The tailored skirt block is used when the skirt is not required to be attached to a bodice. Less ease has been added to the hips of the skirt and this gives a closer fit. The side seam is moved forward.

There is 1 cm ease in the waistline of the skirt. The waistline of a skirt should always be eased onto the skirt waistband or petersham.


Measurements required to draft the block:

  • waist
  • hips
  • waist to hip
  • skirt length preference

Square down and across from 1.
1–2 half the hip measurement plus 1.5 cm, square down; this line is the centre front line.
1–3 skirt length, square across to 4 on the centre front line.
1–5 waist to hip measurement, square across to 6 on the centre front line.



5–7 quarter the hip measurement plus 1.5 cm ease, square down to 8 on the hemline.

1–9 quarter waist measurement plus 4.25 cm. 9–10 1.25 cm; join 10 to points... [read more]

Hello! If you've been reading--or even better, sewing--along this month over on the Bernina WeAllSew blog, you'll know I've been making myself a vintage dress using Simplicity 4475 and a lovely 100% cotton seersucker. My dress is finally complete, so I have some pictures to share here today! If your vintage and retro dresses are also done, I'd love to see pictures--please do link up any pictures, blog posts, or instagram pictures in the the vintage Social Sew link up!

I wore this dress with a petticoat, the bow-tied belt and my white keds sneakers for a casual retro look. I generally don't wear my petticoat--it's this one, from Malco Modes--but every time I do, I think "Why don't I wear this every day??" (Answer: I have a job where I crawl on the ground a lot!) It's fun, ultra-feminine, and oddly flattering, plus, a luxuriously-gathered skirt and... [read more]

If you follow me on social networks, you already know that I booked a staycation from my office job last week to work on some new pattern ideas that have been rolling around my head for the past few months. These shorts (and another shirt I’ll share shortly, too) were made in and around the pattern prototype sewing as a dedicated effort to get some “Fun Sewing” into my week, too. For ten days I pretty much put my head down in my sewing cave and did a continuous development cycle of drafting, prototyping, tweaking, prototyping, etc, and I’m pleased to report that my week was hugely successful! I’ve got four new patterns at the grading stage now, to be released over the next six months. Hooray!

kitty shorts - pattern

But onto the shorts – I made these using the Weston Shorts pattern which came free with my Seamwork magazine subscription. If you fancy subscribing using my affiliate link,... [read more]

Did I really say FALL? Seems so far away when right now it's as hot as the surface of the sun. But when I look through my closet, I'm pretty much at critical mass when it comes to summer clothes. I've never shied away from whipping up tank tops. I'm also in that weird transitional phase of post-partum life where my regular clothes don't fit right, and my maternity clothes are both ill-fitting and hive-inducing (get them away from me! I'm not pregnant anymore!). Why not look forward to a time when these things won't be an issue?

I know I've complained about this a lot, but two babies in two years has put a serious dent in my sewing. I've been flipping through my Sewist's Notebook and looking at the projects I planned a year ago, two years ago, and you guessed it, nothing seems right anymore. I look at my fabric stash and wonder what I was thinking.... [read more]
Week 2 and also the final week of this Two Week Laundry Challenge. If you are new, find all about it here. If you missed the first round-up, you can find it here. Week 2 was less about deciding the … Continue reading

Circle of rainbow raspberry kiss blocks

With nearly enough blocks to start assembling my quilt top, analysis paralysis has set in.  I have a rainbow of colors, but should they be arranged in rainbow order or not?

The random order is a little less obvious than a classic rainbow, but do the colors get jumbled with such a variety?

Raspberry kiss - 81 blocks in random order

Then again, although rainbow order is super cliche, do the colors look more harmonious in a more organized layout?

Raspberry kiss - 81 blocks in rainbow order

Or should I do something else entirely?  Perhaps a hybrid of the two?

The quilt is currently 81 blocks strong (9 x 9), and I think I’m going to make 18 more, for a total of 99 (9 x 11).  So, I have some wiggle room to adjust the color scheme a bit, perhaps making more of one color than another.

I think I know what I want to do, and it involves a bit more rearranging.  What do you think?  Honest opinions welcome!

This Empire Cut Blouse Free Pattern is for a sleeveless empire waist and crossed bodice top, it features a deep V neckline highlighting the bust and shaping your waist.  The pattern is available as a pdf download in sizes: S, M, … Continued

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Hello, I am back with another novelty print dress, hurrah!  I made this dress to go with a necklace I stole from my daughter.  Seriously!  My friend Martha gave some of her old costume jewellery to my daughter for playing and dressing up, and when I saw this necklace I just had to have it […]

Heyyyyy! I told you I wouldn't be gone for too long! I'm back with a dress that has been a long time coming in the recesses of my mind. I just needed the fabric, time and an idea on how to draft it lol.

My idea came from this dress that I took a screenshot of from instagram:

I loved the way the strap stripes were horizontal and the skirt was vertical. I also loved that it was a maxi and looking at the waist, I realized it was an infinity dress. That made it an easy make. I found the cotton knit fabric at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta. The stripes weren't as wide but that didn't/doesn't bother me.

I made the skirt out of three rectangles. I had 3 yds of about 60" wide fabric. I folded the fabric in half and cut 10' wide-2 yd long straps (twice) to get the straps leaving me with 4 long straps and a yd-wide rectangle rectangle for the skirt. I cut 2 of... [read more]

Musings of a Seamstress - M6073

Hey Stashbusters!  How are you doing on your dress sewing this month? I meant to post about this dress two weeks ago, but Eric and I were celebrating our anniversary by going to Canada!  It was a blast! I may have bought one piece of fabric as a souvenir.  We’ll pretend like I didn’t do that for now though.

This week I am back with another version of my TNT knit dress, McCall’s 6073.  I have made this dress so many times I can’t even tell you what version number this one is.  I think maybe I should give this pattern a rest for a bit.  For this version, I used my redrafted bodice pieces to create a scoop neckline instead of the cross over V-neck.  I also did a quick and easy rolled hem.  That is my new preferred hem finish for knit dresses.  It is easier and looks better than a turned and stitched hem, in my opinion.

Musings of a Seamstress - M6073

For my fabrics I picked up two yards of this awesome... [read more]

This is my tester version of the latest wardrobe workhorse pattern from Jenny at Cashmerette: the Springfield Top!

Read more »

I've ordered countless amounts of fabrics online from Fabricmart. I  also blog for this store so I'm always getting packages of goodies in the mail from Fabricmart. I decided to take a Road trip last Friday to the store to say hello and hopefully score some great priced fabric in person. Mori and I made the trip which took us a little more than a hour from our home in Glenside Pa to Sinking Spring Pa, I think it could also be considered Reading, that's what google says anyway!

I was greeted by Lisa, met up with Julie and I got to meet Chris who handles all my invoices. I feel like Chris is one of my best friends at this point and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to get her for Christmas. That should tell you how much fabric she is always sending my way.

Fabricmart was excited about my visit and have given me a $25.00 Gift certificate to... [read more]
It’s a good job there’s no hard and fast rules with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens as I think I’d have well and truly broken them in the last month.  If you want to share snippets of what goes on outside the sewing room, join in too!  Head over to Nat’s blog or her Pinterest Board to see what it’s all about. After being late off and coming home from work starving I whipped up a quick tea – leftover veg, beans and dry fried eggs.  Not everyones cup of tea, but did the trick! Rory’s found a new bed….. Standing by in Salterhebble, Halifax…. I was a bit disappointed with this pic taken at Meltham Golf Club – I was hitting onto the green (where the yellow flag in) and behind it it drops away to a river – a scary shot!  it doesn’t look quite as dramatic here. I finally finished off  my first proper quilt….. it went everywhere with me for about a week until I finished hand... [read more]

Last year, somewhere in the middle of series 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee, mr Foxgloves developed a sudden interest in the show. We watched the next episodes together, sometimes replaying a part or pausing for explanation of technical matters. This year we were going to watch all episodes together. Nice, isn't it?
Well, it looks like this plan is backfiring! Mr Foxgloves is now a self proclaimed expert and very opinionated about my sewing, tsssss.

A few days ago I was working on a cushion cover and I was pretty pleased with my pattern matching.

Can you spot the seam?

Enter *Paddy* Foxgloves. In his best Patrick Grant-voice: "I think I spot a liiiiiittle bit of unevenness there, but overall, a big well done!"
"O, and I forgot to mention you did a great job on that invisible zipper. No bubble at the end!"
Uhhh.... I used a regular... [read more]

Well that was a better day!  The Armistice Blouse is done, including fourteen buttonholes and teensy buttons.  I also got a parcel [left on the doorstep, which according to Hermes, counts as ‘secure in porch’-humph].  In the parcel, new Fiskars embroidery scissors, and my three-way daylight lamp.

sewing stuff 002 sewing stuff 001 sewing stuff 003

The lamp does duty as desk lamp, floor lamp, and clip on go-anywhere lamp.  It has a mains lead AND a nifty little battery pack so I really can use it anywhere.  I’m tickled by that funny little accessory dish thing-it won’t be likely to get used, but it is cute.  The scissors are just cute as hell, and super sharp.  Happy Fairy!

THEN I got an email from MyFabrics, and they sent me a £25 voucher.  Joy!  I’m not showing you what I ordered until it arrives, so there.

AND I went to visit my ma and pa, and had the sheer amazing uber fun of plucking my ma’s chin whiskers.  I... [read more]

This vibrant sunflower print Vlisco (from the For You range) voile was what I’d chosen at Empire Textiles over the hummingbird and pineapple stuff. I do like sunflowers and have had half an eye out for sunflower fabric for a while. But it took a long time for me to dare to make it up … Continue reading Ruffles and Flounces

Good afternoon, readers!

I’m happy to share my thoughts on one of my favorite dress patterns — the Colette Chantilly!

chantilly 1

Colette Chantilly in silk chiffon

Pattern Name:  Colette Chantilly 1002

Size Range:  0-18

What size did you make?  Graded up to about a 20/22

What are your…..

  • Measurements:  48-41-52
  • Body Shape:  Pear-ish/Spoon
  • Height:  5’8
  • Bra size:  44D
chantilly 2

Colette Chantilly in lace and voile

What adjustments did you make and how long did they take?  Graded up the pattern, did a swayback adjustment to the bodice back piece and added about an inch to the skirt length.  All of the pattern alterations were pretty quick and easy for me to do.  I cut the skirt gores of the lace version a little differently as I was working with a scalloped edge.

What was the construction process like? Did the instructions make sense to you?  This pattern goes together very... [read more]

Hey hey boys and girls. Happy Monday! I've been a meeting all day today...I have another all-day meeting tomorrow and generally a pretty meeting heavy-week looms. They're mainly all rooms with windows, so it could be worse, but it's been a while since it's been this meeting-intensive. I'm out of practice! I still have a few quieter weeks of summer (and then a holiday) before work becomes seriously busy again, so I shouldn't complain. But, then, when has that stopped me?!

Things have been generally pretty great, though - we've had a really fun few weeks. We had a visit to Bristol a few weekends ago to see our friends Katherine and Justin. Last weekend I took a long weekend so that we could go back to Northern Ireland to go to my cousin Sean's wedding. While we were there we were able to spend lots of time with our seven Northern Irish... [read more]
Cashmerette patterns have released a pattern for woven fabrics called the Upton dress.  As soon as I saw it on Jenny's blog I knew it would be a style that would suit my figure and that I already had the perfect cotton fabric for too.  So here it is: my Upton Volumes dress!
The pattern has three different front bodice pattern pieces to choose from, each with different types of bust darts, depending on the difference between your bust and waist measurements.  The tricky bit for me was that my measurements suited two different sizes, so I took the suggestion in the pattern and used the bodice size that was closest to my waist measurement.  I used the waistband to slope between the two differently sized parts of the dress, to bridge the gap from the size 20 bodice to the size 18 skirt.
Now that I have worn it for a day out, and that I have looked at photos of me in the dress,... [read more]

My secret sewing life, apart from the sailing stuff, involves some pattern testing.
I do it rarely but I consider it a part of my sewing geek make up, I like to help and I like to see how people resolve their problems (the sewing ones) and this way, see how patternmaking and silhouettes differ from one patternmaker to another, learning about fitting along the way. It also allows me to test different shapes that I wouldn't naturally go to if I was choosing the pattern. There is always a little bit of serendipity involved, I'll say yes if I have about a day, I have the right fabric to make a working muslin or a final garment and I have paper, glue and tape at the ready.
When Jenny from Cashmerette called up for the Springfield, I said yes right away. All the conditions  cited above were reunited and there are only a couple of nice flowy light summer tops here in... [read more]
Certain projects call for a nice, big square of cotton or polyester wadding. Others, like cuddly dolls or comfy cushions, will see you adding polyester toy filling to your shopping basket without a second thought. If you’re charting your own course with a home-designed make, though, you might find the decision isn’t so clear cut.
Taking inspiration from aquarium-themed playsets I’ve seen around, I picked up a brightly coloured charm pack and sketched out my own tropical fish, clam shell and coral. The packs I’ve seen include fishy friends of all shapes and sizes, so there aren’t many design limitations, but I do want to ensure that they’re fun to hold and play with, and easy to clean. Choosing between wadding or polyester toy filling could make a big difference to the final result, not to mention the making process.

Fluffy Toy Filling versus Puffy Wadding

Fluffy Toy Filling
Polyester toy... [read more]

Having to wade through a sea of Pokémon Go players is the new normal

FrenchTerryAstoria1I really think it is a good idea to try new styles and shapes. At my age, I can really fall into a rut of styles that I wear constantly. Yes, the wardrobe architect was a helpful exercise, but golly, how hard is it to figure out I like flowy tops, slim pants, shift dresses and wear mostly blues, grays with a bit of pink thrown in?

TealTerry-seamwork-astoria-topSo the Seamwork Astoria is a fun experiment that turned out to surprisingly be a success! I really like this top, and I’ll tell you why – my other snug knit tops all get so tight around my hips and lower belly that they start rolling up and cause me to yank them down every other minute. I hate that. I hate fussing with my clothes in that way. Also, it doesn’t feel great to anyone when their clothes feel too small and their little tummy peeks out like Winnie the Pooh’s.

seamwork-astoria-back-viewSo, even though this top is cropped and I thought I would... [read more]

It’s a very special Monday, lovelies… it’s the launch of the latest Cashmerette Pattern, the Springfield Top!

I don’t know about you, but for years I’ve wanted a simple woven tank that fits my bust and waist without alterations and doesn’t gape at the armhole – and now there’s finally one designed for curves. The Springfield Top is a classic woven shell which you can make out of cotton voile, double gauze, linen, crepe or even silk, and depending on your fabric choices it can be the perfect “just throw it on” top for a summer day, or part of a chic layered outfit with a cardigan or blazer.

Not only that, but there are also three brand new kits available – and 20% off ALL Cashmerette fabric & kits using the code SPRINGFIELD20 (valid until 11.59pm EST, July 26th).

Cashmerette Springfield Top

The Springfield Top has two variations: View A has an optional deep hem band, and a loose... [read more]

Zoals ik in de vorige post al aankondigde lag de tweede Southport jurk al uitgeknipt te wachten om in elkaar gezet te worden. Het is een vrij simpel patroon, vrijdag na het werk zette ik hem in elkaar en zaterdagavond naaide ik de zoom erin.

As I said in my last post, the second Southport dress was already cut out and waiting to be sewn. It’s a fairly simple pattern and so I stitched it up on friday night and hemmed it on saturday night.




Ik vind de pasvorm van deze echt een stuk beter! De dingen die ik veranderde:

  • In plaats van een maat 6, uitlopend naar een 8 in de heupen is dit een 6 bij de buste, 2 in de taille en weer een 6 bij de heupen. Kijkend naar de maattabel zou ik eigenlijk een 8 bij de buste, 2 in de taille en een 10 bij de heupen moeten maken. Tip bij dit patroon is dus om goed naar de ‘finished measurements’ te kijken en op basis daarvan je maat te... [read more]
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