I’m incredibly excited about a very large macramé project in the works in my studio.  But while I’m waiting on new supplies, I made … More diy macrame garland »

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 I decided that I will make another Laundry Day top. With fitting adjustments made with this first version

I decided that it was time to make another one. This one is rather full from the waist down so I will go with a smaller size in that area. I will not use a cowl neck;  I plan to sew a scoop neckline. I will use the same sleeve length, thinking this can transition into fall weather when it arrives.

The fabric I plan to use is this one I purchased from SoSewEnglish (SSE).
The colors look somewhat faded in this photo. They are crisper colors IRL.

Gone sewing, more later!

There’s math and then there’s fabric math. As part of my physics degree I had to take a few uni courses in mathematics, it is the language of physics after all. In mathematics there is a right and wrong, no opinions needed it’s black and white. (Except when you use it for physics and try to account for energy, you almost always get a rounding error or you can always blames that the unaccounted energy “becomes heat”).

While regular math is very much limited by right and wrong, fabric math holds no such restrictions! In this world numbers don’t need to add up. Case in point, my Barney/Rose-suit.

I had bought a remnant of this green corduroy, hoping to add some colour to my wardrobe. Well, mission accomplished! I wanted to try out a simple non-lined blazer, New Look 6481 (OOP), and used the corduroy as a wearable muslin. This is where the fabric math... [read more]

If there’s one thing I can definitively say about myself it is that I will never be a wedding planner. Oh, there’s still money … More the post-covid wedding that beat all odds »

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Sometimes a pattern comes along that leapfrogs all your current plans and this was one of those. It’s not a terribly complicated pattern and I dare say with my pattern collection I could have achieved something similar with a few adjustments to something else, but… I don’t know. Sometimes you just see something and think – yes, that’s exactly what I want. I’m also more than happy to support small designers and after I checked out a few of the Elsie skirts on Instagram – in particular the View A sample and also View B made by @rocco.sienna, I decided that this pattern had the makings of a mid-length skirt staple for me. Did it live up to my expectations? You betcha. In fact I liked it so much I made both versions within a couple of days and it’s gone straight onto my TNT list.

The Pattern

The Elsie is described as “what... [read more]

Today's project is a dress I'd cut out in July and finally finished a couple of weeks ago. Had to finally get around to taking some photos to share here -- not every project is a win, and this one just doesn't really do it for me. I love the pretty rayon fabric but overall I just find the fit fussy despite all my attempts to fix it up. 

I chose McCalls 7712, View B (the simplest one with no added frills). It's a loose summer dress, almost cocoony in a way. As drafted, there are pockets in the middle seam, so that the pockets hang right across your front belly. Not my favourite look! So the first change I made was to move the pockets to the side seams, where I prefer them. I was just careful to transfer the pocket placement lines to the outer edges at the same levels. 

I also raised the point of the neckline by an inch, and did the same to the... [read more]

Oct 5, 2015 쇼핑중독은 신경화학물질의 이상증세로 설명되는데, 다른 행동중독 증상처럼 재흡수억제제(SSRI:selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)와 마약성 …

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May 9, 2007 카드빚은 또 다른 카드빚을 낳았고, 가족회의 끝에 결국 A씨는 상담 치료를 받게 됐다. '쇼핑 중독'. 미국에선 물건 사들이기에 집착하는 쇼핑 중독자가 …

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Apr 30, 2021 '쇼핑중독'은 강박적으로 불필요하거나 혹은 자신의 경제력으로 감당할 수 없는 물건을 충동적으로 구매하게 되는 질환이다. 온라인 쇼핑 공간은 세계 …

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그것은 다름 아닌 쇼핑 강박 혹은 중독현상이다. 쇼핑중독은 필요하지 않고 여력도 되지 않는 물건을 습관적으로 구매하는 행동으로 죄의식과 경제적 어려움을 유발한다.

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Jul 18, 2020 쇼핑 중독의 사례들이다. 쇼핑 중독은 의학적으로 확실히 규정된 정신 질환은 아니지만 많은 현대인이 앓고 있는 질병이다.

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Jun 25, 2018 정신의학신문 : 최명환 정신건강의학과 전문의] Q. 통신 판매가 유행입니다.TV를 통한 홈쇼핑뿐만 아니라 스마트폰을 통한 쇼핑이 가능해지면서 24 …

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Jan 27, 2014 쇼핑중독자 상당수가 우울증, 게임중독, 알코올 중독 등 다양한 정신질환을 동반한다. 심하면 자살, 횡령, 절도 등 범죄까지 저지르기도 한다.

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미국에는 강박관념속에서 필요 이상으로 물건 사들이기에 집착하는 쇼핑중독자가 1천만명을 넘는 것으로 추정되며 이에 따라 보건당국이 쇼핑중독을 정신질환 목록에 …

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Mar 2, 2016 쇼핑중독은 자신이 감당할 수 없음에도 계속해서 비싼 물건을 사들이는 행동을 말합니다. 영국은 2006년부터 정신질환으로 분류하고 있습니다.

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Aug 29, 2021 강박적 구매로도 불리는 쇼핑중독은 쇼핑, 구매에 대한 부적합하고 과도한 충동이나 집착이 있어, 분별 없이 필요하지 않은 물건을 구매하거나, …

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The Act of Sewing / Sonya Philip
Boulder, CO: Roost Books, c2021
175 p.

Another new sewing book that I've been looking forward to! Sonya Philip is well known for her 100 Acts of Sewing blog and patterns (I've made Shirt No. 1, found at Creativebug, and have others still to try waiting in my queue). This book takes her DIY ethos and presents it all in one go, the perfect book for new sewists -- and with some great tips for us more practiced ones as well. 

The layout is clear and straightforward. It starts with a chapter on basic tools and techniques, then a look at the four patterns included (top, skirt, trousers, shirt, all very much like her existing pattern styles). All the patterns are on traceable sheets in the back of the book, no downloading or printing required. The sizing is inclusive, as with her existing patterns. The size range in the book... [read more]

 I have put aside the Simplicity pattern mentioned in my last post. I am just not feeling it. The fabric is just not right for this pattern. Every time I walked into my sewing room, I just could not bring myself to work on it. I always felt I should finish what I started sewing; and when I do this, I get to the point where I am hating the project, get it completed and I don't like the end product.

Life is just too short for me to continue down that path. I may go back to it and may not. I really need a different fabric for this to be successful.

So I am reviewing patterns that I have been wanting to sew plus looking at some new indie patterns recently purchased.

Not sure what it will be and have decided on two fabrics that I will use.

I recently purchased two patterns from Something Delightful both McCalls. I also purchased a New Look pattern at Hobby... [read more]

*Updated 09/12/2021 - I made this post in July of 2014. Interesting to read it again today with the whole #cratechallenge lol.

~ original post below ~

Milk crates are all the rage right now!

Okay I don't know if that's completely true but it seems like it. Since they are mass-produced though, they are readily available. If you want your own, it should be no problem finding some.

Just take a peek behind the milk aisle at the grocery store and you'll see them back there all stacked up, doing their job.

Of course the logical thing to do with them would be to just use them to hold things but you can get more creative than that...

1. Milk Crate Cabinets

2. Milk Crate Couch

3. Milk Crate Container Garden

4. Milk Crate Swing for the little kiddos

5. Milk Crate Fabric Cover - a detailed Tutorial by Sew Many Ways

6. Crates Lighting Fixture

7. DIY Milk Crate Bed Frame

8. [read more]
A friend of mine asked if I could repair her much loved Kilim Rug Bag. HECK YA! Apparently the “leather”, which didn’t seem to be real leather (more about that later), was peeling off the backing, and she wasn’t fond of the denim back on the Bag neither. The hardware, jewellery, lining and the Kilim … Continue reading My most favourite repurpose yet!


Here we are, almost two weeks into September and I still haven’t shown off the last pair of linen trousers made – last month!  I  have to admit to being in a bit of a sewing funk, but I hope I’ve turned that corner this week!  More on that later, I thought I’d pop in and let you all know that I’m still here, and back to sewing.  I suppose I also need to admit that I haven’t made those shorts for the other half.  August was not shorts weather – so no need!!  I will carry on with the sewing for him though, at some point!!

Burda trousers 102, 07/2009

Right, this is another pair of the trousers from Burda July 2009, number 102.  I made a pair in reddish linen back in April that have been on constant rotation this year.  I love the leg width and length, they’re just so darned comfy to wear!  Anyway, in June I bought 2m of a beautiful silvery blue stretch linen... [read more]

So, if there's one thing that I think is fairly obvious, I normally gravitate towards bright colours.  Throw in a bold print and I'm even happier.  However, in August I suddenly seemed to gravitate towards ALL the black fabric.  So much so that I even ran out of black thread.  I never run out of black thread.  

I sewed five different garments in the month of August and three of them were black (save for the dress that had a tiny white spotty print on the black background).   What a contrast from my eye searingly bright orange tropical Charlie Caftan!

My first black garment I sewed was the Marcel Dress from Chalk and Notch.  I used a rayon challis that I have had in my stash for a few years and chose the long version of the dress.  The Marcel dress is a whole lot of dress.

Marcel Dress shown in it's full width glory

I wasn't sure actually how I felt about the sheer volume of it, so did... [read more]

In my last post I showed you how I developed this new colour palette to match my pastel hair, which I’ve dubbed “Pastel Forest”. Because, you know, it’s pastel and green! Giving it a name just sounds more official, you know?

It is strong inspired by this amazing sweatshirt fabric I bought myself for my June birthday:

Today, we get to the fun stuff – the clothes! This is a mix of old and new me-mades, plus RTW. It’s very mix and match – basically patterned tops with basic bottoms, that will work in any combination and layer well with cardigans. All the patterns from Helen’s Closet and Cashmerette were sent to me for free over the years. Let’s dig in!

My favourite! This lightweight rayon has been at lots of stores over the summer, so chances are high that you’ve seen it around. I got mine at Minerva, and at first I was disappointed... [read more]

I've been working on a few summer dresses to finish off my summer sewing, and now I can share them with you! My favourite so far from the queue has been the Celeste dress by Itch to Stitch. It's a simple shape, with nice lines and a good fit -- and I love the pockets. I made it in a busy floral linen so you can't really see the lines of it but I love the feel of it. Definitely making this one again. 

I didn't deviate much from the pattern. I graded from one size at shoulder to the next size up at hip (8/10) while tracing the pattern, and that is about the only real change I made. Oh -- also, because of my shape, I was also able to leave out the side zip - it pulls on over my head no problem. It fits really well and I found it really easy to sew. 

I popped down to the public garden in the middle of a traffic circle near me to get these photos in the lovely... [read more]

There are many creature comforts house guests will appreciate, but there is one item, if not provided, they will undoubtedly ask for – your … More easy wifi password sign »

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