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Bar Suit for The Refashioners 2018

I wanted to go into more detail on the process of creating a Bar suit jacket as part of my contribution to The Refashioners 2018.

As mentioned previously, my starting point was a second-hand men’s suit jacket purchased in a local charity shop. The jacket appealed as it seemed to be a nice quality, and had labels inside stating that it was made in the UK from British wool. Clearly it differs from the inspiration in terms of both colour and material (the original Bar jacket was made in silk), but I thought a wool jacket would make for a more wearable end result.

The Refashioners Pre-Refashion Men's Suit

The Refashioners Pre-Refashion Men's Suit

Although the original jacket looks huge on me, I had very little excess fabric to play with, so used some blue tweed British wool from my stash (purchased from Beyond Measure) for the contrast side panels and collar. Given that the original suit was made from British wool, I thought that this... [read more]

I’ve written before about using Evernote for organising my patterns so that I can access them anywhere. I also briefly reviewed the Android app. Lately I’ve had a few people ask me in real life about organising patterns and so I thought maybe I’d write an update.

Evernote has a great help page to get you started and of course, you can Google anything…so this isn’t really a tutorial per say, more of an, “this is how I use it and I think it’s great”.

So first of all, an Evernote Basic account is free to use on up to two devices with a monthly upload limit of 60Mb – trust me, you’ll be sick of entering pattern information by the time you hit that limit and happy to wait for the month to roll over I’m sure! If you’re not, or you use Evernote for loads more things, like me, then a Premium plan is worth it.

I began by using Evernote just for sewing... [read more]

Cutting out before starting sewing is one thing that has people divided. Some love it some hate it. I'm not sure which category I end up in. Sometimes I love the process of playing pattern tetris and sometimes when the fabrics off grain for its been cut wonky I just want to scream. But I've put together a few top tips for when It comes to cutting out your patterns to hopefully make it less

Hi there friends!

So sorry for the my absence here.  I’ve been sewing so much, but not blogging much about it.  That’s something that I need to work on.  In the meantime, you can check out what I’m making on Instagram, as I often post WIP pics in my stories and glimpses on my regular feed.  I know there are several things (like this dress!) that I’ve shared on IG and have yet to elaborate on on my blog.

Anyway…. this is one of my favorite dresses of the year and I’ve been wearing it quite often since I made it May.  It’s another Decades of Style 1940’s Dorothy Lara Dress, which is a TNT pattern of mine.  I’ve lost count on how many I’ve made and I even have another one hanging here in my sewing room that I need to sew a zip in and hem (I’m thinking I should do that TODAY!).  The Dorothy Lara dress is a peasant style dress... [read more]




I’ve just been featured on Pattern Review which is a bit of a giggle.

There may be more fame in the offing, details very soon…

I received fabric in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.  No affiliate links have been used. Thank you OCP!

A few months back, a friend tipped me off to the most beautiful tote bag I'd ever seen...this knitting bag from twig&horn. I LOVED the dark grey wool outer, the mixed media with the leather straps, and the large size to accommodate knitting projects. What I did not love was the $180 price tag. So when Organic Cotton Plus contacted me about a review, I had a vague notion of trying to copy the twig&horn bag. That notion became a reality when I saw their 100% wool felt. Available in small sheets, by the yard, or even in ribbon, I couldn't wait to nab some yardage and make my own tote bag.

I selected Charcoal and the color is perfect. The lining is 100% cotton broadcloth in Pumice, which is a sort of pinky-lilac color. I don't believe I've ever... [read more]

I posted this last year, but it’s such a sweet idea, it is worth posting again for those of you who may have missed … More scarecrow village tradition »

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Ok, I know you’re waiting to see my coat, but I have something more fun! I made another dress!! I know what the other half is going to say when he sees it. He’s going to make a “nun outfit” reference, Sound of Music costume…. But I really don’t care, as an addition to my wardrobe with the Tea House Dress, it’s going to be well worn this season!

The Assembly Line’s V-Neck Dress

I made D:106, The V-Neck Dress from The Assembly Line. The fabric is a navy fine wool suiting that I bought specifically for this project from Fabworks Online. It’s soft and drapey and has the most wonderful sheen on it, as well as a fine pattern of lines in the weave that make it interesting close up.

This is the kind of wool I really like, because I shove it in the washing machine on a woolens wash and then hang it up to dry. Unless I completely forget that it’s in the wash... [read more]

Today’s interview is with the lovely Jennifer Wiese, owner and creator of Workroom Social and Camp Workroom Social. Jennifer works with her pitbull-mix Rosie and a handful of instructors in New York. Jennifer also created and hosts the yearly camp-sewing intensive that sells out every year before you can grab a bag of marshmallows. Jennifer is the real deal. She really IS as nice and kind as she seems. So, grab a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy.

Becky (B): So, I’m interviewing you for Sewcialists, who are pretty active on Instagram and the Sewcialists news-blog, and I want to dive right into how that sort of contrasts with your approach. I’ve heard you talk before not wanting or liking to use like social media or that maybe you’re not a computer person? Tell us how you feel about it and why we don’t see you in social media or... [read more]

Bar Suit for The Refashioners 2018

When I saw that the theme of the Refashioners this year was ‘Inspired By’, there was only ever one garment I was going to make. I love visiting fashion exhibitions and have lots of fashion reference books, and there are brands (Biba) and decades (30s-40s) that I’m fascinated by, but there are only two actual garments which I love inordinately: Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress & Christian Dior’s Bar suit.

I’m a huge fan of the Refashioners and devour the blog posts every year, but have only participated once before (the 2015 men’s shirt challenge). My project for this year actually started with last year’s men’s suit challenge, and I’m very happy to have brought it to fruition a year later. (I still have a selection of jeans – old ones Phil was chucking out – from the 2016 challenge which will also eventually get refashioned).

This time last... [read more]

If you’ve been following the progress of my guest/sewing room in the One Room Challenge, you’re in for a treat this week. Now that … More one room challenge week 3 – sewing with attitude »

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gamine 3

On Monday I told you that I’d become fascinated by Kibbe bodytypes and wanted to try sewing some clothes inspired by the suggestions for Gamines. Well, here you are, a very basic first attempt!


Two sweatshirts! Here are the factors that make these appropriate for the gamine body type:

  • high neckline
  • fitted at shoulders and wrists
  • outfit made of seperates
  • slightly cropped length – gamines are generally short, so clothes shouldn’t overwhelm them
  • print and colour-blocking – basically high-contrast pieces, not a monochromatic column of colour
  • clean lines – not a lot of frills or draping


Sweatshirt #1 is made from secondhand yardage I picked up cheap at a charity sale – I love a large scale floral on a dark background!


#2 is the fun one, inspired by the image at the top of the post. Can you see the hoodie halfway down that is black, white and grey? For my... [read more]

October always feels very primal and pagan to me, a time to gather your people close by the fire. Here's how I like to enjoy the darker months.

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October has been busy. I know that I say that about pretty much every month, but this one is only half over and I'm wondering already where the time is going! Our little lady Adeline is turning 14 months old this month, and she is on the run, literally. She went from learning to crawl, to cautiously walking, to now running in a matter of three months. Her development day to day is incredible right now. She is keeping us busy as she prefers to walk everywhere herself now, and she loves to climb... everything she can! Just ask her what a doggie says, and she will respond in a low whisper - woof, woof. Even when she is behaving less than ideal, it makes me smile to hear this even in the most stressful moments.

Earlier in the month, my husband and I took a short trip for our anniversary. We visited Cape Cod with a short day trip to Martha's... [read more]
I've known about Unicose patterns for a while now and having been wanting to give them a try. Their designs are quite extensive - the usual fair plus quite a lot of menswear, activewear and complex jacket designs. In the past, I've drafted a couple of items inspired by their designs. Recently, I plucked up the courage to purchase a few patterns to try.

So much has been going on this week! I finished my coat on Sunday, I have some photos to edit and the post to finish before you can see it all, but it’s so nice and warm!  It’s just what I needed.

One of the projects I really want to finish this month is Hubby’s coat.  The main pattern pieces were drafted last November, adjustments made and pattern altered.  But we were no nearer finding the right sort of lining, so the whole thing stalled.  I think I have finally persuaded the other half to accept a plain lining, with a patterned piping strip and other internal details for this version.  I can make another coat, or even a jacket (one day) when we find and buy that elusive “perfect lining”.


The pieces of pattern that still needed to be sorted were the linings, front and back facings and pocket pieces for both the internal pocket and the welt pocket at... [read more]

Well, OK...the autumn is not just red, it's also orange, yellow, green 😍 and potentially grey 😕. But the scarf still fits great with the season. And! with my new faux suede jacket, which was really the main reason I chose the color red. It complements the color stone perfectly.

This yarn has also been kindly given to me by Minerva Crafts to test. I asked for (and received) two balls which I used up to make this scarf.

My impressions about the yarn and more pictures are available on Minerva Crafts blog.

Have you tried this yarn? Or some other interesting texture yarn? What did you make? I'd love to see your creations.

Pattern: None, just a long rectangle in stockinette stitch.
Yarn: King Cole's Opium in color Ruby.
Photos as usual taken at home in Asker, Norway.
I finished this dress just yesterday and couldn't wait to share it with you all! This is a project which started with the fabric which is unusual for me as I don't tend to buy fabric without a specific project in mind. But I couldn't resist the texture and colouring of this linen/cotton plaid from The Fabric Store last time I ordered! They have had some beautiful checks and stripes in stock recently. When I chose it I actually had in mind a relaxed pair of overalls or a jumpsuit for winter layering like this beauty from Common Stitch but I was hesitant about how confident I would feel wearing that much plaid! Then the Dani Dress was released with this month's issue of Seamwork Magazine and I knew there was a place for that in my wardrobe!

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Plaid Seamwork Dani Dress in Linen/Cotton from The Fabric Store and Paprika Merino Nikko Top

I've actually had some real sewing time over the last couple of weeks and despite the urge to rush through the... [read more]
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