With the machines packed away (SINGER®, thank you for supporting our community!) and my clipboard empty, I wanted to take some time to share with you stories from Camp Workroom Social 2016, complete with some of my fav pictures from the weekend!

Camp Workroom Social 2016 recap: a double-rainbow weekend (part 1)
All Camp photo 2016.

This year Camp Workroom Social welcomed 75 campers and 25 sewing Camp staffers from around the world to Frost Valley YMCA in New York state’s beautiful Catskills Mountain region. Against a perfect autumn backdrop, we hosted six sewing and design intensives taught by some of the most talented, fun, patient, and kind instructors (and supported by an equally awesome team of assistants). Our youngest camper was 22, and our eldest was 66! We had two mother-daughter pairs, one set of cousins, several groups of sewing friends, and many brave women who signed up without knowing a single person at Camp.

Camp Workroom Social 2016 recap: a double-rainbow weekend (part 1)[read more]

marimekko pumpkins -

Guess you can tell by now that I LOVE all things Marimekko. So why not pumpkins? 

This was a fairly easy craft to do. Buy some pumpkins. Cover the tips with foil.

marimekko pumpkins -

Spray paint them white.


Then grab some craft paint and brushes and have fun! Now go celebrate Fall, Marimekko style.

marimekko pumpkins -

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Hello readers!  Welcome to another post focused on Simplicity patterns during Curvy Simplicity Week!

Today, I am sharing my thoughts on Simplicity 8137 in a navy blue crepe lined with black rayon.


Pattern name: Simplicity 8137; the pattern includes a top, dress (knee length and full length), and pants. I made the top.

Size range: 20W-28W

What size did you make? 28W

What are your measurements, height, and body type? 

Measurements: 51-46-56
Body Shape: Hourglass with extra sand on the bottom.
Height: 5’4″
Bra size: 44HH

*Note:  I received this pattern free of charge in return for a review on the CSC.



What adjustments did you make and how long did they take?

I narrowed the shoulders by 1 inch and did a large bicep adjustment of 3 inches as well as adding 1 inch to each side seam in order to give adequate room to the armscye for the bicep adjustment. After... [read more]

Happy Friday everyone! Congratulations for making it to the end of a week, and in celebration, I’ve got a bunch of little updates and goodies to share. Regular readers by now will know that I do this sort of “potpourri” post full of stuff that is too good to miss, but not really big enough to warrant it’s own post…


First up: The first round of Print Club fabric kits are half gone already!! I’ve really enjoyed packaging these up and shipping them out all over the world (and I do mean everywhere)! They’re all sent signed-for and tracked so you can guarantee it won’t get lost, and most people are receiving them in under a week. I even had a brilliant email from a customer this week saying “This fabric is even more lovely than it looked on the web-site“! Aww, you guys! 💕

Just a note to the bargain hunters out there – if you’re waiting for this to go on sale or at a... [read more]

DIY Underwear is a really fun and easy way to gain a bit of experience sewing lingerie and its sometimes delicate fabrics.  This pattern is for the Rosy Ladyshorts published in the Cloth Habit blog.  It is a beginner-friendly type of … Read More

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If you’ve clicked through to my blog lately, you might have noticed that I updated my blog format. One day, my old blog seemed fine… the next, I was itching to change it! Does that happen to you too?


Here’s some of the new, improved features:

  • new header, but still made with my wardrobe colour palette
  • The floating header bar is perhaps a bit much, but also makes it really easy to find some of my favourite series, like the Better Pictures Project, Lazy Tips for Sewing Knits, and bramaking posts
  • Also in the header, I created a page of Tried’N’True patterns, where I’ve gathered all posts about my favourite patterns
  • In addition to the search bar and archives, my top 30 tags also show up in the side bar. I hope that makes it easier for people to explore older posts!

I notice lots of blogs (ok, trendy cool blogs, which is not me) moving towards thumbnail formats,... [read more]

This may look very familiar to some of you and you may be thinking why on earth is she posting this project when it looks so similar to the romper version I made of this pattern over the summer? Especially in boring plain black! Well sewing and wearing this version has been quite a different experience to the romper and I thought it would be interesting to share my comparisons of the two.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Closet Case Files Sallie Jumpsuit in Black Cotton Spandex from Girl Charlee

I loved my Sallie from Closet Case Files so much and wore it endlessly during the heat of summer here. A full length version was immediately added to my sewing queue. Around that time the lovely Mark from Girl Charlee got in touch to see if I'd be interested in reviewing any of their fabrics and I thought bingo! Whilst Girl Charlee stock some great prints and colours I'm still fairly new to the jumpsuit trend and wanted to stick with something classic to guarantee it... [read more]

The Yarn in the City podcast is a favourite of mine. Yarn in the City’s Rachel and Allison organise the annual Great London Yarn Crawl – I haven’t made it along yet, but I follow along on the podcast & it always sounds great fun.

Rachel and Allison also organise Yarnporium, a weekend yarn festival with a vendor marketplace and workshops. The first Yarnporium is coming up on Saturday 05 – Sunday 06 November, at King’s College London. I’m attending and really looking forward to it – there will be lots of independent shops and designers (over 40), and plenty of British yarn! Plus it’s the perfect time of year to buy yarn for winter knitting and Christmas gifts.

The full list of vendors is available here, and workshops here. I’m especially looking forward to the following:

1. I’m a huge fan of PomPom Magazine (and podcast) so I’m really... [read more]

**This is NOT a sponsored post... I wish lol

I have this T-shirt that I got from Ross. The brand is "Free Kisses" and it is the softest most comfortable and chic looking t-shirt I've ever had. It's one of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe and it's all because of the fabric. The fabric is soft and fluid, with 4 way stretch and it has an interesting look about it. It's white, speckled with black and it coordinated with ALOT of things in my closet. It could be dressed up or down and it was the epitome of secret pajamas. After failing in my search, online and in-store, for more of the same shirt, I stumbled across a green v-neck-ish top of the same brand and fabric! In South Carolina no less. lol As soon as I saw it on the racked I picked it up with a quickness!

I then became obsessed with finding out 1) what sorcery fabric is this?! and... [read more]
nastywomenvote2-sm I created this new design in response to several things in the 2016 presidential election. Well, actually, too many things to count but I’ll stick to just a few. First of all, there is the now-famous ‘Nasty Woman’ meme, you know where it came from. This has become a rallying cry for women all Read More...

The Yarn in the City podcast is a favourite of mine. Yarn in the City’s Rachel and Allison organise the annual Great London Yarn Crawl – I haven’t made it along yet, but I follow along on the podcast & it always sounds great fun.

Rachel and Allison also organise Yarnporium, a weekend yarn festival with a vendor marketplace and workshops. The first Yarnporium is coming up on Saturday 05 – Sunday 06 November, at King’s College London. I’m attending and really looking forward to it – there will be lots of independent shops and designers (over 40), and plenty of British yarn! Plus it’s the perfect time of year to buy yarn for winter knitting and Christmas gifts.

The full list of vendors is available here, and workshops here. I’m especially looking forward to the following:

1. I’m a huge fan of PomPom Magazine (and podcast) so I’m really... [read more]


Fall is here and with it comes long sleeve tees, flannel shirts, denim, vests, boots, and pumpkin spice all-the-things. Well, it should come with all of those things. But, at 5 months post-baby, my garment pickins are pretty slim (I’ve got plenty of boots and oh boy do I have plenty of pumpkin spice!) . Time to sew is pretty slim as well (I know I keep saying that), so I figured I’d start with the long sleeve tees as they are fastest item on the list.


I chose Deer & Doe Plantain tee to start since I’ve made it successfully a couple of times before (with distressed bindings and as a maxi dress). Sewing for my current body is an unfamiliar and moving target (I keep changing size and shape, being 5 months post-baby) but it was pretty easy to try on the shirts I already had to see what modifications I needed to make. I made a few fit changes and added a bunch of length but then... [read more]

For the last few years I have been going to a knitting group once a week. I've really enjoyed it, and I've meet some lovely people there. However, a while back, the group moved to a new venue; and I just don't like it. It is quite dark (which is a problem for knitting) and there is just something about the place which, I don't know, is just not for me :(

As a result I've not been going to my knitting group any more, and I really miss it. A few weeks ago Trish and I decided to scope out the hipster pub midway between our two houses, to see if it would be a suitable place for knitting. 

Turns out it is. Nice beer, not to dark and not to far away. Initially, we talked about asking our old group if they wanted to move, or setting up a new group. But ... well, it turns out we are a bit lazy and so it is still just the two meeting for a beer, a chat and a knit once a... [read more]

That was a very tiring, but really fun day- I guided another bunch of sewing enthusiasts round Birmingham Rag Market, Fancy Silk Store and Barry’s Fabric Warehouse.  We stopped for lunch at Mount Fuji Japanese restaurant [om nom nom] and a few restorative cuppas at the church tea rooms, before ending up in Wetherspoon’s for a little show and tell and several drinkies.

I’m bloody shattered!

We cooed, gurgled, crowed, fondled gorgeous fabrics by the mile, convinced one another to try some funky patterns [Vogue will be doing well this week, I can tell you!] and planned more excursions as soon as the bank balances recover.

Here’s my haul


3m each of three gorgeous shot lining fabrics, for coats and jackets for the missus [£3.99/m Fancy Silk Store]


2 6-yard lengths of African wax fabrics @ £18 and £15 , top to bottom.  Market stalls.  I’ve been trying to find some in... [read more]

Pencil Skirt Construction Part 2 includes: Constructing the Facing Back Vent with Mitered Hem   Step 4: Constructing the Facing Stitch the Front Facing to the Back Facings side seams.  You’ll have a one rounded Facing Piece. If you want to add a label … Read More

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A while ago (sorry I can't be more specific, time has no meaning for me) Shannon blogged her Irena Top from Itch to Stitch, and I knew I had to have it. I waited for cool weather and a sale and now I have my own Irena!

This top appealed to me because the cowl neck is low enough for nursing access. It's difficult to nurse in the winter when you're all bundled up in layers, so I take advantage whenever I find a pattern that will work and keep me warm. I used a cotton/modal/Lycra French terry for this one, I believe it was from Girl Charlee but I can't recall exactly.

I've been trying to be more thoughtful about fit lately. I make a lot of knit tops, they're fun and my favorite to wear. As easy as they are, they can still fit pretty wonky if you're not careful, and because there are so few seams it can be hard to figure out why the fit might be wrong. I've spent... [read more]

Hello again! It seems all I needed to do to get my little one to decide she was okay sleeping on her own – at least at the beginning of the night – was to tell the internet that she wouldn’t let me have any time to myself. Maybe she’s worried about what her future friends will think when they stumble upon her mom’s sewing blog and find that post?! Or, perhaps it’s just a sign that she’s growing up and shedding some of her infant ways?

The feeling of freedom has been strange, but I’ve been trying to make the most of it. The white cami is still in time out, so I’ve turned my attention to making my daughters matching Halloween costumes. The clock is ticking, so wish me luck!

I also wanted to use some of this newfound time to finally post the one thing I was able to finish during those first weeks with the new baby when my parents were in... [read more]


Good morning, kittens! Today, we’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at Simplicity Pattern Company with Simplicity’s Design Development Director, Deborah Kreiling and the Senior Design Director, Bonnie Simmons. We’ll dive deep into Simplicity’s newest patterns, from concept to design, and talk about what’s next from Simplicity in plus sizes.


We’re thrilled that Simplicity has recently expanded its plus size line of patterns. What motivated the decision to offer more plus size designs?

Simplicity has always offered a selection in the plus/women’s size range. These patterns were offered in two ways: as a design in the plus sizes ranging from 18W to 32W (which included designs from recognizable plus size designers) and as a design shared with the Misses’ size pattern. Coupling the Plus size patterns with the same design as the Misses designs proved to us that... [read more]

For my niece's birthday in August, I made her a beautiful green floral Groove dress... my fourth version of the MadeIt Patterns Groove dress for kids (I've also made 3 of the adult version!).

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You know a dress is a winner when you wear it to work on your birthday and two separate people ask if you're pregnant when you're most definitely not.

Yeah. That happened.

Fortunately, I have now officially reached the age of Give No Sh*ts (see also: pink hair; tattoo). Turns out that people find it extra doubly embarrassing when you refuse to be embarrassed by their embarrassing remark - and friends, I must admit that I found it just ever so slightly EXTREMELY satisfying to see them squirm.

Plus, besides the Giving of No Sh*ts, I had fashion on my side. OVERSIZED IS A THING! And why should those of us who know that be cowed by the maternity assumptions of those who don't?!! It's hella wide and gloriously comfortable!

So, reasons why this is a brilliant dress:

1. Shape: on trend! (Probably. Right? I don't really care anyway!)

2. Fabric: viscose! FABRIC OF... [read more]

Sometimes it seems like the sewists I follow on social media have a secret magic watch that stops time so they can sew up a whole wardrobe of amazing dresses before breakfast, then skip off to work and get on with the rest of their day (wearing an amazing handmade dress from said wardrobe, obvs).

And then there’s me, just about managing to make a simple stripe tee over the course of a couple of weeks, snatching 20-30 minutes of sewing time here and there. I don’t even count myself as particularly busy, but somehow time just speeds by and I realise that the ‘quick project’ I’ve been working on has taken me over a month to complete. In fact, one such quick project, the Tilly Dominique skirt I started making at the end of summer from a lovely rust-coloured crepe from FC Fabric Studio, will probably have to wait until next spring to be finished as winter has well and truly... [read more]

verity cover

A couple of weeks ago Becca fellow sewing blogger and designer of Moxie Patterns contacted me about my interest in reviewing her Verity shirt and dress pattern.  You may remember this pattern from a few years back.  I distinctly remember the split cowl version. 😍  She's re-launching the pattern to include an extended size range and a little girl's size range.  There is also a 4th neckline option, the peter pan collar.  Yes please!!

verity sleeve

Pattern: Verity by Moxie Patterns  PDF available here or here
Fabric:  Matte jersey from Joann Fabric.   I'm not sure this was the best fabric choice.  It's 100% polyester and somewhat uncomfortable as a close fitting top.  It gathers well though and has a beautiful drape which I think would be perfect for a circle skirt.  The collar and sleeve cuffs are a jersey.....also from Joann's.  
Notions:  Light interface... [read more]
HEY NOW! How is everyone? I am...injured, actually. Nic and I were watching an episode of Made In Chelsea earlier and, when it finished, I danced out of the room to the theme tune and banged my foot against a box that was sitting in our hallway. I must have hit it awkwardly because the smallest toe on my left foot is purple and swollen. It might fall off! No, okay, it won't. It's just bruised but it is painful and also obviously I do feel a little stupid for getting an injury dancing to the Made In Chelsea theme tune. Hey, it is a good theme tune though.

Devastating foot injury aside, it's been a good couple of weeks. Work has been pretty good, which is nice, and I have been doing lots of fun things. Last week Nic and I went to see The Divine Comedy playing in Leamington:

Long-time readers might know that The Divine Comedy are my favourite... [read more]

My poor little Azzie monster, she got herself another hot spot AND an ear infection at the same time, in BOTH ears. Thanks, Georgia summer.

This hot spot was so enormous that the vet was astounded at the size of it.


They had to sedate her to shave the area, and to apply all the ointments and shots and the medication to her ears. The vet said that she would be a bit “strange” after the sedation, for at least 24 hours. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very sensitive to the effects of anesthetic and sedation, and generally need less to get them “out” than most other breeds, so it’s more than 24 hours since she came round from the sedation and she’s still not quite “herself” yet.

I am very grateful that this was nothing malignant, or difficult to treat. So we’ll get through this post-sedation funk with my poor little Azzie, and hope the hotspot clears up as quickly as the last... [read more]

Disclaimer: Received the pattern for free. Opinions my own. Dragons were not harmed in the making of this dress.

My blog has a contact form and occasionally I get contacted by companies for weird promotional purposes. It’s pretty rare that happens and I usually actually ignore the emails. I know, terrible, but sometimes they have nothing at all to do with sewing so why would I even bother wasting my spoons on people that are clearly spamming anyone with a blog? I’ve been contacted about posting promo for men’s fashion, women’s fashion, ray bans, etc. Recently, Rebecca, the creator/owner of Moxie patterns, contacted me for a pattern testing opportunity about her increased size range for the Verity dress plus a new collar. I generally leap at free stuff and decided to go for this. I will say, though, I’m probably not going to... [read more]

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