so I could dye it..and there was. Yay!


I hacked the Cashmerette Concord tee into this dress.  First I lengthened it into a dress and cut out the front and back in my purple fabric. Then I cut the front into 1″ strips below the bottom of the neckline and spaced them out by 1″ – essentially doubling the length.

I... [read more]

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