Today I’m joining Sewing with Ti in her Cardigan Round Up to talk about my favorite cardigan pattern. I thought I’d share about my favorite by doing a pattern comparison, So…

Welcome back to VS.

A theme here at mahlicadesigns with the aim of pairing similar style patterns against each other in a friendly showdown to see which pattern better suits me, all while working through my pattern stash.

Melissa Cardigan from Zierstoff Patterns

Melissa v Julia main collage

 Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations

Melissa vs Julia 1 collage

The Melissa Cardigan features a pieced dolman sleeve, fully faced rounded collar, and roomy fit.

The Julia offers cap, 3/4, and full length set in sleeves, options for fully faced or one piece rounded collar, and casual fit.

Melissa vs Julia 3 collage

Let’s compare.


Melissa: Size chart is on website, but not in the instructions. Print/scale checks are... [read more]

Expanding on today's topic on the Instagram #sewphotohop of storage tips,

I try to do right by the patterns, first of all.

I put all the patterns in acid-free magazine and comic book bags

The envelopes don't get caught on each other this way, and since I already buy them for my comix, I get them in bulk dirt cheap.
It's also easier to fold patterns to that size and put them in with the cover, rather than try to stuff them all back in together again.
Also helps hold the traced pieces.

and I store the best ones waaaay up off the floor

Golden age size comics are the biggest  7 1/2 X 10 1/2

Silver Age  7 x 10 

Current Size  6.75 X 10.5

Or you can get magazine sized bags.

They don't have a zipper edge that might rub on the envelope when you pull them out and put them back in, they are cheaper in bulk and the current sized bags fit most... [read more]

British yarn maestros Blacker Yarns have two new yarns going on sale today at 10am!

Blacker Yarns Cornish Tin II & St. Kilda Yarns

The first is a range of new colours for Blacker’s St. Kilda lace-weight yarn, hand dyed by Joy of The Knitting Goddess.

Blacker’s St. Kilda yarn contains wool from St Kilda’s (an archipelago which is the remotest part of the British Isles) native Boreray and Soay sheep – two of the oldest and rarest of all British breeds – blended together with Shetland wool.

The St. Kilda yarns aren’t a one-off, but there will be a limited supply annually due to the fact that there’s only a limited amount of Boreray and Soay fleece available. That, coupled with the fact that this range is dyed by hand in small batches, makes this a really unique yarn (and likely to sell out fast).

Blacker kindly sent me a small skein of St. Kilda in the Conachair colourway, and I can report that the dyeing process means the... [read more]


The Kielo dress is one that is popular with sewers, and I always think that must be for a good reason. I, along with many other others, am a big fan of Named’s aesthetic, although I’m not always convinced it’ll look too good on me. Usually it takes a few makes from other people before I take the plunge, and so it was with the Kielo dress. I was particularly sold by this version from verypurpleperson and I saw the other day there is now a second version to covet too. I also very much liked the long-sleeved version from Named themselves, rather than the pattern cover version, even if I wasn’t necessarily planning long sleeves myself. Love those bold stripes – just love ’em.

Named_kielo1.jpgAnyway, I actually planned to make the original short-sleeved maxi length version for my holiday, but didn’t quite make it in time. If you’re not aware of the Kielo dress, it’s what I would... [read more]

I was in my (parked) car when I read the email from Pattern Review revealing the challenge for round #2: Make a Bias Garment.  I didn't cheer, I didn't groan, my reaction was more of a "Hmmm..."  Since I was already in the car out and about, I headed over to Joanns to peruse the pattern catalogs. McCall's patterns were on sale that day and I was hoping to find one of their patterns that would be interesting and which would work.  Nope.  Simplicity/Butterick/Vogue? Nope, nope nope.  I did find a New Look pattern, for a slinky dress, but when I pulled the envelope out of the drawer it said it was a juniors pattern!!  Nope.  Deflated, I realized I would never wear a slinky bias dress, so it was better that I not waste my time.

Then I went where I had never gone Burda.  Right away I knew I would be able to find something that would work.... [read more]
Long ago, I made a pair of Sewaholic Thurlow shorts.  They were not great:

I thought I'd still wear them but I never did.  I thought I had donated them before I moved.  Lo and behold, I found them in my refashion bin and was able to assess what went wrong last time.

I have put on a little weight since I made the first pair and they were a little small in the hips.  The waistband also fell on an odd spot which made my stomach poof out over the top.  No good.  I started my new attempt by cutting a muslin one size larger, a 14.  I lengthened the front 1", and I raised the center back up 3/4" increasing to 1" at the side seams to match the front.  The fit was good through the hips but very large at the waist.  I needed to take it in quite a bit at the center back seam.   Rather than just adjusting the center back seam, I took a little off  the side... [read more]


So, I’m a little behind on the jogger fashion trend. Yeah, more than a little behind. But I got there. That’s what matters, right? Actually, what matters is that I now have a pair of sweatpants that I can wear in public (heck, that I can wear in front of my husband) without being embarrassed by how grubby and ill-fitting they are. Dare I say it, these things are even kinda cute!


I used my jeans block as a base, graded up a size, and added in a little bit of wearing ease. Both the black and pink sweatshirt terry were from the thrift store. I opted to add a contrast trim to the front pockets and was going to have hanging pocket bags, but I got excited and sewed on the contrast trim before I sewed on the pocket – oops. I had to modify my plans to add a sport-style pocket that is one layer stitched onto the pants.


On the back, I thought it would be fun to do single welt pockets.... [read more]

Anyone still here?

We got back from our three-week adventure in Mexico with a backpack full of souvenirs, sand and some awesome new memories. Basically, we travelled from Mexico City to Oaxaca, on to San Cristobal de las Casas, to Palenque, to Mérida, to Chichen Itza and then to Tulum. Then back to Mexico City and home! It was quite a lot to do in three weeks but we never really felt rushed and saw some amazing things (if anyone's interested I can write a post about it, it's just too much to add to this one. WE SAW SEA TURTLES)

Anyway, I'm now going to post the most unflattering pictures I have ever taken for this blog.

Here's the deal: we were staying in San Cristobal and wanted to travel on to Palenque to visit the ruins, then stay there for the night and take a bus to Mérida in the morning. However, the tour we booked (and got up BEFORE 5 IN THE MORNING... [read more]


Guys, it’s official, Autumn is here, so bring one the cosy sewing! Which is exactly what I did last week, with a nice wardrobe staple that’s definitely missing from mine. I think I’m going through a navy phase, as everything I’m sewing lately is in shades and variations of this colour. On the plus side, I am keeping to my colour palette, which I will tell you more about in a future post, which has navy as a main component. On the down side, navy is so difficult to photograph, so I hope these pictures will make sense at all.


I have made this patter nbefore, from the first Burda Magazine I bought in the UK and it’s got a lot of wear and compliments as well. So, this navy ribbed fabric left over from another project (which has been cut, but not sewn yet – go, go instant gratification!!) was just begging to be turned into a quick and... [read more]

I started this dress literally a year ago! I almost gave up on it after an unfortunate accident while installing the snaps. I hammered my left thumb pretty badly; it was cut and bruised and nasty. I have a new found respect for my buttonhole foot and plan on keeping the snapping to a minimum going forward.


I’ve made the Alder shirt dress once before and was excited to try my hand at it again with a few modifications. I added a little bit more length to the skirt, added pockets again and did a second FBA. I used the pattern piece I had already adjusted and just did an FBA on it again. I’m honestly not sure if this is “correct”, but it worked! The girls fit in nicely.

I had this fabric in my stash from when the Arizona line came out and when I saw that Teri had used it to make an Alder I had to copy her. Her button choice looks great and I bet she didn’t... [read more]

Today I’m featuring another recent(ish) commission I completed. This one was for Callula Cosplay!

The Basics: 

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3052

Photo by 10th Muse / Gear Owl Photography

Fabric: Stretch pleather from Yaya Han’s new Cosplay Fabrics line (available at Jo-Ann’s), yellow moleskin from Spandex World, and stretch netting from Golden D’Or.

Notions: Invisible zipper, stretch elastic cording, fabric stabilizer

Make it again?: Already have! I made a second one for 10th Muse of Cosmic Coterie a little while back!

Photo by Ash Snap ‘Em Photography

How I Made it: As with most of my spandex bodysuits, this one involved a mock-up out scrap fabric and using a Sharpie to draw in the seam lines. Once the seam lines were drawn in, we cut the pieces apart and used the mock-up as a new pattern.

Callula’s learning how to work with spandex, so we’ve been working... [read more]

SoftShell Fabric!!

We have SOFTSHELL Fabric in stock –
This is an amazing fabric to make yourself and little ones all the wind and rain resistant jackets this Autumn. While not totally waterproof – it will be perfect to keep out an odd shower or misty rain while keeping you snug and warm – and dont we have lots of that kind of weather here in Ireland.


Softshell Fabric- Petrol Star Print Softshell Fabric- Lilac Raindrops Print Softshell Fabric- Teal Raindrops Print






Softshell fabric has a smooth shower proof exterior and is lined with fleece for warmth. It is composed of 97 % Polyester and 3% Lycra so it has a little stretch or give. It can be made into durable outer wear garments such as jackets, leggings, snowsuits etc.

For Pattern Inspiration have a look at these ones from PeekaBoo Pattern Shop:

Peek a Boo also have some nice ladies jacket patterns:

Other Ladies coats and jackets that would look well in our Softshell:

Sewaholic Minoru Jacket:

Jalie Patterns – Both childrens... [read more]

This is just a post text, ignore it

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Grainline Hemlock | Len's Mill Stores

Hey friends! 

Is it cold outside or what? Brrr! 

I've been cuddling up in layers of cozy knits in hopes of staying warm during our first cold snap this fall. It's only just a taste of what's to come, but I've experienced enough cold already to know I'm ready for summer again. 

Unfortunately, winter is coming and there is nothing I can do about it. So I needed a cozy, tried and true make to get me through September with a smile on my face.

As a result, this cozy, classic, turtleneck was born. 

While I haven't made a turtleneck like this before and shared it on the blog, the base of this pattern is something you've seen many times - the Grainline Hemlock Sweater! I chose the Hemlock for this project because I know the pattern and fit inside out. This is my third version, and I'm confident hacking it up to fit this... [read more]

This man here will always challenge my husband's position in my heart.   I made this shirt for his birthday in time to mail it to him as a surprise.  When he got it, he thought it was the pants to the suit I started 2 years ago.  No such luck buddy! Those pants will be finished soon, but with a different material for the waistband and the pockets.  You see, when I made the suit coat, I ran out of fabric to finish the pants.  Besides, I doubt seriously he will be able to fit the pants by now.

Some people say they don't like sewing for family.  Well, not me...I LOVE sewing for my family.  Especially, when they aren't picky about what I make and how I make it.  They give me the freedom to just create, with no specific deadlines, besides the ones I place on myself, and their happiness when I see them wearing the garment.  I just love it!!! For REAL!!!  ((((-:... [read more]

‘Honestly. Helens theme parties get more and more confusing everytime. Remember when she had the series 2 Detectorists premiere party? My upholstery sure does.’

‘Better than that ‘Gelatto for the Pontiff’ thing last fall!’

‘What about that outdoor thing where she just kept blasting ‘Tusk’ over the stereo….’

‘Oh, the marching band overnighter- I can’t even look at epaulettes now!?’

‘Remember the silent auction she had for the migrant farm workers? I never got my charitable giving form back.’

‘But her annual tea to kick off the Olive Gardens never ending pasta bowl’ is always so well attended!’

‘Is that the month after her annual birthday fete for Elton John and Kofi Annan?’

‘Yeah, weird them having the same birthday….’

‘ I thought getting Sir David Attenborough to read ‘ode to an Etruscan urn’ in a wading pool was quite stirring in 2012….good times’

[read more]

Perhaps you remember my denim skirt?  I spent a couple of days trying to decide whether to sew on the back pockets, or not.  Well, I have found a perfect place for them! A while ago, I found the FREE pdf pattern from By Hand London, the Polly Top.  I knew it would be perfect for the […]
Finally getting to pull out my Fall clothing!  The weather here has still been rather warm but that's not stopping me.  Looking through these "How I Wore It" posts I see that this top, particularly this striped fabric has made several appearances.  I debated posting the same striped top again but I have styled it differently which allows you to see how versatile this pattern can be in your wardrobe.  Besides, we all know who the real star of this post is and I wasn't about to deny the Internet of that!



Itch to Stitch Mila Top / me made blogged here
Merona Burgundy Bi-Stretch Modern Ankle Pant / Target
Apt. 9 Flyaway Vest / Kohl's
Me Too Gray Suede Booties /purchased at TJMaxx, available here in several colors

What a week! It was a good job I only had to work 1 shift, and I had to swap that as it clashed with one of the 3 games of golf I had to play. It was quite a week for cyber mom too.  She had difficulty breathing at 3am one morning so dad rushed her to A&E – didn’t like to ring 999 despite both daughters being paramedics!!! She wasn’t sure if it was a real emergency! After a 2 night stay they diagnosed her with asthma and she’s got some inhalers and whatavyer, and is back firing on all cylinders.  Phew! As well as golf I also had a day out in Birmingham when I attended Sewbrum No 3 which was just the best day ever – separate blog post with lots of pics to follow! About the golf.  3 games and a bridesmaid every time.  Monday I played in the final of the mixed knockout and we lost😦  Tuesday I came 2nd in the ladies weekly competition😦   And Thursday is was the …
When I made Fall sewing plans last year, you could say I was pretty successful. I managed to sew 8 out of the 10 things I had on my plan. My hope is that I will have the sammmeeee motivation this time around as well. And I'm extending the seasonal deadline because there isn't really a cutoff for Fall around  here just as there isn't a start time to Winter. They both just show up.. unannounced... just as rude as ever lol.

These are the things I plan to make. Keep in mind, I took these pics weeks ago so some things pictured may have changed, but I will explain when I get to those. Also, these aren't in any particular order. I will hyperlink the finished objects as well! Now let's get this started!!

1. Black Crossover-front Top - I still have a couple of yards left of this black corded suiting (used here and here) and I can never have enough black... [read more]
Of course, after her baptism, her white dress was all wet, so she needed another one. I found this amazing cherry blossom lace at, and I knew it was the one.
Since I wanted the lace to be the star, I went with a simple style. This is a combination of patterns from the 03-2011 issue of Ottobre. This basic dress is done three different ways, so I went with the lined dress, full shirt and straight (non-puffed) sleeve. I also added quite a bit of length - 5 inches, I think. Myra likes her dresses long.
The skirt is nice and full - perfect for twirling. The underlining fabric is duchesse satin in a slightly paler pink than the lace. It makes the lace really pop. The dress is lined in hang free polyester lining, with some ruffles added to the hem for fullness.
It closes in back with an invisible zipper, which I'm pretty happy with. It's been a while... [read more]
The Azaire dress and top is the newest sewing pattern from Gather and I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester. Caroline and Sandra (from Gather) have also offered me a copy of the pattern to give away!


The Azaire pattern comes with a detailed instruction booklet which includes size charts (sizes 8 to 18), fabric requirements, body and finished garment measurements, fabric and cutting layouts and very helpful diagrams illustrating the sewing instructions.






I sewed the Azaire dress (wore it to a wedding) and had an excellent pattern-testing experience particularly as the end result is a dress that I love wearing.


Though my measurements fall between 12 and 14, the "Finished Garment Measurements" included with the pattern indicate that the Azaire has a loose silhouette so I chose to sew size 12.







I enjoyed the whole process of... [read more]

We’ve just returned from a fantastic week in Berlin! Last time we were there was in 2014, finishing a little mini-Eurail trip of Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Berlin with my running Berlin marathon (in my just-released Threshold Shorts pattern – my, how time flies!). This time I just managed to squeeze in a little sightseeing run around the Tiergarten and along the Spree, and it was wonderful how much more relaxed it feels when you’re not stressing about running a marathon!

To celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, we booked 2 nights at Tropical Islands as a side trip from Berlin. Now, I have no idea why no one outside Germany seems to know about this place, and frankly, we were even umming and ahhing over booking it at all, because it was hard to tell from the website whether it’d be great, or just unbearably awful.

Balloon inside Tropical Islands

The short version – it was freaking... [read more]

The Yoga Pants for Mom is an easy and fun project! For comfort, the pattern is low-waisted and semi fitted.  You can sew this pants in stretch fabrics (or maybe gauze). The color and style options are unlimited.  Scroll down … Continued

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Soooo, long time no post huh? Oh well, life and all that. Before I knew it several months had passed. Oops! Time flies when you’re having fun!!

For a fun first post back in blogland I thought I would share with you my Gertie Sundress. I made this a few months back just prior to a trip to Hawaii. What better place to take some blog photos?!


The pattern is from the first Gertie book that I have had for ages but never gotten around to making anything from.


I wanted a sundress that was both cute and comfortable. With the shirred back this definitely fits the bill. The comfort of knit but a woven – genius!!

Instagram Photo

Making shirring is so much fun. Essentially you hand wind the elastic into your bobbin, change the stitch length to about 4 (like basting stitch) and then go for it. I normally do stitch lines  approx 1cm apart. Once you’ve filled your piece of fabric the... [read more]

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