About the sewcialists


You may very well be a sewcialist without knowing it, and already be part of our community.

Sewcialists in a definition

A sewcialist is a person who enjoys sewing and uses social media to engage with others who also enjoy sewing.

Sewcialists are an online community. We sew, we love to talk about sewing on social media, we are sewcialists.

Sewcialists in a tweet

If you use social media to chat about your sewing (any kind of sewing) you're probably a #sewcialist. Sewing + Social = Sewcialist @lbreton

If you like the idea of the sewcialists and would like to get involved in our efforts to build this community, here's a few starting points:

On Twitter

The sewcialists grew out of Twitter, and it's still the best place to find us. Simply search for the #sewcialists hashtag and you'll find us.

The website (and everything else) is run by volunteers who are all sewcialists themselves. If you have some marvelous idea about what we could do with it, would like join the STT (Sewcialists Techie Team) or simply help out left and right, contact either Leila or Joost.

The sewcialists emblem that you see on this site was the winning entry of our emblem competition. It is licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

If you are using the emblem to promote the sewcialists or build our community (that includes putting it on your blog or your T-shirt) we hereby waive the attribution condition for that use.