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This is a very easy pattern to make a teething toy using a 2.75-3 inch wooden ring.

This pattern makes a generously sized toy (it is about 10.25 inches long including the ring, and 3 inches wide). It is designed to be made with two different fabrics, a thicker fabric which could be fleece, minky, or french terry and a thinner layer like a quilting cotton. The two fabrics give it a variety of textures and allow you to play with different combinations.

The Bunny Ear Teether pairs very well with the Bunny Lovey!

Happy making!

It is possible to find several of these toys in internet galleries at quite very affordable rates. Some musical toys are perfect in this aspect. There are a number of varieties of musical toys readily available online.

If you're searching for toys to buy for your children, always consider your youngster's special and distinctive preferences. You can now buy amazing and distinctive children's toys online with no hassles. Particularly when it regards their children's preferred toys, today's parents do not make it possible for them to feel any scarcity whatsoever within this realm.

The Famous Kids Toys Browse the website to choose the toy you would like to purchase. The toys are supplied with magnets on a single front paws. Stuffed toys might be a kid's very first real buddies. Soft toys make a superb and practical alternative for babies. Most folks prefer... [read more]

I really enjoyed my time at The Houston International Quilt Festival and Market last month. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some of my exploits. I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes workings while helping my friend Cheryl of Paradiso Designs. While not helping, I was walking the floor meeting new-to-me fabric designers and companies. 

One of the companies I discovered is Frond Design Studios and their retail store  Delve MIY. Their fabric is made by transferring artwork to textiles! Their catalog is extensive and beautiful, be sure to pop over to the site and drool. I met the owner, Stephanie Brandenburg, and was given an opportunity to play with some of her fabric. 


I love the large scale print of this Weeds design. I took several weeks considering a pattern to showcase the details of the art without breaking it up too... [read more]

The holidays are coming up faster than you can eat all the mince pies, and it’s time for gift buying. Whether you want to give your loved ones subtle hints *ahem* or buy something for a curvy sewist in your life, here are our Cashmerette curvy sewing top picks!

Special sewing tools


I’ve been lusting after a Simflex button gauge for ages! It’s a super simple way to get perfectly spaced buttons on your next Harrison Shirt.

The key to great finishing? Great pressing. A Dritz Tailor Board is an essential of my sewing room.

My favourite scissors are my Ginghers– and these are a fun printed pair that would be a cute gift.

Fantastic fit gifts


The absolute bible of curvy fitting is Fit For Real People: a gift that won’t go unused!

Buying for someone who wants to dive into shirtmaking? The Cashmerette Shirtmaking For Curves workshop will take your giftee from picking... [read more]

Everyone has different “basics” in their wardrobe… and in the midst of Christmas busyness, I’ve been dreaming up topping up mine!

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • taupe striped Concord tee – basically, another version of my most-worn tee in another colour way of the same fabric!
  • red plaid dress – not so much a basic as my take on the wardrobe essential: a plaid shirt!

  • leopard dress, or maybe a leopard top? I already own both in different leopard print, so we’re into repeat territory either way!
  • another long cardigan – maybe a Paprika Opal, maybe another Sew Over It Shift dress slit up the middle to make it a cardigan. Can’t get enough of these when I’m dressing for work in the morning! I’ve got a cool fabric that is white lace bonded to black scuba that I’m planning to use.

I am currently working on another Renfrew top from Sewaholic. This will be my fourth top using this pattern.  I have just about worn out my last one made about two years ago.

I am using this lovely velvet knit fabric from Style Maker Fabrics called Expresso. A very rich brown color.
It was an easier piece to cut out than I thought it would be and sewing so far has been good.  I am using my serger to complete most of the sewing since the top has all the fitting issues complete. That's the great thing about a TNT pattern.

I have tried to do a little sewing on it during spare moments before or after work.I have so many other projects that I want to start on after this one and not sure which one to do first.  I will have some vacation time the week after Christmas for more sewing.

Thanks for stopping by and always appreciate your comments and feedback!
A sassy neckline and peplum, I was smitten the minute I saw this pattern and knew I had to make it. I had visions of every color in the rainbow in my closet . I just love everything about it, the Princess Seams and the weight of the fabric I chose was just awesome. The fabric is a medium weight textured knit, but oh my goodness its one of the softest knits I have every felt.  It has almost a sponge like texture, like a Techno Knit, but not as spongy.  It is a 4 way knit too.  

In this picture you can see the texture and how buttery it is:

The true color is in the picture above.  But below you can see how I paired it with a pair of black pebble crepe wide leg pants and pumps.  The fit was right on.  I love the neckline and the squared peplum.  

Quick Review:  McCalls 7126:

Was it Easy:  Very
Modifications:   None
Sizing:   True to size (I went... [read more]

Growing up, my mom sewed two main items – Halloween costumes for my sister and I, and Christmas stockings.  While Meg and I have moved on from the Halloween costumes (well, somewhat … at least we can make our own now!), Mom still makes Christmas stockings as gifts and wedding presents for lots of friends…

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A few months ago, I booked a cruise with 14 other folks and what was bound to be a fun and interesting vacation in the midst of the cold, unpredictable weather that the nation's capital is apt to bring. At the time of booking, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a new one-piece swimsuit to take on the trip. We were to be stopping in Grand Turks, Jamaica and the Bahamas so I was ready to jump at the chance for some beachy blog photos lol. I originally wanted to make a Sophie swimsuit but figured that wouldn't really be feasible seeing as though I lacked MOST of the materials for it. I remembered Vogue 9192 and decided that I would go for it. After going through my scraps and remnant bags, I realized I not only had enough fabric for ONE view of the pattern, but that I could make TWO separate views!

Everything was great until days started... [read more]
It's Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew, so if you're here for some free stuff, thanks for stopping by! 

If you haven't been here before, I'm an artist and a mom and I love to sew. I blog about my sewing projects, DIY projects, and lately, about my new patterns! I love making soft toy patterns, some of which you can see in my store here on the blog and at Etsy. I also have plans to release some women's clothing patterns, so stay tuned later this year. 

Bunny Lovey Pattern

Made patterns First Day Dress.

Marcy Tilton Jacket Pattern

Without further ado, here's how to get a FREE pattern. Three lucky people will get their choice of patterns, either the PAID version of the Bunny Lovey or the Dragon Lovey. To enter, use this Rafflecopter form: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!


This is not the year for fancy Christmas party dresses. However, I can’t let the holiday season go unmarked by some thematic outfit because, well, I just can’t! This top came together in a matter of minutes and I know it’s going to get some pretty solid wear until Christmas.


The bodice was originally a maternity shirt and had long ties that wrap around the belly. I wore it once and hated but I adored the fabric so I just couldn’t let it go. I cut off the ties and sewed down the cross-over but it’s kind of an awkward cropped length so I didn’t wear it. The red stripes were scraps left over from my 80’s striped dress. I had to piece together several scraps to make this skirt (and I wish I had had enough I could have made it dress length!), but I saved every little bit of this fabric as I adored it and I’m glad I could do something with it. It’s the perfect... [read more]

Happy news were received couple of months ago for all Starbucks partners, and some customers as well. Starbucks introduced NEW dress code! 20 years later and what used to be only black or white polo shirt can now be navy blue, black, white, grey and even stripes and small prints! So exciting, especially for those Starbucks baristas that sew (I am pretty sure I am not the only one). As a store manager – you are the person who should embrace the change, lead by example and make the most out of it. This dress code change means one thing for me – more self-expression in my hand-made wardrobe!

This “sailor shirt” as my husband calls it, is made out of soft jersey that I picked up at Wal-Mart the other day, during my fabric haul.

FEATURES: it features “ruffle” shoulder, 3/4  sleeve and a soft elastic waist that makes it a more feminine and flattering... [read more]

Honestly, I cannot recall exactly how this came to be. I've always liked owls though. They are perfect subjects for abstract interpretation. The way I do the ruffles on these bags is suppose to be like their feathers but I think that's obvious. The first owl bag I made I listed and sold over on Artfire.

That bag was pretty simple, it was smaller than the ones I do now. I used a vintage eyelet cotton trim that came pre-gathered. Along with that bag I made one zippered barn owl inspired bag. Main reason for that was I wanted to try out a different kind of owl. I don't remember why I never made more of it but I went back to the original owl. I started incorporating the jeans hems after I had saved a good amount of them and have kept saving/using them ever since. For the most part, earlier owls consisted of vintage and thrifted cottons. These are owls... [read more]
I couldn’t help myself.  I know I was supposed to be getting on with making blocks, especially stretchy ones, but I just needed a Cleo so badly after seeing them popping all over IG and the blogasphere! And I had these shoes which I recently purchased, and had nothing to wear with them!  And a Cleo or 2 with opaque tights would be just perfect! So I whipped it up in an evening (I’d already traced off my size). The only measurements you need to take into consideration are your hips and waist.  I’m a tilly size 5 on the hips (I like Tilly’s sizes – they make you measure.  As they are sized 1 to 8 you can’t just go with your ‘normal’ size and be lazy. I would be a size 6 waist, but looking at the finished garment size I knew there should be enough ease in the size 5 for it to fit my waist. And it did.  Perfect!  No muslin!!  Not even One!  Which is a miracle as I think …
Today I'll show you how easy it is to make your own Bunnylope Lovey!

Start by making a Bunny Lovey. You can get the pattern and tutorial here.

To make the Bunnylope antlers, you'll need a bit more fabric, a little bit of stuffing, and the pattern.

I'm using white cotton velour, but you could also use fleece, minky, or even quilting cotton.

Download the pattern and print it out without scaling on your printer so that the pattern is the right size. Then cut out the pattern on the solid line.

Cut two squares of fabric 6”x4”, then fold them right sides together into a 3”x4” rectangles. Trace the pattern onto your fabric rectangles.

Sew on the lines you traced. Leave an opening on the bottom of the antler, where indicated by the pattern.

Cut around your sewing, leaving a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

Clip corners. Turn right side out.

Stuff the antlers firmly enough... [read more]

Looking for a new wallet?  Then  you’ll love the Swoon Pearl Wallet.  Even better, there is a step by step video for how to sew the Pearl so you can follow along every step of the way for perfect results … Read More

The post Swoon Pearl Wallet appeared first on My Handmade Space.

I'm afraid this post isn't going to be earth shattering, but I wanted to record the info for my own purposes. For some reason, I can never remember which patterns for PJs I like and what sizes I have used! It's a problem. Anyway, I finally got a chance to do some sewing, and the boys need PJs.
I started with Duncan, as his need was the greatest. The shirt is a blank from Walmart that I added the diesel engine to with flocked HTV, It's fun and fuzzy. For the pants, I used the Goodnight Sweetheart pants pattern from the Sewing for Boys book. I've been using it successfully for years, but Duncan is in the largest size now, so we'll be retiring it soon. Sad day. I did have to shorten it significantly. I took 3 inches off the length, and it's still got some grow length.
He likes them very much because TRAINS. The fabric is quilting cotton from Not my... [read more]

Coming to an IMAX theatre this Christmas- Mad Max 4- Bratz  Dolls shop Fury Road!!

OMG Chloe- is that what you’re wearing to scavenge?

We are sooo taking hostages at H&M today!

Ok, so I was totally standing in line for a chai and bang- the apocalypse!? As if!

I swear, my nails are not digging world annihilation- my gels are looking boggy!?

Courtney? Is that my skirt? You are so dead. Like literally, cuz that’s cool now. 

Fringe for tank driving? You are so bougie, Veronica!

Tonight we gather at the Thunderdome to honor our leader- Miley Cyrus! I love the end of the world- totes good times!

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I just love how happy @merprincejv is in his #makemypattern shirt 😁💙👌

This month I made a winter coat for my Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post. Every year I made a nice warm winter coat and every time I’m in the middle of it I wonder WTF is wrong with me?! Coats take a long time and usually have about 101 steps. This coat wasn’t so bad and everything was going quickly, until I of course screwed things up!


Let’s start off with the measurements. At the time of making this my measurements were: 35-31-40, which would have put me at sizes: 13-17-16 (I know there aren’t odd number sizes, but I was in the middle of 16 and 18, so just go with it!). Since this is a coat I decided I should make a muslin. I’ve actually been a lot better about doing this and do it about 90% of the time now! I’m actually proud of myself 😉


For the muslin I made a straight 14, just to see where I should go from there. The top fit... [read more]

I had this fabric in my stash for over a year.  I found it on sale at, and I initially purchased it to make a blazer.  Of course as usual I never got around to it, and so I packed it away with my winter fabrics.  Its a double knit, so I could have used it for something like a pencil skirt  but since it was spring/summer sewing it got packed away.  

Working on my fall wardrobe and making sure it is filled with easy transitional essentials I pulled the fabric out and immediately ran to my quickie go too McCalls 6886.  I needed a dress to wear to church.   I woke up a few hours early and quickly put it together, and was out the door and on time for church.  Yay me.  Because it was already cut out, and used so many times, it was put together in about an hour, hemmed, serged and all.


As you can see I paired it with a cute little... [read more]

Post 102.png

I know I’m being controversial, but I’m close to being fed up with Christmas with 3 weeks to go. Which is why I am a bit in two minds about this project. I do feel a bit Santa Claus-y all wrapped up in this big piece of red wool. And that is definitely not a look I’m going for here. But it was quick and easy to make, it’s fairly warm AND the fabric was from Oxfam, nuff said! Too bad I don’t get to wear it until spring, this is definitely not a winter coat, my friends! 



Anyway, how did we come about this lovely garment anyway? Well, it’s mostly because I’m a wuss, i.e. not really owning up to making a real coat, with lining, interlining, buttons, the works! I have had Clare coat printed and ready to go since it came out. In 2015!! I have had this fabric since February last year, and 5m of real wool take up a lot of freakin’ space!! And I just sat on all... [read more]

img_6909 Hello Curvy Sewing Collective! Today I am reviewing Frau Alma, a retro-style dress by German indie label Hedi näht which translates Hedi Sews. If you’re looking for an easy sewing project, I might have the pattern for you. How about a dress, suitable for French terry or sweat fabric? Because #winteriscoming… Check out Frau Alma for women (there’s also a kid’s pattern named Alma). Frau Alma is 1 of 17 new German sewing patterns which have been translated to English by my friend Annika from Naeh-Connection. It comes with raglan sleeves and these cute little waist flaps.

Size range: The pattern comes in double sizes XS to XXL. I’ve sewn a XL. I normally wear a 16. XXL should equal 18/20.

My measurements: Height: 5’’ 9’, Bra: 39 DD or 40 D, depends, Bust 42″, Waist 37″,  Hip 44″, Shape: hourglass.


Which view did I sew?: I sewed the original look, a dress... [read more]

Giveaway time!

Are you interested to make you're own espadrilles like mine?
Do you have a size 40 foot?
Where is this questioning going?
Source: Prym.consumer on instagram
If you've said yes to the first two questions and you live in either Australia or New Zealand, I have the full Prym espadrille kit available in size 40 on offer. 
Write your comment / wish on the review I did for Minerva Crafts.

The mail service for my Minerva Crafts UK commitment just arrived this week. It left the UK in September.
Vicki from Minerva Crafts UK send me a back up kit when the first kit didn't arrive.
All the products I used for these Prym espadrilles are now available for this giveaway.
Source: Prym.consumer on instagram
If you want this kit leave your comments on the Minerva Crafts blog post here, by Friday 15 December and the lucky person will get their own Prym... [read more]

Hey there! I hope you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving. We headed up to Vancouver and it didn’t occur to me for a while that of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving up there (silly European that I am) but we had a great time pottering around and enjoying the city. As far as sewing goes, I’m right in the middle of lots of pre-Christmas projects that I rather annoyingly can’t blog, but it would spoil any surprises that I do actually manage to finish in time.


A cool café in Vancouver where you can play with and adopt cats


I foolishly believed that since the dark nights have settled in I’d have more time to sew, but I’ve actually somehow had less. I forgot how the lack of light limits my hours for certain tasks that are best in daylight and how taking photos is a near impossibility during the week. Oh well, I’ll get into the swing of it I guess, but for now a... [read more]

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