Birthday Dress

I’ve been making myself a fun new dress for my birthday for the past few years, and I love the tradition. The last few have been maxis, so this year I made short dress instead!

Birthday Dress

Behold the glory of its twirliness!!! It is three patterns mashed up: Cashmerette Dartmouth for the bodice, Comino Cap for the upper skirt, and a circle skirt for the lower section.

Birthday Dress

I tested the Dartmouth back when it was released, and I’ve used it once for a dress bodice already. I used the same pieces for front and back, and angled in the shoulders a bit. It has some ruching at the side seams and fits snugly.

Birthday Dress

For the skirt, I chose the Comino Cap skirt because it is a gentle a-line shape with curves at the hips. I wanted something figure-skimming, neither tight nor loose! The proportions of the yoke and ruffle were determined by how much fabric I had, since I only bought... [read more]

I’ve wanted to make a jean jacket for a while and the Seamwork Audrey was on my list. It’s one of few jean jacket patterns that actually goes up to my bust measurement. On one level, I find that appalling, but there are also not many jean jacket patterns out there with this style. The Alina Design Co Hampton Jean Jacket also has a similar look but only goes up to a 42″ bust. The lack of patterns going up to or beyond a 52″ bust isn’t shocking to me at all. Say there are a 100 patterns out there of a certain type; probably around 20 of those have a more inclusive sizing, but maybe 1 has sizing that goes beyond a 60″ bust. Soap box: it would be great to see companies that go into 50″ bust land upping that into 60″ bust land. Show the companies that are just starting to increase their sizing AND show them it can be even more inclusive.

Back to the jean... [read more]

I made a cropped Tracey Bee top earlier this year and mentioned that I ought to make a sleeveless version for summer too. Well looky looky, I actually did it. Not only that, but I took a creative spin with the pattern for the Seen & Sewn Together blog tour this week. (Keep reading for … Continue reading Crossback Tracey Bee for Seen & Sewn Together blog tour & giveaway

If you are focusing on thrifty sewing, you can certainly not overlook the many free patterns available out there!

I love Peppermint Magazine, and one of the delights of their website is the high quality free patterns that they offer.

The Ruffle Sleeve Top developed by In the Folds for the magazine has been a very popular make in the Instagram sewing world. I decided to give it a try, and found a lovely, lightweight rich red linen at my local Goodwill -- a narrow piece but just enough to fit this pattern. So off I went!

I traced it off a couple of weeks ago and can't remember which size I chose -- there are ten sizes, marked A-J, so just check your measurements and pick the size you want. I do recall that I graded out from one size in the shoulder/bust to a larger one at the hem, which is pretty usual for me.

I also had to cut the sleeve ruffles on grain... [read more]

I’ll admit it – I thought jumpsuits were going to be a passing fad when I started seeing them popping up a few years ago (Brazilian pattern magazine Manequim was definitely at the forefront of this!). But it’s been several years and they don’t show any sign of stopping, and I even made myself one a few years back. I didn’t wear it much, though – not for being a jumpsuit, but for having an overly long crotch that irritated my thighs – and it’s since gone into the great charity shop bag in the sky.

I share all this only to illustrate that I’ve got a checkered personal history when it comes to sewing jumpsuits. But when the Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit pattern was released, I knew I wasn’t done with jumpsuits just yet. It had all the right details – a flattering wrap-style bodice that made it easy to get in and out of, big pockets, and a casual-yet-dressy vibe... [read more]

Hey!  It's been a bit since I've posted.  June is flying by at break neck speed and somehow here we are  less than two full weeks until the end of the school year here.  I'm crazy busy at work trying to get all the books back and shelved so I can inventory them before I leave - I'm transferring to a different school in our division this August to a permanent position (YAY!!!) - so I want to make sure I leave everything tickety boo for whomever will be coming into to replace me in the fall.  The little boys were also back in a football training camp the last few weeks which adds to the busy.  Life has been, as per usual, chaotic.  Good, but definitely chaotic.  I've been employing my new method of sewing in snippets instead of waiting for larger chunks of time and it's been a total game changer.  (And realistically the only way to get things accomplished right... [read more]

Floral Top

Last year I made a rayon top using Butterick 5988. I loved the design as it is a nice alternative to a fitted woven T. The waist darts release into a box pleat which gives a slight peplum look. It was a very wearable muslin, but I had taken the side seams in quite a lot during fitting but the shoulders still felt very big.

Butterick 5988 Print Top (view B with view A length)

As I’d been working on a personal sloper over the summer, I’d decided to use it to remake the top, and sort out the shoulder problems. I kind of disappeared down the drafting rabbit hole again. Rather than using the same sloper as I’d used for the spotting shirt, I redrafted it again. The changes appear minor, but made quite a difference.

To draft the pattern for this top, it is simply a matter of transferring the bust and shoulder darts to the waist, and then partially sewing them... [read more]

It’s been a busy few months for Lányos Handmade. Lots was accomplished. The Gemma© Bag was finished and released! It was great fun and now I am happy to share the Lányos Handmade Gemma© Bag Pattern with you, over at my new shop Lányos Handmade: I want to introduce you to my wonderful team of […]
Welcome to the Seen & Sewn Together blog tour. Arielle from Seen & Sewn Patterns is creating patterns with a focus on encouraging people to join the #handmaderevolution by sewing their own handmade wardrobe. A nice group of sewing bloggers have joined together to share with you how we’ve taken the Seen & Sewn Patterns … Continue reading Seen & Sewn Together blog tour begins

Hello, my lovely readers!

Can you believe it? This is my 100th blog post! I never would have thought that I would reach this milestone when I pushed that publish button for the first time in December 2016.
Although it wasn’t intentional, it is kind of fun that this 100th post is part of a blog tour which is a first for me. So reviewing the Madrid Dress from Coffee and Thread is the birthday party for my 100th blog post.

Madrid Dress

The Madrid Dress pattern

The Madrid dress is a Bohemian inspired faux wrap dress or tunic with a tiered skirt. It offers three length options and three sleeve variations and comes in sizes 2-20. It is designed for woven fabrics with drape.
I particularly love the faux wrap bodice of the design and I went for the maxi dress with straight sleeves, not the flared ones.

For the maxi dress, there are 5 pattern pieces and two facing... [read more]

Gillian posted on Sunday about the two year anniversary of the Sewcialists re-launch. It got us thinking about what we love about being part of the Sewicalists, and why it seems to resonate with the wider sewing community. We realised that is equal parts Gillian and equal parts you!

For those of you who don’t know us, we are Becky and Chloe – a.k.a the permanent editors who aren’t Gillian. We have been officially around for about a year of the last two and we can’t believe that Gillian ran this whole shebang solo for that long!

Gillian doesn’t know we wrote this one, but we wanted to celebrate her birthday and the two-year anniversary at the same time! Happy Birthday Gillian!

Gillian - one of the Sewcialists founders, wearing a Sewcialists t-shirt.

This is our love letter to Gillian, and to you – the community she brought to the fore through Sewcialists.


You know that scene in the Tim... [read more]

Hi! Today we are talking about our experiences with the Ione shirt from Workhorse Patterns.

The pattern is described as a “high-volume shirt made with woven fabric” that is meant to be a scrapbuster. The unique thing about this pattern is how the measurements are given.

There are only finished garment measurements, which allow the sewist to choose their size based on the amount of desired ease and overall shape of the garment.


Your Measurements: 53 inch bust, 44 inch waist, and 54 inch hips

Body Shape: Hourglass

Pattern size used: I hadn’t used this measurement system before, but I really enjoyed it. I also appreciate the additional garment measurements that were given beyond the bust measurement. This allows for even more customization. The largest size has a finished bust circumference of 63.5 inches and hem circumference of 65.5 inches.

I... [read more]

Hello Sewing Blog Community!

It has been quite quiet over on this corner of the interwebs and it's about time for me to break the silence!

I'm not going to go TOO deep into why I've been gone for SO long, but one of the reasons is that...

I bought a house!!

And between packing up everything and settling into my new place, the blog had slipped by the wayside. But if you don't trust me here and want to keep up with me in real time, you can just follow me on Instagram @thetelltaletasha

Now with that out of the way, let me show you something I made since I've been gone!

This is McCall's 7812. Such a cute top. I made it on a Tuesday night with plans to go Salsa dancing at the end of that week.

I cut a Medium and sewed the longer body of View A  with the bishop sleeves of  View B. The only alteration I made was to add 1.5 inches to the sleeve.

The... [read more]
I saw this sign back in May and my heart broke in two.
And then the tributes went up in the front window

 And then it started to go away

And so it was.
There was cake. Of course there was cake.

And Bob's infamous cookies

Of course I had a piece of cake.
I had two.

Trying to put a happy spin on a really sad occaision and stacking my photos of the store in here:

Umbrella kits. Because who doesn't want to make their own?

My favorite aisle

My second favorite aisle

Themed sales and local products

The seasonal collections for good causes

That time someone drove through the front window doors

Or the times the power went out.
Or the building flooded. That happened often.

Or, seven years ago when I didn't get the job there.
That made me go on this crazy 'choose your own adventure' ride. Which is why I'm writing this with a level of sadness and gratitude.

This was my... [read more]
Megan Nielsen Floreat Dress

Me and Phil are back at home this weekend after a few days holiday with family in the Peak District. We had a fun few days but one thing I am glad to return home to is decent Wi-Fi! I spent hours yesterday catching up with emails, and thought this evening would be the perfect opportunity to write a blog post. I have also left the house a few times in between, and finished a small embroidery project, so the weekend hasn’t been solely spent in front of a screen.

Megan Nielsen Floreat Dress

I managed to dodge the rain long enough to get some photos of recent makes while we were away, but the photos here predate the most recent holiday, and were mostly taken in Paris when we were there for #ParisSewcial.

Megan Nielsen Floreat Dress

This pattern is the Floreat Dress from Megan Nielsen. The pattern includes a whole host of variations and I was especially drawn to the knit dress version, so made my floreat in... [read more]

Making Patterns From Finished Clothes / Rusty Bensussen
NY: Sterling, c1985.  160 p.

Here is another of the pattern making from RTW books that I have in my collection. This one is a decade earlier than the previous volume I just reviewed, and it does show.

There are no photographs, only line drawings, for example. Now, I do love a good retro line drawing, but for technique and learning, I did find the other title with multiple photos more useful. Though this one is awfully charming in its way.

It has a bit of a different approach, too. It starts out with with a brief intro to equipment and organizing patterns -- not only your own but commercial ones as well (in essence, she suggests manila envelopes and a good filing system - I already have the first but not really the second!)

Then there is a dated section on figure types and colours, and which... [read more]
Sewcialists Logo

Two years ago, I was scared. I was relaunching the Sewcialists, and what if no one cared? I’d burned out after running the blog from 2013-2015, and that would happen again if it didn’t become more of a team effort.

Luckily, I hit “publish” on that first post, proclaiming,

It’s been two years since the Sewcialists blog was active… but we’re back in action! And by “we”, I mean me, Gillian, and YOU. I blog about my personal sewing at, but my goal here is to facilitate a space where anyone can contribute, regardless of experience, age, size, or background. The Sewcialists blog has always been a group blog representing diverse voices.

The response ever since then has been overwhelming! We’ve published at least three posts a week for two years, which is over 300 posts. At this point, I think we’ve... [read more]

Click to view slideshow.

Photographer: Koholint Cosplay

Completed: August 2018

Hours Spent: Approximately 30

Debuted: N/A

Why This Costume: The initial idea for another Pluto came from plans with Koholint (as usual lol). I sold my last Pluto a little while back, but I still had the wig and accessories. Koholint made ChibiUsa for our Outer Senshi Cosmic Coterie group in 2018, and we wanted to do more duo shoots for our Caffeine Schemes account.

The final push to make this costume came from Pinecrest Fabrics, who asked me to review their tricot, which is available on Many thanks to them for providing material that helped make this happen!

Purchased pieces: 

Helpful Tutorials:

Well, I did it again. Right when I’m at my peak of bragging about how minimalist I’ve become, I go and volunteer for a … More photo props with face cut-outs »

The post photo props with face cut-outs appeared first on My French Twist.

I'm thrilled to announce the creation of the new Stratford Garment Guild! Inspired by the Ottawa Garment Guild (and guided by them with some set-up information, thanks guys!) and by the Atlantic Sewing Guild, I decided that our community also needed an in-person garment sewing group.

With a handful of other local enthusiasts I went ahead and held a planning meeting and we are now pleased to announce that the Stratford Garment Guild is live and will be meeting regularly starting in September of 2019, in Stratford. More information to come as we add content to our social media accounts and website.

But for now, if you are in the Stratford, Ontario area and want to keep up on what's happening, follow us on Instagram or on Facebook.

See you in September!

If I could tell you one thing that you need to know about Michelle Morris, it would be: you would want to be the best of friends with her. Michelle is amiable, hilarious, and inspiring. Maybe you know Michelle from her long-time blog, That Black Chic. Or maybe you’ve seen her contributions on Sew News Magazine? But my personal favorite is her own Sewn Magazine. Michelle’s style is unapologetically high fashion and high energy. She can sew more garments in a week than some of us do in a year, and she does it all for art.

Becky: First let’s talk about the fact you work full-time outside of your online sewing/fashion presence. Is your profession complementary or contradictory to your creative work here, meaning the sewing and fashion world?

Michelle: Totally contradicts everything I do here! I’m a corporate trainer by day, so I’m training... [read more]

I have tried to inject colour into my wardrobe, but I keep adding more of the basics, black, blue, white, beige and grey.  I guess they’re just too easy to use!  Speaking of basics…

I’ve added two Basic Instinct Tees to my summer collection this year, one I made just before heading off on holiday, the other I made just last week.  This is a tee shirt pattern I really like.  It’s loose enough to be comfy without being tent-like but still has shape, and made in a viscose jersey – it’s heaven to wear!  I like it for all those reasons and more.  For me, it’s the perfect design for wearing while gardening!  Sleeves that cover the upper arm and prevent sunburn, crew neckline that doesn’t allow flashing when bending over and keeps the sun off delicate décolletage and back neck areas, and long enough to tuck in without popping out.

How to do Fashion Nr 7 Vanlose

[ADVERTORIAL FEATURE] Readers, the sewjo is back! With a vengeance, I might add... It's been a shameful weekend of binging, both sewing and...wait for it, Killing Eve.
My husband was away for the weekend, so I took the opportunity to sew, guilt-free, to my heart's content. And I also switched my laptop on and dived deep into Villanelle's awesome pink wardrobe.

These two binges are weirdly connected, as you might realise in a second. Yes, blush pink/beige is officially the new neutral in my wardrobe. And I am putting this forward towards the minimalist scandi look I'm going for lately... No sure how Nanna would feel about this...

Ermm, who is Nanna, I hear you ask. She is a lovely Danish designer who is the creative power behind How to Do Fashion sewing pattern brand. (If you need a refresher, check out my interview with her in the latest instalment of the... [read more]

Okay, I might have a problem with buying every overalls pattern out there. Yes, I have the Yanta overalls, too. When I saw Martha rock the So Over-it-Alls from Rad Patterns on IG, I knew I had to have them. And then they sat in my sewing queue for a bit. But truly what is better than overalls… obviously knit overalls. Hello, comfort to the max!

I made a 3XL to accomodate my waist measurement of 48-50 depending on the time of month. These are my first version so they aren’t perfect in terms of fit. That won’t stop me from wearing them all the time, though.

For my next version, I will narrow the bib at the top by taking out a wedge at the centre front. I don’t have any issues with how the front or back fit, but the length of the shorts means that my thighs want to eat the fabric (hence how they are bunching in the back, but the fit of the back is fine... [read more]

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