Hello and happy Tuesday! Our popular Great Lakes square burlap pillow is available in a brand new color, bright blue! This fun pillow is sewn by hand using up-cycled coffee bean burlap sacks and hand-painted with a silhouette of the Great Lakes that frame Michigan. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your room this summer or find a unique gift, this is the perfect addition. We
I am possibly one of the last sewing blogger in the blogger-sphere to try out Grainline Studio's Scout Tee. (For those whose heads are buried even further in the sand than mine, Scout is a loose fitting tee made from woven rather than jersey fabric), Its not so much that I wasn't aware of the Scout pattern, I'd seen lots of versions online, I'd even had the pattern for a while, but I hadn't got round to trying it.

Earlier in the year, when looking for a quick sewing fix, I thought I would give it ago. I had just enough peacock fabric left over from this dress, and I thought it might work well. I flew through the construction of the top which is very simple, and that was very satisfying. However, I made a mess of attaching the neck binding, and put the project aside in a huff. 

Last Friday evening, while tidying up my sewing room, I... [read more]

Wrangling in this child for this photoshoot/pattern review, was not as easy as I thought.   Since I was sewing a dress for her, I thought she would show up ready and willing to fit and take pictures whenever I wanted.  OOOOOhhh....but no!!  Going "live" on the internet for review and scrutinizing of her clothes isn't something your average person wants.  Everything has to be perfect, her hair, face, nails, mood, weight, and everything else you can think of when presented with the idea of being put on a quasi-chopping block.   This model-child doesn't have a problem walking a runway for designers.  Neither does she have a problem with self-esteem.  However, presented with a "sewing" blog and still shots that are there to be reviewed and analyzed is a game changer for sure.  I present to you my review of the Bootstrap Fashions Jersey Dress for... [read more]
I think I’m really starting to see the benefits of trying to stick to patterns and fabrics which are relevant to my lifestyle and represent the way I’d like to dress, if RTW tended to fit me better! I’ve seen lots of lovely versions of the Hollyburn skirt on the blogosphere, and none that made […]
Showering my lovely friend with love at her baby shower

A baby shower is a great excuse to make a new dress. This dress started as a dress to wear to a friend's wedding in January. I cut it out and sewed the front and back together. It didn't look the way I wanted it to so I abandoned it and wore a RTW dress instead. Then as May rolled around and I was less stressed at work, the dress popped into my mind again. I had a baby shower to attend and I could wear a new dress. So, I sewed on the facings, sewed the front and back together and then hit up pinterest for some hem inspiration. I settled on a scalloped hem. I feel like is a cute springy hem suitable for a baby shower. I used this tutorial from the Collette blog to create the hem. So, while watching Law and Order: SVU on Netflix, I carefully clipped, turned and pressed my scalloped hem. I think it was an... [read more]

I first learned of Thread Theory when I saw their men’s patterns at District Fabric in Seattle. I had no idea they offered a women’s blouse until the sew-along. I like my knit shirts fitted, but the more I saw of the Camas Blouse on social media and the more I learned about Thread Theory (and grew envious of the mens clothing), I saw increasing potential for this shirt in my wardrobe.

I started with some thin white & black knit fabric I had in my stash, something I had picked up randomly from a remnant bin. It was less than a yard of fabric, not enough fabric for sleeves, but a sleevless camas could work, and I’d be able to get the sizing figured out before digging into my good fabric. I went and picked up another 1/3 yard for the contrast yokes.


  • A thin slub jersey knit. I’m incresingly not a fan of this fabric (at least for... [read more]

A little late with my me mades from last week but here we go....

It's this dress again, NFG.

My new swan top got it's second outing too. Sadly, as with most of my viscose makes, the hem has gone a bit straggly after just one wash. I added a rolled hem using the machine foot and obviously didn't do a very good job as some fabric is fraying through it. I think I might need to go over it again or press and fold a bit more of a sturdy hem, maybe even using bias tape to enclose all that edging??

An oldie but still a goodie, this stripey Peony Peplum is really fading so it might be nearing the end of it's wardrobe life, but hey it's had a good one!

I don't think I ever blogged this sleeveless Plantain, I can't find it anywhere anyways. I used some left over stripe jersey and added a floral yoke to the back, It's not perfect (I won't close up the sleeve finishing) but it's... [read more]
Week 3 already? How has that happened?

Here's my round-up of outfits for the week.

Day 15: Broderie anglais Grainline top (never blogged) for a sport or gardening.
Day 16: Ultimate trousers in blue with white flowers (still to blog).
Day 17: Grainline T-shirt in mint.
Day 18: Ultimate trousers again - this time with a white top.
Day 19: Silk Cami and multicoloured spots
Day 20: Coco dress (not this actual outfit as I forgot to take a photo - this off the original blog post - but with leggings.
Day 21: Sense and Sensibility Swing Dress.

Another week of me-made outfits and the self-photography is getting old. To be honest, I don’t have pictures of all my outfits, but I have been wearing handmade stuff. Let’s go over week three.

Ännu en vecka med handsydda klädslar och bildtagandet av mig själv börjar bli tråkigt. Jag har inte ens bilder av alla klädslar, men jag har burit handsydda kläder varje dag. Här är tredje veckan.

May 16/16 maj

Made by me: Blue Hawthorn dress
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Blå Hawthorn-klänning
Buren till: Jobb

I love the swooshiness of the skirt, the way it falls around my legs when walking. It’s almost a bit too vintage for my taste, but I usually feel good in it when I’m wearing it

Jag älskar fallet i kjolen och hur den rör sig. Klänningen är nästan lite för vintage för min smak, men oftast känns det bra att bära den.

May 17/17 maj

Made by me: Dexy sweatshirt
Worn to: A day... [read more]

We’re on day 24 of May I know so this is a little late. But better late than never I suppose. This week did feature a repeat but more by choice; it was a new make and I really like it!

MMMay16, days 13-18

Day 13 | This is me trying to make my selfies more interesting. A pair of By Hand London Holly shorts. The fabric, a lovely cerise pink viscose, was from Birmingham rag market for around £3 a metre. Truth be told, despite making these almost a year ago, I’ve still not quite finished them as they still need a hook and eye.

Day 14 | A new make this time, which I whipped up that morning using the Featured waistband skirt from Love Sewing, issue 23 and fabric from my stash; a black and white stripe polyester from Ribes Y Casals when I visited Barcelona. I actually drafted my own waistband as the polyester wasn’t going to hold the shape in the original pattern well (it needs something... [read more]

Simplicity 1366 outfitI was just in your face a week ago telling you how I loved my last dress, a Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity pattern, and here I am again with the same boring story! This time it is Simplicity 1366, which everyone else in the universe has tried and loved, so now it is my turn, damn it!

Simplicity 1366 camiThe pattern consists of a crazy skirt (would be fun to wear for an event, but not IRL so much), a spaghetti strapped bias camisole, and a perfectly cut boatneck boxy top. I dove in full throttle and made both the cami and the top, so this post is a two-fer.

Simplicity 1366 crepeFirst, the camisole is a really great basic pattern that could and should be made in every luxurious fabric you can get your hands on. My mystery fabric is some kind of crepe that flows and hugs in the most delightful way!  The bias cut just makes the fit suburb.

Simplicity 1366 rolled hemI made skinny straps that I left round like spaghetti, and... [read more]

These pieces have been sitting in my stash for at least a year. Last month I decided to piece these together to refresh my work wardrobe.

These ponte pieces are really thick and are factory off-cuts.
It also helped that I had research Carlo Poggioli work on Divergent for lots of inspiration.

Candor dress
This is a midi length dress and the main challenge was matching these stripes.

The stripes are really wide so I didn't need to use a walking foot to sew the seams.
Butterick 5922 was my base bodice pattern for the dress.
It was worth a try. When I get the courage, I'll sew the waist in a bit more.

Candor set
Again Butterick 5922 was my base bodice pattern for the top.
The skirt is simply based on the wide of each off cut and pinned to match my hip width. I've pegged the base of the skirt for a bit of shape. 
There was no reason to add a zipper so I simply used a wide... [read more]

The shorts sewing pattern is for basic shorts that you can sew with any fabric and you can add different details for many different looks. the free pattern is available in size S-M but you can easily adjust it to … Continued

The post Shorts Sewing Pattern FREE appeared first on My Handmade Space.

Hi there! You just caught me during one of my favourite springtime jobs: inspecting future plum cakes in our mini orchard. 
At the end of each summer I traditionally ruin some tops while harvesting blackcurrants or bringing in the walnuts, giving me a good excuse to sew some fresh shirts during spring. 
This year the planning of new gardening gear coincided with the launch of the Concord T-shirt by Cashmerette Patterns. A classic t-shirt with three hem lengths, three necklines (high, V-neck, scoop) and, most importantly, three different cup sizes. Sold!

As this was my first Cashmerette pattern I checked the stash for muslin options. I found a lightweight cotton jersey of unknown origin, which to me looked like the result of drunk fabric shopping. Perfect muslin material!

Now to determine the right size.Sizing chart instructions tell you to... [read more]

Just a quick post to show another Cashmerette Concord T-shirt. I needed a new shirt for the gym and since my wearable Concord muslin gets a lot of wear I thought I'd give the longer version a try.  

Concord tech drawing

Scooped neckline, mid length sleeves with tabs, curved hemline. In addition to the shoulder adjustment I made for the muslin I took out an extra 3/8" halfway between center back and shoulder on each side of the back neckline to fix a bit of gaping. The neckband was cut on the cross grain.
The fabric is a cotton jersey, bought last autumn with a Plantain in mind. 

The sleeves were a bit short on me, next time I'll lengthen them so that I can make decent hems that don't roll every time I bend my arms. I just forgot to add the usual inch for my long arms.
Eventually I didn't use the tabs. There's enough going on with this print, and I liked... [read more]
Here we go again! Another "Our Fave Top" by Tessuti patterns made in the same fabric as my most recent make, but bought whilst in Melbourne last year. I *think* the fabric is from Rathdowne Fabrics but I cannot quite remember now?

My rolled hem didn't produce the nice "fluted hem" this time around...not sure why. Overlockers are very temperamental things. I do like the hem, but I would've LOVED for it to be nice and wavy.

I did change the side seams a little bit this time around.  The pattern is drafted in such a way that you can easily turn the slopped hem under to stitch but I don't need this as I don't hem my top. Instead I just brought the side seams down to a might be able to see what I'm talking about in this photo. Also, I'm aware I look 20 month pregnant in the photo on the left, but that's just the effect of having big boobs!

So I wore this top... [read more]
I recently picked up two smallish pieces of silk at various sewists meet ups.  Both were too small for a garment (also I don't really wear woven garments so not great loss), but perfectly sized for scarves. I wear scarves every day when the weather is cooler so the fate of these two pieces of silk was determined the day I took them home.

In order to get the length I wanted I cut both pieces of fabric in half width ways and then joined them together using a (I think) flat-felled type seam. It's not ideal to have a great big seam running down the center back of any scarf but needs must.

I finished the edges with a rolled-hem on the overlocker. It's not THAT hard to change thread on the overlocker and I already had the rolled hem set up from an earlier project so took the opportunity to get these two small projects out of the way.

And the end we go:

This month’s Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post is something a little different – not a novelty print dress for myself, but instead a vintage-style western men’s frock coat for my husband, who is off to Comic Con in Manchester this month. My husband is a lecturer in Film and Television Studies, and one of his […]

I think there’s been a bit of a flurry about the latest kit released by Sew Over It– the Weekend Bag- currently sold out.  This was a kit to make a weekend bag, something that I have been aware of as a distinct gap in my ‘luggage portfolio’ (hahahaha- sounds so pretentious!) so when this popped up on the Sew Over It newsletter I headed over for the opportunity to make my own (with maximum ease).

weekend bag1

Now I really do enjoy bag making, but I want it to be a quick one.  I need to be satisfied & it not to be overly intricate but at the same time deliver my exact requirements.  With a weekend bag, it needed to be big enough to transport a weekend’s worth of clothing & ‘stuff’ and also strong enough, as I have spent time on making the most beautiful of stylish accessories only for it to not withstand the wear & tear I inflict upon it.

weekend bag

I had never bought a Sew Over It kit, (there... [read more]

Make this work outfit with 2 FREE patterns!

Since we don’t really use the coat closet in our apartment, I have taken over it and put all my sorted work clothing in there. Although I can wear tan and khaki for the bottoms, I have to be very careful with how I plan my days, especially right now – when I am still in training. Coffee can really stain the clothing, which is part of the work process, and tan stains more than black… OOOPS:)

work outfit mmmay16 - pencil skirt and blouse

But today I got my new skirt on – I made 2 skirts out of this 1 yd remnant piece from Jo- Ann’s. This is the second one, and why is there a seam in the middle?! That’s right, because that IS all of the  fabric that I had left and I had to do something about it – getting creative:) So I sewed it in the middle and put a nice embroidery seam on top of it, I really love the result!

My sewing and wearing MeMadeMay’16 journey... [read more]

Make this stylish floral shift dress with FREE pattern!

I think I am reaching the point where I have more dresses in my wardrobe than I can possibly wear, I should STOP but I CAN’T:) No wonder, with this free pattern, a yard and a half of fabric and about 2 hours of your time – and you got a new dress on your hands! Read on about my fabric choices and interesting details! Happy sewing!

My sewing and wearing MeMadeMay’16 journey on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin

floral shift dress mmmay16

I wore this dress to a bridal shower, and on my birthday and today is just another good day with good vibes! Besides, I think that this dress is a bit too dark for the summer, so I have to get some wear out of it until it gets too hot here!

Pattern: this pattern I found on the internet, among many others. I was craving something silly simple, and here it is – 4 pieces, no darts, no... [read more]

the big simplicity blog meet Northern Sewing Bloggers Unite May Martin May Martin The Big Simplicity Blog Meet May Martin The Big Simplicity Blog Meet

It’s a year since I started sewing and set myself the task of fashioning a handmade wardrobe from scratch. I was armed with some basic skills I’d picked up from a community course in Fashion and Dressmaking. It was there one evening, that I met @twiinkalink – already prolific in the blogosphere and no stranger to the Readers’ Makes page of Love Sewing magazine. After this fortuitous encounter, I cycled home with my head in a social media spin, determined to start a blog of my own and make an item worthy of a sewing magazine’s pages.

Fast forward a few stitches in time and here I am – the blogger behind ‘wrong doll’ with a star make credit to boot. Through joining Instagram, I’m now in contact with an extremely supportive community of makers – two of whom I arranged to meet in real life last Saturday. The initial plan was to go scavenging for threads at Manchester’s [read more]

WHHHHAT UP. I am back. And, what have I got for you?

Another jumpsuit! After the success of my much-loved Named Ailaaki jumpsuit, I didn't think I'd find another that I liked as much, but Vogue 9075 comes close for lots of reasons. Plus it's brought me out of blogging hibernation because I wanted to share how awesome this pattern is.

Firstly, when I saw the pattern during a casual peruse online I was instantly drawn to the great sketch on the envelope cover. It's super on-trend with those wide-legged culotte trousers and the simple fitted bodice has potential to be tweaked in several ways. And, it's so much easier than it looks. It's a brilliant, easy sew, which was so enjoyable. It had just the right amount of technicality to get my sewing juices flowing (princess seams, concealed zip, pockets, pleats) but otherwise was so simple. I whizzed... [read more]

We just finished up week 3! Crazy how fast time is flying and I’m still wearing me made garments 🙂 I may not be repeating items but I sure am 100% repeating patterns. I felt bad saying the same patterns over and over again but then I realized that maybe someone will see how awesome these patterns (or pattern companies) are and be inspired to sew them up! That being said, let’s get started:

May 15
Today has been busy, it’s my husband’s birthday! Happy Birthday Honey 😘 Now that we are in for the night, I’m sporting my lazy people pants. I made these about 2 or 3 years ago. #thatssewamy #memademay #handmade #madewithlove #isew #sewing #lazypeoplepants #sundayfunday #relax


I can’t even remember what pattern this was, I think maybe McCalls? Never blogged about and made of snuggle flannel from JoAnn’s. Super comfy and warm. I feel like the angle makes me look pregnant, which I am not... [read more]

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