I guarantee you that there is always a lot of wonderful planning on my part the beginning of every year! This year I plan on finishing this #makenine. Of course, I have said this before, more specifically January of 2019 here! when I posted THE EXACT SAME #makenine PHOTO.  This is how much I accomplished in…Read More

I let my hair grow out rather too much for my liking over the past few weeks – I had a lot going on and I didn’t find the time to get the clippers out to get this done. Today, Sunday, is going pretty easily, so I thought it would be best to give it a shot, as I have a SUPER busy week ahead, and a few things to do today.

My husband helped with the back, and with trimming the edges to make it look a little neater. Last time, he decided to shave it all on #0!!! I was surprised, but, thankfully, it grew out pretty quickly. I prefer a nice #1 or #2, as this looks neat, but I don’t feel weird with my scalp showing. Also – WARMER! It’s the middle of WINTER here! Yes, I feel as tired as I look. It’s been a rough couple of months.

We’re going to go change the oil in the Jeep, car, and truck in a little bit, and taking the dogs with us, as they love to run around the Big... [read more]


Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims / Claire B. Shaeffer
Newton, CT: Taunton Press, c2017.
144 p.

This is a wonderful book, which I fortunately got my hands on via Interlibrary Loan. So inspiring! It's one of the titles in the Couture Sewing series by acknowledged expert and Chanel collector Claire B. Shaeffer. (If you haven't heard her talk about her collections, check out this podcast by Threads).

This book is full of great information on making and applying trims to that Chanel style jacket you've just spent so long working on. Rouleau loops, piping, ribbon, self fabric fringe or selvage piping, insertions, embroidered edging; there is so much here to work with. Since it's couture focused, most of the work on these trims is done by hand, and really seems like it needs to be to get a good result. Quick weekend projects these are not. 

The Verity Knit Top was released in December, and was one of the ‘freebie’ patterns that month. I downloaded the multi-size PDF. The sizes are denoted with different colour lines, so print in colour if you can Style Arc describe Verity as ‘jumper style, square shape with Ann extended shoulder line, slim line sleeves, funnel neck with a channel for ribbon, slightly scooped hemline with a facing and feature top stitching’ This fabric is Abstract Leopard Print French Terry from Textile Express. I used my walking foot with a 1.5 x 2.5 zig zag stitch throughout and finished the seams and hems with my overlocker. The only change I made was to shorten the sleeve by 4cm. The funnel neck drapes well, and can be worn full height or folded. The buttonholes are the first part of the garment to be sewn. I added some medium weight iron on interfacing to... [read more]

In 2019, at the awesome Women in the Outdoors weekend, I won a free intro flight with Frost Aviation. I finally got to go on my flight in 2020, around my birthday, and it was AWESOME!

I’ve wanted to fly since I was a little girl, and it was a moment so intense when I got up there that I teared up.

I took off, I landed, I did turns and flew right over my home. It was incredible. I was keen to start the process of getting my pilot’s license. My husband said he would support me 100%, and he offered a portion of his GI bill to cover my initial costs, as, for some odd reason, all the sponsorships and grants only offer you money if you are going for a commercial license. So you are on your own for that first step.

Due to being a “foreigner” you have to jump through some extra hoops since 9/11 to even start with the pilot license process: Extra ID validation and... [read more]

Stay stitch those seams!

I'll be honest: this solution is going to result in pants that don't fit

I've been having this stretched out waist problem with denim and twill fabrics (last pair of pants gained three inches stretch).

The best way to avoid this is to stay stitch the waist and crotch seams first thing, before you start handling them. Twill weaves will stretch its why we like them for work clothes, but you want them to stretch the way you want them to. 

When it's too late, you are going to want to get out your pattern pieces and recut that waistband (and probably the back crotch seam). And it may not work very well. Another option is pleating the fabric to take up that slack.

Since I eat my feelings, I need new pants. Nudity is frowned upon, and it's winter here. I am working on a set of pants about posts. No, wait, reverse that.

My... [read more]

This lovely floral blouse (105-04-2018) is the final project in my Burdastyle Academy Advanced Teacher Certification Course. It's an interesting pattern, with lots of detail -- front darts, two piece sleeve with a gathered cuff, collar and stand, and so on. 

It was an interesting make, with lots of challenging bits. Nothing really super hard, but lots of steps. I enjoyed it! I used a floral cotton from my stash, one that I've had for a really long time, and was delighted to finally find the perfect project for this fabric. Not only that, there was a very amusing typo in the selvages that entertained me -- so I had to use it as a garment label. Shout out to my fellow peons! 

This cotton behaved very nicely, taking pressing well, so that the darts and seams all lay nice and neatly. I had to shorten the sleeves quite a lot (thanks to my T Rex arms) and... [read more]
its 2021, its been five/six months since my last blog post, we are currently in our second? major lockdown and here i am writing my blog. Who'd have thunk it?So what have I been doing? and why haven't i been blogging?WELL LIFE!First of all there was the lovely thing called divorce , which I'm pretty sure is designed purely to suck the living soul out of a person and cause enough grief that most

Today is the culmination of years of work – today I have finally updated the last three of our patterns to be layered pdfs! This means that if you open the pattern file in a compatible app like Adobe Acrobat, you can turn off the layers you don’t need and just print your size(s), which can make things a lot clearer to read and cut out!

Our first pattern to include layered pdfs was our men’s leggings pattern, the Lightspeed Leggings, and subsequently all new patterns included this feature, but going back and updating all our existing patterns over the past 18 months has been quite a feat. I work for an office job four days a week, so everything to do with FehrTrade Patterns gets crammed into Fridays and weekends – lots of boring stuff like accounts and receipts, to answering emails, to negotiating new deals, to... [read more]

Disclaimer: I tested this pattern but my opinions are always my own (unless you want to buy me a house somewhere tropical, pay off my debt, and give me a yearly allowance of 300K then you can definitely have my opinion).

The Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks have been out for a while, but they were re-released and updated with a “Curvy” range. They are high-waisted, elastic waist, casual pants. There are two views: straight leg and tapered leg.

I made the tapered leg version in size 24. I used a stretch mystery fiber denim-like fabric in hot pink from a local fabric store called Fabric Fabric.

The fit is okay. There are definitely issues, but nothing tooo bad that doesn’t make this version wearable. Some bunching at the back, which I think I’m going to tackle, but I am unsure how to approach it. However, reviewing other... [read more]

Have you had a project that does not go right from the beginning? I've been sewing for quite a while. I don't very often have sewing mishaps with commercial patterns. I know what size to cut and any adjustments I need to make it right before I sew. When I saw the Liberty Emporium fabric collection by Riley Blake Designs, I immediately had a plan in mind for the two fabrics I chose. I was planned to make a mixed print tiered dress. 

I loved the dress I previously made with Liberty cottons and had planned to make a new version with a different pattern. When the fabrics arrived, side by side, I didn't think they would work like wanted. I was slightly disappointed and decided to change my plan. I switched it to make a pattern that has been in my stash waiting for the perfect fabric match.

I absolutely love the sleeves of view A of this dress! I... [read more]
Illustration. A red outline of a circle with a red needle and thread bisecting the circle from top left to bottom right. Within the circle is the Sewcialists logo and black text that states "zero waste sewing" and "#SewcialistsZeroWaste".

Have you been waiting for your chance to write for the Sewcialists? This could be it!

We are looking for three volunteer authors to make a sewing project from a zero-waste pattern and blog about it for the Sewcialists blog this February. You could make any kind of project, simple or complex. Our FAQs for contributors are here: basically, you need large, bright photos (but they don’t have to be magazine quality!), and you must be able to submit by February 1st.

We’ll take the first three people who comment below! If you miss the chance to sign up here, we’ll put out a similar call on Instagram in 12 hours (a.k.a. 7pm-ish Eastern Standard Time) for three more people.

Of course, you can always take part by sewing a zero-waste project this February and tagging it #SewcialistsZeroWaste on Instagram, and engaging with posts here on the... [read more]

As with many of my craft projects, I’ve learned that complicated does not always mean impressive. And once again, that holds true for this … More dip dyed macrame wall hanging »

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There are so many beautiful colors of rope and cording available for textile artists. Nonetheless, the effects you can achieve if you dip dye … More how to dip dye macrame »

The post how to dip dye macrame appeared first on My French Twist.

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I have never made the Laundry Day Tee, though it may have been one of the first PDF patterns I purchased. Since the original draft, there was an update in 2017. That was the first one I used to print, tape and trace. I tried on the pattern and was very concerned about how it was looking.  I had used a Medium/Large for this. I was either going to have to spend a lot of time making numerous adjustments or print out the Large/X-Large.  Yes, I have put on some weight during Covid.

I decided to go to Pattern Review and read some recent reviews of this top. After reading through a few, I hit on one review that talked about using the full bust bodice piece. I went back to my PDF file and found I did not have that option. So off to Love Notion's website and yes there had been an update in January 2020. I was only a year late in taking advantage of this. Since I own... [read more]


Hey Peeps! I hope everyone is having a great fresh start to the new year..... or as well as can be expected!! I wanted to invite you to join me in the #sewyourview challenge over on IG. Even if you're not on IG join in the fun, I will be reposting on the blog and we can chat here.

We are using the free pattern form #Moodfabrics and it's a simple set to sew. We will be using the Hickory Ensemble pattern. This pattern has the potential to be anything you want a sweat suit to be. I am going to make 2 sets, one for play and one for dress-up. I'm going to post as I go and hopefully inspire you along the way!

Here's one of my ideas????

Fabric I'm using

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Welcome to another year of Work in Progress Wednesdays!  Now, this will not be a regular, every Wednesday occurance!  Sometimes you’ll get a few in a row, then there’ll be nothing for a month or so, all depends on what I’m working on, and whether I remember to take photos as I sew!!

The book title translates to “Basically 7 Dresses”, written by Aoi Koda

Anyway, I’m working on my next Sewing Japanese in January project, so thought I’d show it from the beginning.  I have decided to make a version of the cover dress from the book, Basically 7 Dresses, by Aoi Koda.  There are 7 basic patterns in the book, each having different variations, she calls them lessons.  I loved the cover dress from the beginning, it’s lesson number 4.  But, not really being a dress person, figured I’d make one of the variations and turn it into a blouse/top and keep the... [read more]

Quarantine has hit hard peeps- let’s not forget our poor models forced to take alternate jobs- like Finola forced to stand in front of a tire dealership all day without a Diet Coke break.

Or Ariel- taking in laundry for the neighbors.

Or Siobhan who is being used to attract Amazon drones.

Poor Eleanor- she’s near her breaking point-

Yesterday she was arrested for going thru the recycling bins outside of Dolce and Gabbana’s Tucson vacay home- her freakishly large footprints gave her away-

Mimi is so distraught she has started talking to herself again.

Photo credits:

Logo for the theme month: Text says Zero Waste Sewing #sewcialistszerowaste

It’s time for another theme month! This February we are exploring zero waste sewing, and we invite you to join us!

So what is zero waste sewing? In short, it’s making use of every bit of fabric in your project. It is good for the environment, and good for the wallet too!

Here’s how you can join our Zero Waste Theme Month:

  • Sew a zero waste pattern! There are a growing number of free and purchasable patterns which are designed to use every inch of fabric. This Seamwork article does a good job explaining and showing some examples, and a Google search will show you more!
  • Make a low waste garment! There are lots of ways to reduce the amount of waste left over from a standard garment pattern, like using secret seams or colour blocking with leftovers from other projects.
  • Scrapbusting projects! Use leftovers from previous projects... [read more]
We had a wonderful turnout for the Designin’ December 2020 Sewing Challenge and many generous sponsors!  Thank you! Some of our sponsors even offered more than one prize …. which means … we have more prizes to give out!  Something that doesn’t happen every year! So, if these talented sewists would contact me through Instagram…Read More

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