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On the 1st of October 2018, Janome Sewing Machine Co. turns 50! Well, here in the UK. Janome are world leaders when it comes to making excellent quality sewing machines and if you sew, you will have heard of them? Of course Janome have existed for a lot longer than 50 years! To celebrate they […]

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Itch to Stitch just released the new Aveiro Cardigan and it’s perfect for Fall!  This cardigan has tons of options for bodice lengths and sleeves so its incredibly versatile.  There is a 20% off launch sale going on on now, too.

I was a pattern tester for Aveiro and I was holding on to this fabric to make a short Helen’s Closet Blackwood but I dig the neckline on Aveiro so much that I used it to test. This is the regular length with the Long Cuff sleeves.

This was super quick sew! It’s maybe 5 or 6 pattern pieces. The only issue I had with construction is that the front band is interfaced but needs to stretch and my interfacing wasn’t stretching enough!

Pattern: Itch to Stitch Aveiro Cardigan
Fabric: Telio Topaz Hatchi Knit in Sapphire

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I'm back this week and once again talking about another new Itch to Stitch pattern.  I'm starting to feel a bit crazy fan girl with all my posts about them these days, but I really do apparently sew them up the most compared to other companies.

Today is the release of the Aveiro Cardigan and given how I live in cardi's all the time I thought it would be a great opportunity to finally branch out from my tried and true Blackwoods.  While the Blackwood is awesome, I have been wanting a cardi that has an option to close for the longest time.  Last year (or was it the year before?) I tried another pattern for a v-neck, button up cardi and it was an unmitigated disaster.  Everything about it was awful and completely unwearable for me.  It ended up being cut up for use in another pattern because there was just no way to selvedge it.  Because it was such a... [read more]
Thank you to Measure Fabric for providing the fabric for this project.

I have a documented love for Peter Pan collar blouses dating back basically to the verrry beginning of this blog. I think it may be a subconscious holdover from the uniform I wore as an elementary school student, which was a little plaid pinafore worn over a peter pan collar blouse. So cute! Before I knew how to sew, I lamented the fact that there are very few adult-sized peter pan collar shirts and fewer without puff sleeves--these two things seem to go in pairs and I hate hate hate puff sleeves! Now that I have a go-to shirt pattern, the Sewaholic Granville, it was an obvious next step to change the collar slightly to create the peter pan collar shirt pattern of my dreams! I just rounded off the collar points to make this change. It's a very simple alteration that just gives the... [read more]

Hello, all. I’m Wanett. Or Nettie. Or @sownbrooklyn around the web.


I’m an academic librarian living and working in Brooklyn, New York where I was born and raised. Which means I am short of patience, pushy on the subway and have perfected my resting b@#ch face. My main professional and academic research focuses on the places where Black and fashion histories intersect. I love to share those things via Instagram and in RL.

Since being asked to contribute to this blog, I have written this post a thousand times or more in my head. Its topic is one I think about daily as I scroll my way through Instagram and Pinterest and less frequently, blogs. It’s at the forefront of my professional life as a librarian and in the lives of those close to me who work as actors, artists and writers. It took up prime residence as Instagrammers of color shared their thoughts and research in... [read more]


It’s finally time! I proposed a #SewJanelleMonae tribute back in April… knew what I was making by June… sewed it in July and August… and here we are, with the finished look in September! If you still have plans to make your own Janelle-inspired project, don’t worry – there are no rules around this and definitely no deadline!

Why Janelle Monae? Well, she is smart, political, outspoken, talented, and stylish as hell! I love her menswear inspired looks, her use of graphic black and white with strong pops of red and pink. I also really like her newest album, and have listened to it on repeat all summer! (For some of my favourite songs and more examples of her style, check out my original post.)

I’m one of those people that can sing along to a song for years without know what it’s about – I just don’t notice lyrics! So the fact that certain Janelle Lyrics stick... [read more]

C'est une poche, invisiblement cousue! / It's a pocket, invisibly sewn!

C'est pas beau ça? Je suis trop contente de vous montrer comment faire.
C'est une méthode qui traîne dans les tréfonds d'Internet depuis un moment et que je rêvais d'utiliser, j'ai acheté un livre juste parce que cette poche figurait en couverture, j'ai lu des bouquins industriels. Ça à l'air à de la magie, mais non, c'est pas magique du tout. Je l'ai fait à ma sauce pour cet ouvrage en particulier et je vous invite à l'adapter à votre projet vous aussi.


Isn't it pretty! I’m pretty excited to show you how I make this. 
It’s been around for a while as attested by this very old (in Interweb years) post I first saw about it. I have read up on industry sewing about this as well. I also bought this book just because of the [read more]

This is the closeup of the sewing room. Yes, it's a mess. But it's where I sew.

This is the longer view of the room. I only use half the room. And those wall lights are the only ones in the room that have fixtures.
Why yes, that IS an eight foot couch. That's a bunch of pillows and curtains and stuff that's leaving the room. I'm standing in the door, to my left is the wall.

I am going to have more sewing and I'm going to need the room. Seems easy enough.
I need a bigger table, I will need more hanging racks for the choir job. The couch is trying to find a home: it's been too long for everyone who's wanted it. 
Imagine: a couch too big for a frat house! They even found a truck for it.
 I've cleared a path for it out of the basement. At this rate, I'll just build a table over it.

 And this stuff needs to go in there (including that stuff under the... [read more]
Hello again! This year, I have probably sewn fewer garments than I have any other year of blogging. It's crazy how different and busy life gets as we get older, that it seems like the things we used to be enamored with don't fit well into our ever-evolving lives. I really have to squeeze in time to sew these days, so I'm pretty proud that I was able to get a few things sewn this summer.

I saw this picture on Mimi G's Instagram back in July and fell in love! And I saw that she had made a free tutorial on it so I decided one of the lighter knits in my staff would be set aside for this cute handkerchief dress!

I followed the tutorial, making sure to add a few inches in length to my skirt and was hoping to be done in about an hour.... Imagine my surprise when I tried on the dress and it was literally falling off of me hahaha. The tank top I used... [read more]

Hi, I’ve had this striped rayon fabric in my stash for quite a few years – an impulse buy from Discount Fabrics in San Francisco (back when they were still around 11th and Mission St.). I didn’t have any particular pattern in mind when I got it; I just liked it. Since I’ve been on a RTW fast this year – and somewhat of a fabric fast, I have been making an effort to shop my stash. And that’s when I decided to make a striped knit top with this fabric.

Striped knit top - She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada - Japanese sewing book - Tuttle Publishing -

The pattern is the Top with Epaulettes from the Japanese sewing book She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada (affiliate link here). I made it in 2015 using a medium-weight striped knit. You can see that version on my review of She Wears the Pants – just scroll to the end of the post to see photos of that top. I made size L and added more ease in the hips. I used the same pattern pieces.

What I really like about this... [read more]

There are 1000 reasons to start sewing a new garment, aren’t there? Well, the sewing of this skirt started with an email of Knipmode. They offered me a discount on their patterns because they missed me. (It had been a while that I bought one of their patterns! Actually, the last time was in December 2016.) I know that this kind of emails is pure advertising but once in a while, I’m sensitive for this sort of stuff. So I visited the website and this skirt got my attention. It looks like a wrap skirt but it isn’t. It is a fitted skirt with an asymmetrical front flap fixed to the skirt with a loop.

knipmode skirt

The Knipmode skirt pattern

The pdf-patterns from Knipmode have no A0-format so I printed and glued together 27 pages. The different lines and assembly notches are very clear thus that wasn’t a hard job!
The pattern consists of 7 pieces which are all on the printed... [read more]

Everyone should have one, their own super hero cape.  When I was a kid it was my swimming towel, corners wraped around the straps of my swimming costume.  This long cardi is 126 from January 2011 issue of Burdastyle.  Daughter No2 had picked it out earlier this year, and I dutifully purchased 3m of black ponte from Fabworks to make it.

black cardi 4

Instagram Photo

Then I sat on it, prettier and more interesting patterns constantly jumped ahead of it.  Then finally in August, I put it on “the list”.  Now I had to get on with it!  Only 3 pieces, it was so quick and easy to make, I don’t know why I’d put it off for so long!  The overlocker was put to good use, and the sewing machine was drafted in for the twin needle stitching of the hems and front edge.

black cardi 2

The magazine has two versions of this cardi, one called a coat (126A) made with boiled wool and with a belt, and this one in... [read more]

Many of you know that my favorite process for fitting is the Palmer Pletsch Fit for Real People pin fitting method.  I have only made a few muslins in all the years (a lot) of sewing.  Many of you know that I recently posted that I have a real block when it comes to making pants or shorts.

I took the RTW Fasters 2018 Pledge which was I will not buy any RTW garments for 2018.  I have stuck to that commitment, though have been tempted several times to buy some shorts.  Soooooo- I purchased the Landers Pants and Shorts pattern from True Bias.  After printing, taping and tracing I tried pin fitting as usual and just couldn't get that to work for me.  So I decided to make a muslin, oh yes I did!

I can better see my issues by doing this but I am still having concerns about what I think I am seeing.  So dear readers, I am bravely posting some photos that DH took so... [read more]

Vlog Logo - September Sew Zine

I’ve just published a short vlog with some favourite sewing (and the odd knitting) related things I’ve spotted recently. All being well, I’m hoping to make it a regular series.

I used to publish lists of some of my favourite finds on the blog, but the vlog seems an ideal way of sharing them.

I’ve had a lovely quiet Sunday morning filming and editing; hopefully it will make for ideal Sunday afternoon viewing. I’m now going to get back to work on my refashioners project, accompanied by tea and a (admittedly complete bilge) Hedy Lamarr film.

DIY Silhouette Cameo Mama T-Shirt by Lina and VI

I had been eyeing this fun J.Crew "Mama" t-shirt after seeing another mom blogger wearing it a few months ago. I didn't know where to buy it until a few weeks ago when I saw it linked up to J.Crew, and when I clicked through to purchase it, they didn't have my size left. I thought it would fun to try to recreate this "Mama" J.Crew prinkshop t-shirt on my own using my Silhouette Cameo.

I used the extra glitter heat transfer vinyl I had on hand for the letters. I used a basic font in the Silhouette Studio software that I thought most closely matched the font used on the J.Crew version of the shirt. Once I had the text cut out, I purchased a plain, scoop neck t-shirt from my local Target and went to ironing the vinyl onto the front of the shirt.


I love how this "knock-off" turned out. It's a great... [read more]

Moi, kaikille (Hi, everyone). It’s been a while, hey? Sometimes life gets in the way. Earlier this year, my mum passed away suddenly back home in Australia and we spent a stressful, heartbreaking three weeks there dealing with the aftermath of that. I miss her every day, and some days are easier to deal with than others.

I’ve actually had this post sitting in my drafts for a little while, waiting on photos. When Luke took the photos, I was feeling good – I felt like I looked good, it was the first time it had been cold enough to wear this dress and I was comfy and cosy. I wore it on a trip to Pori and Rauma with my dad and his wife on their recent visit to Turku, and Dad complimented it. I wore it to work after they left, and one of my friends asked where I bought it, and said it looked like something you could buy in a shop. I know some people think that’s not... [read more]

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This is the Named Kielo Wrap Dress, which probably needs no introduction as it's so popular, and I have finally gotten around to making two versions of it. 

I love this dress, but it was not without it's challenges - the first being the lack of lengthen/shorten lines.  This drives me crackers, and I think it's just lazy pattern drafting. It is drafted for a height of 5ft 8 inches - I'm nowhere close to that height, and sew because I find it so difficult to buy things that fit.  I can't be alone in this, so any help with pattern alterations is gratefully received.

I ended up shortening the bodice above the top of the bust darts, and also between the waist and knee.  The instructions are clear, but the finish on the neckline and armhole is "press and turn under", which isn't the neatest.


A bit of googling showed that a lot of people felt the same, and added a... [read more]

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Oh my poor neglected blog…

Let’s see a new dress shall we…and by “new” I mean from April…

This is the face I made when my husband asked if I was really going to wear my new dress to work:


This creation is a mashup of two fabulous Indie pattern designer dress patterns: Sew Over It’s Betty Dress and Jennifer Lauren Handmade’s Laneway Dress that I was lucky enough to pattern test near the end of last year.

Fully lining the dress gave me a good chance to test out the fit and pattern combo before cutting into my precious fabric. Harriet clearly agreed, as usual she took her supervisory role very seriously, testing both fabrics thoroughly for comfort!

As with most full skirted patterns the quilting fabric wasn’t wide enough for the full swing of the side seam so I had to piece the corners. I had just enough fabric to pattern match my triangles on the front... [read more]

I was so excited when I found out about the blog tour for Itch to Stitch*! I feel so honoured to be amongst some amazing bloggers to be part of it! If you've read my blog before you know that I'm a huge fan of Kennis Wong's designing.  I've done loads of pattern tests for her over the last few years as well as sewn plenty of her patterns I haven't tested.  I know how much attention she pays to details and fit, so if I want a pattern I don't have to worry about fussing a lot with I often choose an Itch to Stitch one.

This fall's blog tour theme was sewing up something we'd been meaning to make, but hadn't got around to yet.  Itch to Stitch has so many options to choose from, and although I've made several of the patterns, there were still a few I've not had the chance to do yet.

Because we're well into football season here (man those... [read more]

This is a post a year in the making. Last summer my go to dress was the Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress. I lived in it and have even worn it a lot layered this winter.

Pattern Description:

The dress is a sleeveless dress with a gathered skirt which is reversible. One layer has a curved hem and the other is straight across. I loved the first one so much I made a second.

Metamorphic_croquis (1).jpg
Drawing from Sew Liberated

Pattern Sizing:

The pattern comes in sizes 0 – 24 and I made a size 22 bodice with a size 24 skirt.

Fabric Used:

In my first version I used a dark grey cotton slub and black rayon. In my second version I used an Art Gallery Voile with a Navy Rayon. I used about 2 metres of each fabric and still had some leftovers.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes. There aren’t a lot of... [read more]

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